[Fort Weyr] D'ani unquiets his knot.
[Fort Weyr] Hotaru smooches D'ani
[Fort Weyr] D'ani finds a rich, elderly holder to marry Hotaru.
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero snickers.
[Fort Weyr] Hotaru: Psh.
[Fort Weyr] Abigail patpats Hotaru.
[Fort Weyr] Hotaru marries Th'ero's older brother.
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero: That'd probably be a very bad idea >.>
[Fort Weyr] D'ani approves though. XD
[Fort Weyr] Elara wouldn't wish that on anyone.
[Fort Weyr] Hotaru will straighten him out.
[Fort Weyr] Elara snerks.
[Fort Weyr] Elara: And live in Irondell? Joy.
[Fort Weyr] Hotaru: Kiena is the only Irondell you can live in.
[Fort Weyr] Hotaru: Oh wait.
[Fort Weyr] Elara chokes on coffee.
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero dies.
[Fort Weyr] D'ani facepalms.
[Fort Weyr] Elara: Wow.
[Fort Weyr] Elara: So ANYWAY. We'll be posting the next part of the Gold Hill stuff tomorrow, now that the holiday are over. :D
[Fort Weyr] D'ani: Tomorrow's New Year's Eve?
[Fort Weyr] Elara: Oh yeah.
[Fort Weyr] D'ani passes the rum punch!
[Fort Weyr] Elara: For those of us that don't go out on New Year's Eve, plot stuff will be posted tomorrow. XD
[Fort Weyr] Abigail will be here as well she has no where to go and her dad leaves in the morning.
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero snickers XD The BBposts will mostly just be updates though one is a sort of OOC-activity. Thing. A SURPRISE>
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero smacks that > from there.
[Fort Weyr] Hotaru has a feeling I'll be too pooped to head out tomorrow night
[Fort Weyr] Hotaru is frightened.
[Fort Weyr] D'ani adds another < to the other side and now it's a YOU FILL IN THE BLANK surprise… >.>
[Fort Weyr] Abigail lol
[Fort Weyr] D'ani: Also I think I will be here tomorrow night. Will even try not to be tipsy.
[Fort Weyr] Abigail snicker.
[Fort Weyr] Hotaru does not think you want me filling in the blank, D'ani
[Fort Weyr] D'ani: Hah, not really, no.
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero does not go out either for New Year's. Do not want to drive, too cold to walk. Maybe have /a/ beer. Or some wine.
[Fort Weyr] Abigail will drink at least one of something.
[Fort Weyr] Hotaru is going to drink but not a ton. Maybe I'll see if anyone wants to pop over instead of going out
[Fort Weyr] Elara thinks she has a bottle of sparkling cider left over from Christmas.
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero is a light weight. One beer will get a good buzz going. XD Mmm. Sparkling cider!
[Fort Weyr] Abigail dittos the light weight. XD
[Fort Weyr] Elara: Half a bear and I'm buzzed. XD
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero: …
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero: A bear, eh?
[Fort Weyr] Yurolt: How much bear Elara?
[Fort Weyr] Hotaru: Half a bear!
[Fort Weyr] Elara facepalms.
[Fort Weyr] Hotaru: Don't get fur in your teeth
[Fort Weyr] Abigail: Black bear or brown? XD
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero cracks up. I'm sorry!
[Fort Weyr] Elara: I must be sleepier than I thought. XD
[Fort Weyr] Elara: Especially since I can't think of a smart ass reply
[Fort Weyr] Yurolt: Maybe you had to many bears tonight?
[Fort Weyr] Elara: Or not enough. XD
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero snickers!
[Fort Weyr] Yurolt: Touche.
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero: Indeed.
[Fort Weyr] D'ani grins at Elara. *snug*
[Fort Weyr] Elara snugs!
[Fort Weyr] Abigail: To bed I go. Hope everyone has a good night!
[Fort Weyr] Elara hugs! "Night!"
[Fort Weyr] D'ani snugs the Abbey
[Fort Weyr] Elara: [bear_beer.jpg|http://bear-academy.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/bear_beer-1.gif


[Fort Weyr] Elara: I win.
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero laughs! XD
[Fort Weyr] D'ani: That's it. Elara, will you marry me? XD
[Fort Weyr] Elara: Always. :D
[Fort Weyr] D'ani was going to say, Elara, just tell everyone that Th'ero has rubbed off on you and you can drink bears, without batting an eye.
[Fort Weyr] Elara laughs!
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero has that effect on people?
[Fort Weyr] D'ani: In reference to all those Th'ero is so tough jokes a few days back. ;)
[Fort Weyr] Elara: Those were epic.
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero: That they were! XD
[Fort Weyr] Elara: Night! <3
[Fort Weyr] D'ani heads off. Gnight Fort!
[Fort Weyr] Th'ero snugs all and also gives in to sleep! 'Night! <3
[Fort Weyr] Elara: Mass sleepy exodus!
[Fort Weyr] Hotaru snuggles all the leavers
[Fort Weyr] D'ani: Not that I'm following Elara or anything. >.>
[Fort Weyr] Elara: We're on our honeymoon?
[Fort Weyr] D'ani whees~