[Fort Weyr] A'ster: in the meantime, y'all are fine with 'It is a color dragon. It has a head and a neck and two arms and two wings and two legs and a tail. They're all attached to a body, it's not a six-limbed flying existential void. At least, not the last time anyone checked' for like, ::counts on fingers:: a couple of dragons, right?
[Fort Weyr] A'ster fingerguns.
[Fort Weyr] Sygni: MY BODY IS READY.
[Fort Weyr] Sygni: That sounds like the perfect dragon.
[Fort Weyr] Sygni: Slap it on and roll.
[Fort Weyr] A'ster THONKS it into the production line, slap-asses an IOU -a'ster sticker onto a buttcheek in passing.
[Fort Weyr] A'ster: i honest to god make that threat (the existential void part was new, but i'm thinking of keeping it) every time i'm on a co, but i've never ACTUALLY gotten to do it.
[Fort Weyr] Sygni DIES. You are my favorite AHAHAHA. The existential void bit TOTALLY MADE IT. That is a tragedy, truly, because that would be HILARIOUS to see roll out on the sands.
[Fort Weyr] A'ster: Honest to god, man. Honest to god.
[Fort Weyr] A'ster: SOME DAY.
[Fort Weyr] Ibreily: man, what even is an attention span. >.> -VAGUETWITCH- that sounds like a spectacular…plan…thing there is a word for, but I cannot remember it. 8D also WHAT COULD EVER GO WRONG WITH THAT. come on. that sounds perfect. I need an existential void dragon. cutest little void of despair ever.
[Fort Weyr] Leimna bonds with Ibby.
[Fort Weyr] A'ster wiggles his toes, dreams a little dream.
[Fort Weyr] Sygni perches on cousins, quietly chants "do the thing" over and over at A'ster.
[Fort Weyr] A'ster swats at Sygni until she gets annoyed enough to climb down, opens google docs for consideration.
[Fort Weyr] Sygni strikes victory pose like: https://m.popkey.co/c9abd8/De10r.gif
[Fort Weyr] Leimna wipes away proud tears.
[Fort Weyr] Xhanfyr: OMG
[Fort Weyr] Leimna: That's my cousin.
[Fort Weyr] A'ster: mute, then click, because i wanted the gif but google kept giving me stills. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tv4KQbDaCfM
[Fort Weyr] Xhanfyr: http://giphy.com/gifs/excited-muppets-kermit-DpB9NBjny7jF1pd0yt2
[Fort Weyr] Xhanfyr: Prezzie
[Fort Weyr] Sygni: AHAHAHAHAHA that's so funny we were JUST DISCUSSING THAT GIF EARLIER because Voss came in like a Kerrrrrrrrrrmit Froooog into our scene. -wheezing-
[Fort Weyr] Sygni: ALSO, to be played under MY gif: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXFSK0ogeg4
[Fort Weyr] Xhanfyr DIES.
[Fort Weyr] A'ster: I don't always do all the component pieces out loud / in motion, but muppet-flail is definitely firmly wedged into my brain's RL reaction gif repository.
[Fort Weyr] A'ster: i may end up overruled, but don't you ever think i don't come through for y'all. non-spoilery notes from REDACTED 's dragon bits:
[Fort Weyr] A'ster: This is a joke desc.* * *
[Fort Weyr] Xhanfyr: I think I blacked out. What?
[Fort Weyr] Vossrik: It's cool. We wanted to make an Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way dragon earlier.
[Fort Weyr] Kriki: shocking!
[Fort Weyr] Sygni: OMG VOSS. AHAHAHA.
[Fort Weyr] A'ster: I will probably change it. But for right now, its really funny. REDACTED REDACTED * * * …so then I actually played with it a little bit, and its almost not a joke anymore?
[Fort Weyr] A'ster: REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED Ill come in once Ive had more sleep and take another pass at it, but I am so a thousand percent here for leaving her origins clearly recognizable. XD
[Fort Weyr] Vossrik: ^__^
[Fort Weyr] Sygni: This is going to be the longest week of my life waiting for this A'ster joke to be dropped.
[Fort Weyr] Xhanfyr scrubs at face with hands.
[Fort Weyr] A'ster not only takes and runs with, but doubles down, y'all.
[Fort Weyr] Vossrik: I kind of want to make a RL A'ster dragon that makes dolphin noises when excited.
[Fort Weyr] A'ster loves all y'all little trash monsters.