[Fort Weyr] A'lin gives D'ani a GIANT man-hug
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: Hey!
[Fort Weyr] D'ani bites A'lin.
[Fort Weyr] A'lin cries.
[Fort Weyr] D'ani: I hope those are man-tears? ;)
[Fort Weyr] A'lin: No just regular ones :(
[Fort Weyr] A'lin: Also it hurt my feelings.
[Fort Weyr] D'ani: I win. :)
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero laughs!
[Fort Weyr] D'ani tosses A'lin a hankie. Also a bottle of the good stuff.
[Fort Weyr] A'lin blows his nose, gives it back.
[Fort Weyr] D'ani backs away. Ohhhh no you don't. That's yours now. ;)
[Fort Weyr] A'lin steals D'ani's hat.
[Fort Weyr] Zhirayr ended up AFK for a while, unannounced, and kind of just skimmed that chunk, so may have missed something exploding.
[Fort Weyr] Inri: Also does Zhirayr literally just flirt with everyone except Nyalle and Inri or what.
[Fort Weyr] Zhirayr: Uh, possibly.
[Fort Weyr] D'ani: He hasn't flirted with me?
[Fort Weyr] Zhirayr drapes on D'ani. "Of course I have. You were just oblivious, you big dripping hunk of manliness.
[Fort Weyr] D'ani swats Zhirayr with his hat. Whiiich apparently I no longer have. *swats him with A'lin instead*
[Fort Weyr] Hazelon chokes LAUGHS.
[Fort Weyr] Inri: Or that.
[Fort Weyr] A'lin: He didn't flirt with A'lin, either
[Fort Weyr] A'lin feels left out :(
[Fort Weyr] Inri: Oh psh you're falling down, you gotta flirt with A'lin.
[Fort Weyr] Abigail doesn't think he flirted with Abbey? XD
[Fort Weyr] Hazelon: Common Zhirayr. How are you going to attempt to hook me up if you don't know what the wares are like man?
[Fort Weyr] Zhirayr eyes Hazelon. "Look, man, if you're saying you WANT a man, I think that Rayathess's sister is not where you want to go with that."
[Fort Weyr] Inri: Maybe he doesn't go for taken people. Or Inri or D'ani.
[Fort Weyr] Inri: But he should flirt with A'lin.

There's earlier context for this. Really. (context added - finally)

[Fort Weyr] Inri is SO disappointed, can't put D'ani in a dress.
[Fort Weyr] A'lin: Why? Doesn't he fit?
[Fort Weyr] D'ani would die first?
[Fort Weyr] Abigail: I'm sure the hat would get in the way?
[Fort Weyr] A'lin has the hat!
[Fort Weyr] Abigail ohs!.. well nevermind
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle wants the hat
[Fort Weyr] Inri tries to steal the hat for Nyalle, regain friend points.
[Fort Weyr] Zhirayr: Inri already HAS the hat.
[Fort Weyr] D'ani can't seem to keep hats for some reason…
[Fort Weyr] Inri: No, Inri has the hat IC. In knot-verse, A'lin has it.
[Fort Weyr] Abigail: Try superglue?
[Fort Weyr] D'ani: I think it fell off of A'lin when I swung him at Zhiryar?
[Fort Weyr] A'lin has a pretty big head.
[Fort Weyr] Inri: In that case. *steals hat, gives it to Nyalle*
[Fort Weyr] Hazelon wants the hat.
[Fort Weyr] Zhirayr: Hazelon, dude, you're out of luck behind the curve. Sorry, man.
[Fort Weyr] Zhirayr: On the other hand, if they ever send it to get washed, you're golden.
[Fort Weyr] Inri: You could ask Nyalle nicely?
[Fort Weyr] Hazelon: HA
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle has the hat!
[Fort Weyr] Inri considers throwing this into an OOC log, would call it 'Passing the Hat'
[Fort Weyr] Hazelon: Nyalle's crazy.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: Only when proddy.
[Fort Weyr] A'lin runs around wearing only the hat?
[Fort Weyr] Hazelon: Whatever. Twice Haze has seen her. Twice she's been craycray.
[Fort Weyr] Zhirayr is blinded.
[Fort Weyr] Inri: Whereas Inri is appallingly twitchy when proddy, so that's when you'd rather be around Nyalle …
[Fort Weyr] Inri: Not that Inri's been proddy more than once and Kouzevelth is six and a half, I really need to do something about that.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: She's a late bloomer.
[Fort Weyr] Inri: For a dragon who /loves/ having clutches.
[Fort Weyr] Zhirayr stares at his stove, across the room. You're an open pot, not a teakettle. WHY ARE YOU HUMMING.
[Fort Weyr] Hazelon: It wants the hat.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: I love Ravyal.
[Fort Weyr] Nyalle: NO MY HAT.