[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: Did we set the tavern on fire last night?
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: Unfortunately no.
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: because if we didn't… I wish we had.
[Fort Weyr] S'ai: So! Who's up for remedying that?
[Fort Weyr] S'ai: I mean, we have /dragons/ that breath /fire/. Sounds like a fun Saturday night to me.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle laughs.
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero dies! XD
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: Guys, I know who is going to start the forest fire.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: Odd that /my/ first thought was flaming arrows. Dragons. DUH.
[Fort Weyr] S'ai: Well, I mean.. gold. You can still use the arrows!
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: I don't think Kai likes the taste of firestone.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: But it's so earthy.
[Fort Weyr] S'ai: And good for the digestion.
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero: And full of minerals!
[Fort Weyr] S'ai: And fire.
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero: Lots of fire.
[Fort Weyr] S'ai scoots AFK brieflyish to shower. Not because I'm on fire. Promise!
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: If you were I'd hope you wouldn't take the time to tell us you were going AFK.
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: yeahhhhhh, but…. fire. If it comes from lighting
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: That's natural. Firestone? mmeehhhhh
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: brbof
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero snickers! XD

[Fort Weyr] S'ai watches Zer and Velo compare notes from their black books.
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: Apparently I need a baby momma.
[Fort Weyr] Thys gives Ha'ze a greenrider.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: Kayeth eats the black books. « ONLY ME. »
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: Is it a girl? 'cuz I think Kai wants babies from it.
[Fort Weyr] C'rus gets out of dodge! :)
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: No vagina? No go.
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero DIES.
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero: Alas, S'ai… it seems there will be no note taking for Velo and Zer XD
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: gotta have one of these -> \o/ to get it done.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: Ahahahahaa

[Fort Weyr] S'ai: But… father-son bonding? :(
[Fort Weyr] Dtirae: Ohgosh… What did I come back to?
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: « Father-son can bond fawning over Kayeth. »
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero: Oh! Well, if he wants tricks and tips to bring all the ladies to his ledge well… that's another thing.
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: Sai should totally try to have two clutches on the sand at once.
[Fort Weyr] S'ai facepalms at Ha'ze. "This is why I never use that. Some folks say it's a dude with arms in the air. Or that."
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: Zer is a stud.
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: that's exactly why I DO use it.
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: Even if the Mush makes me sacrifice an arm to make it happen.
[Fort Weyr] S'ai: There would be no living with Zeruth is there was a double-clutch with his name on it. The SMUG would reach orbital levels.
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero: Given the crashes of late, there has not been enough sacrificing of arms.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: The MUSH requires an arm or a leg…
[Fort Weyr] S'ai: …huh, thought. Has it ever happened that one malerider's dragon had two clutches at the same time?
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: I vote we give it C'rus'. He'll never miss it.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: I'm sure ICly it's happened.
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero: Vaguely I have a memory of it ICly happening here or somewhere. I think it's frowned upon though.
[Fort Weyr] S'ai nods, "Outside of a plot it's not terribly fair."
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: Yeah, in a 'give someone else a chance' sort of way.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: But it sounds like a lot of fun for that bronzerider. :D
[Fort Weyr] C'rus blinks, "What…what? Why me?"
[Fort Weyr] Dtirae: Poor guy having to split his time between two Sands.
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: Because you were being quiet. I figured you'd never notice.
[Fort Weyr] Dtirae: And the timezones!
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero: Helllooo Timing it.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: Then he dies.

[Fort Weyr] Thys: Let Zeruth catch Iaverulth. <.<
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle laughs.
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero: That's a cruel punishment, Thys XD
[Fort Weyr] S'ai coughs and LOLs!
[Fort Weyr] Thys halos. :D
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: Who is Ivaerulth?
[Fort Weyr] Dtirae: Jajen's gold. XD
[Fort Weyr] S'ai blames it all on M'icha somehow. S'what I get for messing up his vacation time.
[Fort Weyr] Thys: Jajen will try to tie him down by his dangly bits rather than let him go to Xanadu!
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: Ahahahahaha.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: Jealous Jajen…
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero: NPC goldrider here. Jajen's. I sometimes unleash her to tortur—- I mean have fun with people. >.>
[Fort Weyr] C'rus will have to meet this person at some point. I'm sure they would get along so well…*not*
[Fort Weyr] Dtirae: Definitely not. XD
[Fort Weyr] S'ai: So we'd have two NPC Fort clutches at the same time, plus S'ai jumping between Xanadu and Fort? Oh man. /Someone/ is dying.
[Fort Weyr] S'ai: Me. The answer is me.