[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze licks Th'ero and Nyalle, and Br'enn and Sai, and Thys and I don't know you Tivaly but I'll lick you too!
[Fort Weyr] S'ai slurps Ha'ze!
[Fort Weyr] Tivaly, one of the cool kids now.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: Ha'ze slobber = cool fo' sho'.
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: dang right
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero cherishes the moment.
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: Ha'ze' spit, what it takes to be cool.
[Fort Weyr] Thys: Is it like an 'I liked it, it's mine' sort of licking?
[Fort Weyr] S'ai eyes Ha'ze.
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: …. yes
[Fort Weyr] Ha'ze: Blame Kainaesyth.