[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: I wish my name had one more letter. So I could line up with Th'ero and Nyalle.
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: Ha'zel. What do you guys think? Too late to change it?
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: Yes. XD
[Fort Weyr] S'ai: Psh, girly.
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: Say that to Haze's face.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: Ha'zze now…
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: Or Ha''ze.
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: Ha'ze'll straight up punch you in the face Sai.
[Fort Weyr] S'ai: Wouldn't be the first punch to the face he's got.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle giggles.
[Fort Weyr] S'ai: Or cliff. Or ground.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: How does a punch to the cliff work?
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: Or was that cliff to the face?
[Fort Weyr] S'ai is just going to blame S'ai's.. S'ainess on repeat concessions over his lifespan. And cliff to the face. :)
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: Harsh. Though facecliff sounds way cooler than facepalm.
[Fort Weyr] S'ai: When disdain for something can be expressed in no other more dramatic terms.
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: I love it, can Ha'ze facecliff you?
[Fort Weyr] S'ai: Only if you jump off it first. :D
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: you can say something stupid like, "It's not your fault!"
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero laughs XD
[Fort Weyr] S'ai is a pillar of honestly. Except when playing poker. "So he would totally tell you if it's your fault, especially screaming in an entirely non-girly fashion while fleeing from the tavern you just set on fire."