Not the Brownriders You're Looking For!

Anique just ICly posed to Th'ero asking if he'd be going to hide in a hole for her and Typriaeth to find during their Weyrling tests…

<OOC> Abigail …
<OOC> Th'ero just dies.
<OOC> Abigail says, "Oh geezs… XD"
<OOC> Abigail just laughed so hard.
<OOC> Th'ero says, "Well, Yhri said she'd volunteer right? *shifty eyes* She can be my body double. Yes."
<OOC> Yhri dies.
<OOC> Abigail HA
<OOC> Abigail LOL
<OOC> Th'ero chokes!
<OOC> Th'ero saves this for the Wiki.
<OOC> Abigail whispers to Yhri. "Just run when I tell you too..
<OOC> Anique returns from a quick AFK and giggles.
<OOC> Yhri puts on her trusty trainers!

Kimmila enters from the large clearing known as the bowl.
Kimmila has arrived.

<OOC> Kimmila says, "Mind another? :)"
<OOC> Anique says, "Oh hiya! :D"
<OOC> Th'ero dives behind Kimmila! My shie—- I mean, Hey! :D
<OOC> Abigail says, "Sure!.."
<OOC> Abigail snerk
<OOC> Yhri says, "The more the crazier."
<OOC> Kimmila peeers.
<OOC> Yhri mystically waggles her fingers at Kimmila. "You will go to the Living Caverns. There you will find Th'ero, the Weyrleader who instructed me."
<OOC> Kimmila laughs.
<OOC> Abigail …

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