[Fort Weyr] Killian doesn't have any high places, but she'll get on my window sill!
[Fort Weyr] Corrigan: Hmmm.
[Fort Weyr] Ashwin: Can you handle simple screwing, etc?
[Fort Weyr] Ashwin: And getting things on a proper angle?

[Fort Weyr] Abigail: That's what she said..
[Fort Weyr] Ashwin: I hate you. XD
[Fort Weyr] Abigail grins.

[Fort Weyr] Killian should be able to, or get someone that can help me with it
[Fort Weyr] Killian also dies XDDD

[Fort Weyr] Th'ero returns to the keys and laughs! I should save that for the Wiki too. Nice one Abigail.
[Fort Weyr] Abigail bows.