These are the pairs that were impressed with Jayashri, Melze, Miki, Polsie, Sh'koi, and X'dis. Some are adoptable but won't be available until after Weyrlinghood. Once adopted, they will have to spend 90 days in Ierne before they can return to Fort. @mail Fort's Staff On Game with any questions concerning this.

Clutch Theme: Tropes and cliches from movies, television shows, books, and video games.

Princess Snatcher Bronze Daimaokupath & B'nar (Bernard)

Daimaokupath's Desc:

Big, bulky and muscular - everything about this bronze hints at his strength, size and inflated ego. Powerful muscle ripples beneath his hide, creating broad shoulders and wide haunches that extend to thick limbs and sharp talons. Burnished bronze colors his hide, though it shines with a slight undertone of green and dusky brown that make the color more earthy than metallic. Craggy pockmarks and dark shadows mark his back and shoulders in a wide swath, making it look as though he's covered in an armored shell. Sharp ridges sprout here and there, the points wickedly curved and colored a deep umber. He maintains a broad face with heavy brows that shadow his eyes and his headknobs are unusually short and blunt. The only other strange thing are the extremely peaked neck ridges that flare up as they rise towards his head in a pronounced crest - each one of them is colored a fiery reddish bronze that stands out sharp against the tarnished hue of the rest of his bulk.

There's Always Another Castle Egg Desc:

Subtle pastel tones of cream, peach and pink swirl in a languid design across the top of this squat egg, making it look like the tip is encased in a uniform layer of bulbous fluffy clouds. Hints of palest blue peek out from the blanket of cottony perfection, tiny flecks of gold accenting some of the plump curves. Swaths of bright grassy green rise up to meet the paler colors halfway along the shell, cutting across the median in a strangely even line. Oddly shaped blobs of moss jut upwards from below like fake shrubs, the proportions of them pleasantly rounded, oblong and almost completely identical. Bright domes of red, their surfaces covered in splotches of white, bloom amongst the green like strange flowers. Jutting up in the middle of this cheerily colored image is a structure of silver and grey, its sharp angles and pointy spires making it look majestic and graceful in its simplicity. Rising from the center is a thin line of black with a ribbon of red streaming away from its tip, the undulating streak of color almost seeming to beckon silently for someone to retrieve what is hidden within.

Hatch Messages:

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Boom! There's Always Another Castle Egg suddenly trembles underneath a huge blow, the entire ovoid hopping off the ground for a split second. It lands back in the sand with a soft *plop* and falls over, turning as peaceful as the landscape upon its shell once more.

CRACK MESSAGE: There's Always Another Castle Egg starts to twitch and shake violently again, every movement punctuated with a distinct CRACK noise. Blows are rained down hard from within and each one causes a vibration and a spray of sand and shards. The shell is starting to look distinctly ragged and less serene by the time it shivers into silence again.

HATCH MESSAGE: A veritable explosion rocks the There's Always Another Castle Egg and bits of shell fly everywhere as Princess Snatcher Bronze Hatchling barrels his way out with a rumbling growl of triumph. He sort of stomps in a circle for a moment, his huge feet crushing the remains of his shell to bits. Then his eyes catch sight of the candidates and he all but charges towards them. Sand flies, shards fly further and there's a sudden scattering of white robed figures as the bronze cannonball charges forward. But there's soon a cry of elation mixed with pain as a thin teenager with a mop of curly bron hair is bowled over under the behemoth. "Daimaokupath?" the boy gasps out, his wide eyes staring up at the bronze looming over him, "S-sorry! I should've moved faster. But I'll be faster in getting your food. I promise!" Despite his injuries, Bernard, now B'nar, struggles to his feet and limps his way off the Sands with Daimaokupath lumbering along beside him. His face is warring between his usual face-splitting happy grin and a wince of pain from his bruises and scrapes.

The Two Faces of Narcissism Green Veraiconth & Roni

Veraiconth's Desc:

A gangly, awkward looking green is this one. Her legs and neck seem almost too thin, her head and feet almost too big, her wings almost too small for her body. Her hide is a single color almost all over her body, a very ordinary-looking emerald green, though highlights of an almost yellow green dust the tops of her form — along her spine, and over her legs and feet. And the sails of her wings are dusted with a touch of creamy jade. Perhaps she holds more surprises than her gangly form would indicate.

Deceptive Intelligence Egg

A completely white egg, large and ovoid. But it seems to have an irregular shape, and it looks like it might be very clumsy and wobbly on the sands. Two big, dark red circles seem to have been drawn on the surface of the egg, right next to each other, almost like a pair of glasses. And through them it looks like two distorted eyes peer owlishly. But on the other side of the egg, two more dark circles appear, like a pair of angry-looking eyes. And oddly? When viewed from this angle, the egg doesn't look nearly so wobbly. It looks almost perfectly shaped from this side. Fact, it might even look a little angry that it's being looked at. Hmm…what kind of surprise may lurk inside it?

