These are the pairs that were impressed with Galina, J'oan, P'rius, R'oo, Sabrina, and Siobhan. They /are/ adoptable but won't be available until after Weyrlinghood. Once adopted, they will have to spend 90 days in Ierne before they can return to Fort. @mail Fort's Staff On Game with any questions concerning this.

Clutch Theme: In The Sea - Or above or below or on!!

Romancing the Stones Green Azaleath & R'ice (Orice)

R'ice's Desc:
5'9" with a rangy, yet slightly muscular build. Sleek, slicked back amber hair with moss green eyes and a face that's handsome, yet is often marred by a sneer or a smirk on his thin lips. Extremely fashionable and always wearing the best clothes with the best fit, considering he's usually well off from gambling wins or shady dealings. Smug to the point of being irritating, Orice often acts like he's better than everyone else in actions and words. He never lacks a snide or insulting comment for anyone or anything, preferring to needle people incessantly with his snarky remarks. He's been caught pickpocketing before and most people label him as a complete jerk. It may be hard to believe, but he's Ely's older brother and Ely happens to be his favorite person to poke fun at, considering it's his favorite pasttime to get her temper going.

Azaleath's Desc:
Beryl flows along a slender muzzle, deepening to jade as it curves above high eye ridges, highlighted to peridot by streaks of sun-kissed gold at jaw and throat. Hide darkens further, tsavorite's mystery gleaming subtly from nape to shoulder, gilt edging fading to moonlight's argent brush where wings meet back, surging aloft from her narrow back. Sea-foam silver spars rush upwards, transfixed between by near translucent sails of purest pearl, faint flashes of malachite veins shimmering iridescently across their opaline shell. Slender, svelte body, with its lithe dancer's curves, is darker yet - the rich matte of aventurine eventually fading to heliotrope's nightfall hue at tail-tip's spade. Coral's pale touch steals from crown to tail, a steady march of rounded ridges, starkly blushing against encroaching emerald shadows. Lean and limber, with grace writ large on every curve of hide over muscle and flesh, the delicacy of her tiny form is belied by the strength of purpose in shining, sultry gaze.

The Sea's Stained Glass Egg
Description Glittering like glass, scales flow from apex to base on this mid-sized egg, a thousand traces of rainbow colors, from scarlets and sapphires, to greens and golds, to hues no harper has words to describe. Nor are all the scales identical in design - some ragged, some jagged, though most seem well-rounded along the edges, worn to conformity by some unseen factor. Overlying and overlapping, they create a relatively seamless stretch of shining splendor, a single whole despite being such a juxtaposed amalgamation of shape and shade. Some illusion of curve and light creates an effect of movement across the piscine facade, an endless, repetitive rippling that brings forth shifts of color and shine with even the slightest alteration in illumination or shift of shadow.

Hatch Messages:

The Sea's Stained Glass Egg turns slowly upon its sandy mound, colors shimmering from light to dark as stresses from within bulge against the smooth, glittering shell. Slowly, the surge subsides, until it rests quiet again against its nest, but for the occasional shudder that sends light dancing across its iridescent surface.

The Sea's Stained Glass Egg flakes and flutters, scales going dark one by one as they crack and strain beneath the pressure of the hatchling within. No longer a solid shimmering line, instead the glass is spider-webbed by faint crack lines, dotted here and there with shadows where none existed before.

The Sea's Stained Glass Egg gives way, the incessant demands of its occupant shattering through the prison of glassy scales, leaving them lying, forsaken, upon the ground around her. Proudly, a tiny green hatchling steps away from the shards of what used to be her home, freed at last from the confines of the shell to seek out that siren's call that haunted her even as she lay quiescent in egg's comforting embrace.

Romancing the Stones Green Hatchling pauses, head tilted to one side as it comes again - that faint call of mind to mind and heart to heart. Roughly shouldering through a line of Candidates, she stalks across the sands, hunting her prey as surely as he - yes, he - hunts for her. And there he is, the one whose sweet siren song has drawn her from egg to Sands, and from Sands to /him/ - Orice. Settling delicately at his feet, she arches her slender neck, gazing straight into his eyes. "Azaleath?" Orice's voice cracks beneath the pressure of Impression. With tears streaming, he reaches out. "Yes, of course I heard you calling. I just didn't realize it!" Together, under the guidance of the Weyrlingmasters, R'ice and Azaleath leave the Sands - his steps as proud as her own, despite the tear-tracks on his cheeks.

