These are the pairs that were impressed with A'lin, Dtirae, Jaye, and K'hys. Some are adoptable but won't be available until after Weyrlinghood. Once adopted, they will have to spend 90 days in Ierne before they can return to Fort. @mail Fort's Staff On Game with any questions concerning this.

Clutch Theme: Adventurers.

Make-believe Zeppelin Pilot Green Elliveth & C'arl

Elliveth's Desc:

At first glance, this small hatchling seems almost blue in tone, the dark emerald green hues of her body cast into shadows of near teal. A flattened muzzle, short limbs, and an almost stubby tail also contribute to giving her a less than feminine appearance, while ridges are almost nonexistent as they march down her back. Wings are wide, pale sails stretched tightly from spar to spar, promising that she will soar to great heights, while more lush, pure green tickles at her belly, giving away her true nature.

On Wings of Dreams Egg Desc:

A lush, tropical paradise seems to have been imposed upon the shell of this rather squat egg - cliffs of brown and red and tan stretching upwards from a base of jungle green, reaching into the clear, blue sky that caps this ovoid. There is the impression of a waterfall spilling forth over the rocky crag, whites and blues falling downwards, speckles of spray spreading outwards as it drops. And yet, despite the remote scene that seems to be depicted, a yellow blotch sits near the top of the falls, an oddly defined polygon that seems out of place, while fingerprint sized spots of pink and orange and yellow seem to float away from it through the blue sky.

Hatch Messages:

WOBBLE MESSAGE: On Wings of Dreams Egg begins to shift just a little, the sand beginning to fall away from the sides of the eggs, the very foundation threatening to give way. Another shake, and then another, and it moves just a little, twisting, turning, before its stuck back in place.

CRACK MESSAGE: Cracks begin to stretch upwards from the bottom of the On Wings of Dreams Egg, quickly creeping upwards, the fissures separating the peaceful scene on the egg, everything seeming to fall apart.

HATCH MESSAGE: Decrepit, certainly, is the best word to describe the appearance of the On Wings of Dreams Egg now, as the cracks have covered the surface. And finally, it seems it can take no more, as it splits, and a small hatchling is left in its place, sitting amongst the shadowy shards of her home.

IMPRESS MESSAGE: For a moment, the Make-Believe Zeppelin Pilot Green sits there amidst the shattered remains of her first home, lifting her short muzzle to stare at the caverns. After a moment, she's slowly getting to her feet, and setting off on her first adventure. Wings are only half-folded, dragging in the sands as she makes her way towards the candidates. A stumble, a trip, a fall, and she finds herself sprawled in the sands at the feet one of teenage boy, lifting her chin to peer at him. Another soft croon and he's carefully helping her upwards. "Of course, Elliveth… I'm C'arl now.." And after a moment, the pair sets off to find food, the first step on their great new adventure of life together.

These Fortians Are Crazy Blue Obelizkth & As'trix

Obelizkth's Desc:

Large in both size and girth, this cloud and sky blue dragon will never be easy to ignore, nor to avoid should he get in someone's way. His hide does not appear stretched, his barrel chest simply well padded from within, with shoulders that make no secret of the power they possess. His head is rounded, with even his nose and headknobs appearing chubby, though the latter shades into purple, a streak of which also fades into his thick neck giving him the appearance of hair. His sturdy limbs end in obsidian tipped paws, while his tail is shorter than usual and pales to a white tip. His wings are large and stone hued, clearly veined in navy, like a giant rock to be carried on his back forever.

Megalithic Longstone Egg Desc:

Apparently hewn from granite, this oddly elongated egg sits as the impostor amongst the clutch, the immovable mixed in with the fragile. Faint whorls of ancient writings sketch over the surface, their meanings unknown and unreadable, while lichen's rusty reds and greens cling to the lower extremities and try to claw their way skywards. A suggestion of wings, while appropriate, seem out of place near the tip of the shell, the pure obsidian of their outline fracturing and creeping down the shell in an illusionary series of dusty cracks that threaten to split it almost perfectly in two.

