[Fort Weyr] Dtirae tickles the knot.
[Fort Weyr] Borodin eeps.
[Fort Weyr] Angelique: Egads..not the tickles!
[Fort Weyr] D'ani twitchy-wiggles.
[Fort Weyr] Dtirae chuckles. There's life! ;D
[Fort Weyr] Borodin: Well. Maybe. Probably. Ish. >.>
[Fort Weyr] Dtirae: Half-life.
[Fort Weyr] Borodin: Sounds about right.
[Fort Weyr] D'ani: Hear that? We're radioactive!
[Fort Weyr] Inri: Sleepy life.
[Fort Weyr] Dtirae: Of course. Because we're so awesome.
[Fort Weyr] D'ani glows! :D
[Fort Weyr] Borodin decays.
[Fort Weyr] Solan chernobyls.
[Fort Weyr] D'ani goes THERMONUCLEAR!
[Fort Weyr] Borodin: …well, we /had/ life. Now we're kind of a smoking crater. Oops?
[Fort Weyr] D'ani: Fort was hot… while it lasted?