Born Again Blue Pharzanoth & Parizi

Parizi's Desc:
Tall, ash-blonde hair, gray eyes, thin face. She would be pretty except for her perpetually pinched expression. She looks on almost everything with a disapproving gaze. She has a mean streak, and once plotted against fellow Candidates at Fort for a perceived insult. She was never caught, so she thinks herself quite intelligent. What she really is, is mean-spirited and sly. She's mean because her life hasn't been easy. She grew up as a minor holder's fourth daughter, always wore hand-me-downs, never had nice things. Lack of talent of any sort made her brief stint at Harper Hall a failure, so she came to Fort Weyr, where she tends the gardens, does the laundry, cooks, and cleans as needed. She was a Candidate during Fort's last two clutches, but failed to Impress. She will stand until she's too old to be allowed, any more.

For More Information: Parizi

Pharzanoth's Desc:
Long lines and smooth contours define this blue dragon. A broad cerulean stripe covers his long muzzle and narrow face, on his head knobs the cerulean brightens to a pale blue green, making them stand out against the rest of his otherwise drab and dark coloring. The band widens but dulls as it trails down the back of his sleek neck, each neck ridge a little darker than the one before it. By the time the stripe reaches his shoulders it is a dark grey blue. Across his lithe back, a hint of deep burgundy mingles with the grey blue, forming a loose striped pattern down over his lean flanks. On his chin and lower jaw, navy blue prevails, the color pouring down the underside of his neck and chest and across his underbelly. His long thin tail is the color of midnight, the burgundy stripes fading quickly. On his large powerful wings, a hint of the cerulean remains, the color marbled across his wing sails, mixing in with grays of various hues. Along limber legs the dark grey blue lightens, his dark claws at a strong contrast with pale blue grey paws.

Memories of Grandeur Egg
Description At first glance this egg appears plain and unassuming next to its peers, so ordinary as to be forgettable, that egg that everyone looks past. It's a typical oblong shape, a little on the large side, but not unusually so. The surface is uniformly white and very smooth, without a dimple, scratch, bump, or ripple to be seen. A closer inspection however reveals that it might not be as ordinary as first presumed. The white isn't exactly white, it's almost pearlescent. Where the light hits it directly it shines a bit, and in the shadows the smooth shell seems almost translucent and glowing, giving off the illusion of there being more to see under the surface if only one had sharp enough eyes to pierce the exterior. But alas, viewing the egg from other angles reveals nothing new; it continues to hide its secrets.

Hatch Messages:

Memories of Grandeur Egg starts to awaken from its long slumber. At first the vibrations seem like a trick of the light on the hot sands, but the intensity continues to build until there can be no doubt. The egg manages enough oomph to fall over on its side, and then the vibrating suddenly stops.

Memories of Grandeur Egg gives a sudden and jarring bounce from its tipped over position on the sands. A small crack appears at one end of the egg, and as the vibrating starts up again the crack multiplies and runs across the opalescent shell, marring its featureless surface.

Memories of Grandeur Egg moves on from vibrating to actual rocking, and from the fine spider web of cracks covering the egg the tip of a muzzle emerges. And then in one definitive motion the egg is shattered, revealing the dragonet within.

Born Again Blue Hatchling peers at the pile of shell bits he is sitting in and then blinks blearily out at the candidates. His target seems impossibly distant, but he's been waiting far too long to let that stop him. With a lot of wobbling, the little blue rises to his spindly legs and takes his first step, and then another. Huh, this walking this isn't so hard after all. With growing confidence he shuffles over to the line of candidates, the whole time focusing on a tall, ash blonde girl who's been on Fort's sands as a candidate twice before. He stops at her feet and nudges her hand with his sleek head. Parizi's thin face relaxes from its perpetually pinched expression for the first time in a long time as she gazes at the blue. "Pharzanoth. Yes, it would be my pleasure." The newest pair get lead off the sands.