Hatch Messages:

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Megalithic Longstone Egg shudders, the dusty cracks that run over the shell seeming to bulge and then still once more as the hatchling inside begins to fight againt its confines.

CRACK MESSAGE: An ominous cracking comes from the Megalithic Longstone Egg as the egg appears to breathe, bulging outwards as cracks split and widen and several small pieces begin to flake off around the top of the egg giving tantalising glimpses of the dark inside, but not enough to make an educated guess at what lies within.

HATCH MESSAGE: Megalithic Longstone Egg takes one giant breath and shatters, pieces flying in every direction as a massive hatchling shakes itself off. For a moment it stands crowned by a winged hat, but the final flake of shell slowly slides off and leaves only hatchling standing before the line of candidates.

IMPRESS MESSAGE: These Fortians Are Crazy Blue Hatchling sits down and lets out a wail, proving himself to be the child he is despite his massive size. It take a moment for him to get over the disappointment at the end of his fight against his shell, and he nudges at one of the other eggs with his nose to see if it would be fun to fight with. Finding it boring he turns his attentions to the candidates. Far more exciting! They move and everything! With a happy roar, or rather a squeaky approximation of one, he charges at the line, bowling over a short boy from Boll, and ending up in a weird dragon-boy tangle. Somehow this pairing works, and in the midst of the tumble laughter bursts from the boy as the two become friends for life. As'trix and Obelizkth.

Make Way For The Runaway Green Aravith & C'or

Aravith's Desc:

The cloudy grey-green of jade enfolds this young dragon, enhancing her regal bearing with a shine that rivals the most polished sculpture a crafter can produce. Large bright eyes peer out from her proudly held head, the faceted angles and delicate muzzle lending her a fragility that personality does not warrant. Her emerald hued neck tapers back into slender shoulders, lean limbs continuing the richer velveted colouring down to dainty feet tipped in alabaster. Her whip-like tail and flowing wings tend more towards grey, the shadowy sails complementing the colour of her hide well as they fall around her like a train. Her only real flaw appears upon her back where ten dark green parallel scratches mar her perfection.

Beyond the Great Desert Egg Desc:

From a distance this egg seems small and insignificant, the pale beige of the shell dotted here and there with patches of rough looking white that match the sands around it. Up close it proves something more of an enigma, as the sandy patches reveal themselves as not having been collected when it was laid, but part of the shell itself and absolutely smooth to the touch. These sandy trails swirl over the shell, picking out a vague wavering outline of the soaring spires and towering minarets of a great city. Opulent palaces with many windows are sketched there, while a faint flash of green near the base suggests a lush garden, and buried almost completely in the actual sands that surround it is a hint of blue winding halfway around the egg like a river.

Hatch Messages:

WOBBLE MESSAGE: A brief flash of blue signals the tiniest of movements from the Beyond the Great Desert Egg, but it still immediately and seems reluctant to move any more.

CRACK MESSAGE: Beyond the Great Desert Egg doesn't move again, or does it? There certainly isn't any obvious movement, but the shell appears to have turned through ninety degrees. Or did it?

HATCH MESSAGE: Beyond the Great Desert Egg falls over revealing a large hole in the base that its occupant had been slowly picking away at. Slowly, pulling itself carefully from this egg slithers a polished green hatchling that shakes itself off, flicks its tail once and turns to face the world with her head held high as behind her the egg slowly collapses, soon the be ground to pieces in the chaos of the hatching.

IMPRESS MESSAGE: Make Way For The Runaway Green Hatchling moves with surprising grace for one so newly hatched, but also with care and stealth as she tries in vain to not be seen. Flattening herself behind one of the few eggs left intact on the sands she peers around it, trying to get a good look at the line of candidates while holding her breath and trying to not be seen. Slowly she creeps out, and breaks into a run as if her life depended on it, hurrying across the expanse of sands and practically burying her face in the sand at the feet of a skinny boy from Igen. None are more surprised by the choice than the boy now known as C'or, and to add to his shock the young green stands up and deliberately smacks him with one wing. Even as they're lead off it seems C'or and Aravith are in for a lifetime of arguments.