Hatch Messages:

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Deceptive Intelligence Egg twitches a little, twitches and tilts slightly. Like it's trying to do a tiny little sashay. There's not much movement apart from that, just that little twitching sashay. Nothing to see here, nothing to see here. The it moves again, more strongly this time, tilting and falling over in the sand, right on the side where the owlish marks reside.

CRACK MESSAGE: Deceptive Intelligence Egg hops, jumps. The round 'glasses' are hidden now. All that can be seen is the rather angry-looking side. There's a tap-tap-tapping from within, and not a gentle tapping either. Sounds like whatever inside is mad! And those angry rappings begin to make little cracks, right between the angry 'eyes' upon the shell.

HATCH MESSAGE: Cracks suddenly shoot all over the Deceptive Intelligence Egg, and with a sudden hissing growl, the green occupant is released, snarling, into the world! She kicks away the fragments of shell, tripping in the process and sprawling on her belly. Awkwardly she stumbles around the sands, towards the strange white things in her vision, sniffing at them. Not this one. Not that one. Not this one, either. And then she stops in front of a short red-haired girl and wiggles cutely. The girl seems to 'zone out' for a moment, and then she blinks. "Oh!" She hugs the green, and then speaks. "Wow! Of course, Veraiconth…I'll be yours! I'm Roni! Let's go get you something to eat!"

Anarcho-Pyromaniacal Blue Timalth & N'vek (Narvek)

Timalth's Desc:

This dragon is really more grey than anything else, especially along his front. The front of his snout is nearly black, the shades of grey gradiating back from there until hints of true blue glint through on his tail, the outer sides of his wingsails, and the windswept ends of his wingfingers. Here and there across his hide are dots, flecks, and sprays of robin's egg blue and other light, washed-out shades. His claws are deepest black, as if carved from the heart of ebony, his wingclaws and neck and backridges flaked with angry reds. The sails, for their part, are a brilliant shade of sky blue that can only be seen from a mountain top on a clear day. Fluffy clouds seem to float between them and, all in all, he could be the backdrop for a play.

View From Above Egg Desc:

Cerulean and cobalt merge and swirl over the surface of this egg, capped easily in light, frothy crowns of pale samite. Tiny motes of color, mostly blacks and dark blues, dot the blue-green portions of the egg's surface, sometimes solitary, sometimes in groups, but always there if you look hard enough. Rising up out of the blue expanses are several large masses of green and brown, tiny motes of blue dotted in them, as well. Light fellis green mottles over some of the raised portions, others the deeper green of southern plants. Some areas are even the deep yellow of Igen's crest, or a paler yellow, like desert sands. And along the tallest ridges that rise from this shell are deep browns and even blacks, sometimes tipped in the purest white. The ridges and dips of the green and brown regions fall in sharp contrast to the perfectly smooth blues. Superimposed over the rest is a thin grey line encircling the entire surface, intersected only once by a small red mote, nearly circular, but with a small ridge around its center and a small gout of red orange like flame bursting from one end, seemingly to drive it onwards along the grey path.

Hatch Messages:

WOBBLE MESSAGE: View From Above Egg makes no bones about it, wiggling a couple of times, then spinning off wildly to one side like a child's top before coming to rest again.

CRACK MESSAGE: View From Above Egg's next escapade is truly epic, spinning off to the other side until it runs, crunch, into the wall, leaving it with a giant crack.

HATCH MESSAGE: Now is the time. View From Above Egg is finally broken enough for its occupant to push its way out, spilling, sprawling, onto the sands.

Anarcho-Pyromaniacal Blue Hatchling shakes himself free easily from the remains of his shell. His stalk towards the candidates is like that of a predator, dark and evil. Until he spots his prey, a huge, hulking giant of a smith, and gives a bright warble. Narvek collapses around the blue, "Timalth. Yes, let's get you some food." N'vek stands carefully to lead the blue off.

Fog of Truth Blue Animuth & M'hal

Animuth's Desc:

Clouds of steel blue blot over this medium-sized dragon's hide, against a backdrop of darker cobalt, as a stormy sky painted upon his hide. Lean, yet muscular, this blue has a well-shaped form. His chest is strong and broadly built, with light indications of muscles there. His hips are a little narrower, but not by much. He has a trim, elegant face for a dragon, though the lines are still strong. Down his spine a line of paler sky blue trails, feathering out into the steel and cobalt blues and fading into their darker hues. And dabs of feathery, fluffy lavender blue blot over his wingsails like still more clouds against a darkening sky.

That Is Why I'm Cracked You See Egg Desc:

This egg is covered in cracks! Oh no, could it be damaged?! Whew…no, it isn't. A closer look reveals that the egg's beige-colored surface is intact, though jagged, dark brown lines squiggling in rough, serrated paths down the sides of the egg, pointing every which way. There is no symmetry to these lines, they shoot and squirm over the whole surface, in patterns that are apt to make one dizzy if stared at for too long. But they all seem to gather at the very tippy-top of the egg, seeming to all end at — or perhaps they originate from — that one spot. It's a large, uneven blotch of dark, bluish purple that looks suspiciously like a bruise….

