Twas dark and cold, the night untold, stars absent in the sky.
A dragon's breath, upon one's chest, life's companion is nearby.
Short moments fled, dim memories bled, as one tries to recall,
what transpired last, (it happened fast), to explain what one now saw.
Needles of ice, they prick and slice, warm flesh they do abhor,
sweet air pulled, from lungs now cold, muscles strained and sore.
Memory frame, that dreaded bane, a rush upon the mind,
a sudden flood, like wound and blood, coats thoughts red and blind.
A pebble, a rock, a large slab block, like rain came tumbling down,
between they fled, no destination was read, thick darkness was then found.
Seconds tick, the mind grows sick, then blue skies fill the scene,
dragon and grass, lake as still as glass, happiness with a diamond's sheen.
Dragon grows and joy does flow, and life fully enthralls,
through caverns grand, in peaceful land, through Fort's fine spacious halls.
Dragonmind everclose, dragonrider its willing host, slowly fade away,
as Death's cold grip, upon life's ship, bids both a tearful stay.
Come dear child, your dreams so mild, a dragon's life your one true gift,
'till step between, and joy redeem, to the sleep that shall never lift.

— Written by Beryl's player March 29, 2015

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