Fighting With the Legends of Yore Bronze Davarnesonth & P'on

Davarnesonth's Desc:

Gawky, gangly and seemingly all stick-thin limbs, this hatchling is quite large but not very substantial. Pale, washed-out bronze flows over his scrawny structure, the color bleached and barren like frosted copper. Freckles of a darker hue are scattered across the bridge of his oversized aquiline muzzle and create shadowy rings around his wide, expressive whirling eyes. Hints of a ruddier brass touch along the wide set of his bony shoulders and run down the length of his thin back to pool at the tip of his lopsided tail spade. Smooth segments of interlinked brass and copper cover his chest like raggedy armor, while his lanky limbs are so pale it looks as though the sun has never reached them. As weak and undersized as he looks, he maintains a confident set to his flaxen-sailed wings and an energetic spring in his step.

Twenty Sides of Fate Egg Desc:

Oddly enough, this squat egg almost seems icosagonal rather than round at first glance. Soft gray shadows and planes crisscross over what would normally be an unremarkable white background, creating the illusion of twenty flat sides rather than the usual smooth roundness. In a fit of even more geometric strangeness, each of the multitude of sides has the appearance of a perfectly equilateral triangle, every one fitting perfectly against its neighbor. Each open triangular expanse is filled with a random collection of squiggles, tracings or faint lines in soft shades of blue, green or black - each one different and each one just off enough to be illegible. Some look like numbers, some look like pictures and some look like symbols though all of them will remind different people of different things. It's almost a pity the blocky egg can't be rolled around to view the sides hidden underneath the sand creeping up its shell, as they're sure to be just as compelling.

Hatch Messages:

WOBBLE MESSAGE: A tremor shivers through the Twenty Sides of Fate Egg, causing the patterns on it to blur almost imperceptibly. It goes on like this for a few more seconds before it shivers to a stop, the tip of it tilted to one side.

CRACK MESSAGE: Twenty Sides of Fate Egg begins to shiver again, the light tremors rolling through the shell at an increased pace. Faster and faster it goes, the entire thing rocking and shifting rapidly. It's almost as though some invisible hands were shaking it in some enclosed space. It's just possible to see the tiny spiderweb cracks tracing over the shell - not much longer now!

HATCH MESSAGE: Pop! Twenty Sides of Fate Egg suddenly jerks fre of its sandy depression and begins rolling at a slo but steady pace as though it was just thrown violently. Bits of shell fly free of it as it continues, the multiple sides of the egg flashing with each rotation. Where will it stop? Nobody will ever know, as it crunches against the nearest bit of stone wall and bursts open, spilling egg goo and a bundle of floppy hatchling out onto the Sands with a wet sloppy sound. A bit dazed, confused and dizzy, Fighting With the Legends of Yore Bronze Hatchling staggers forward, ready for whatever adventure awaits him.

IMPRESS MESSAGE: Fighting With the Legends of Yore Bronze Hatchling promptly staggers and falls muzzle-first in the sand. Whoomf! At least it wasn't too critical of a hit, as he manages to wobble back to his feet. Still dizzy from his wild ride in the egg, he squints at those faraway white-robed things and starts to weave and wobble drunkenly towards them, intent on finding a partner for his adventures. He may not have the initiative this time considering his wooziness, though he's stubborn about it. It may be fate that makes the bronze flop down in front of one of the two Traders, or perhaps it's just a side effect of the dizziness. Still, the bronze stares resolutely and lovingly upwards.

Padron nearly staggers and falls himself. He's quiet and shocked at first, though soon a huge grin splits his face, "P'on? Davarnesonth? Of course! There's a very very good chance you'll be able to get some meat. The odds are very high." Padron, now P'on, can't seem to stop smiling as he leads the bronze off the sands. At least the hatchling has regained his balance now.