Hatch Messages:

WOBBLE MESSAGE: That Is Why I'm Cracked You See Egg just sort of…rolls about, as if dizzy. But just a little. Something taps around inside shell, causing it to spill onto the purplish colored spot. Right on its head? Maybe. Either way, the egg stills for now.

CRACK MESSAGE: That Is Why I'm Cracked You See Egg is in motion again. A hop here, a skip, a jump there. The movements are stronger now, as the occupant battles to release itself from its trap of a shell. More cracks — actual cracks — begin to spread over the surface of the shell, and it seems the occupant is winning the battle. For now.

HATCH MESSAGE: That is Why I'm Cracked You See Egg finally gives up its struggle, and the occupant bursts free! A blue spills out onto the sands. Right on his head. He remains there a moment, upside down, looking at the blurs of white in his vision, his eyes whirling with confusion. And then he rights himself. And then he begins his search for…something. Towards the candidates, tripping and stumbling, until he finds himself in front of one older, brown-haired lad. The lad blinks and meets the blue's gaze. "Wh…wha? Animuth?" Another blink. "…M'hal. I…y-yes. That's who I am. Let's go find some food for you, right away!"

Infinite Minds And No Soul Bronze Richterth & S'ny (Sitany)

Richterth's Desc:

Sleek and sinuous are generally one's first impressions of him. Neck and tail are both excessively long and prone to slithering. Pale sepia is hardly the most flattering tone for any dragon, giving him a constant impression of sickness, but it's what he was born with. Just that dull, dried-out mud color. He looks like he'll manage, though. After all, he's not particularly bulky, either. No excessive muscles on this bronze, no. He's all sinewy strength and slithery curves. A small triangle of tiger's eye rests where his neck meets his torso with a strip of the same color depending from it down to around the middle of his stomach. Otherwise, the only color that stands out on him is on his wingsails and it really doesn't help his overall impression. They're green. Not bright, shiny, question the color of the dragon green, but a dull green like oxidized copper and pitted with dark, muddy speckles. If it weren't for the overall metallic sheen along his head, back, and neck, he'd be presumed a brown hands down, but when the light hits him just right, his truly shining nature shows through in subtle swirls of brass and bronze across his hide.

Blacker Than Black Egg Desc:

Black, blacker, blackest, cold beyond all frozen things. Just looking at this egg, dark as pitch, might make one shudder. It's only under closer observation that any details become visible within the deep, /between/ black of this particularly disconcerting egg. Gentle swirls of purples varying from pomegranate to lilac drift and swirl over the surface of the egg, so pale as to nearly blend in to the blackness. Here and there are tiny pairs of motes, yellow, red, green, orange. Always in pairs, but not always in the same color. As the egg is circled there are flashes of color, bright against the blackness but so quick as to make the observer wonder if they really saw what they think they saw. On one side, bright red and blue shaped like a Terran ship from children's' stories, on another a thin vertical strip of green that widens slowly, then quickly narrows in a sharp triangle. On another, there's an abstract shape, like a blue cube, but not quite. Even more shapes and colors wink out at the observer, but always just a moment, and then gone.

Hatch Messages:

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Blacker Than Black Egg is perfectly still. It's so still, it might just be a dud.

CRACK MESSAGE: Blacker Than Black Egg splits cleanly from tip to bottom in one motion. Clean and Easy. As it should be.

HATCH MESSAGE: You have set the hatch message for egg #9 as:
Blacker Than Black Egg finally seems to struggle, wiggling back and forth before the sinuous head of its occupant bursts forth as he breaks free.

Infinite Minds And No Soul Bronze Hatchling struggles to free himself, clawing out to the sands with concentrated effort. His serpentine neck slithers out ahead of his body as if it has a mind of its own. Sniffing about first one candidate than another before settling on an older lad with blond hair, oft noted to seem distant by his peers. Sitany, now S'ny, strokes the sinuous bronze, "Of course, Richterth, we'll find you food."

Not The Bravest Blue Sirrobith & B'an (Bogdan)

Sirrobith's Desc:

If cowardice were a color other than yellow, this blue would most definitely be it. Sure, he puts up a brave front in bright, eye-catching cobalt … but underneath that cloak of color come glimpses of his true hue. Sneaky hues of rather sickly blue, pale and watery and thin, manifest in all those places that can only be hidden if he keeps his back to everyone and his haunches on the ground. Those wide eyes of his go beyond charming and into charmingly paranoid when paired with his skittish movements and tendency to flutter his wings as if ready to fly at any given moment.

Conveniently Contrived Egg Desc:

Well isn't this convenient? A positively, perfectly contrived ovoid of creamy white properly placed and positioned just so. Seemingly etched onto its pale surface are patterns in a darker cream, elusive unless one's looking just right — or they happen to be seeking something out. There, a key for a mysterious lock. Here, a scribbled scrawl that surely explains everything if one can interpret it. A fingerprint, a footprint, a lampshade — all outlined in not-so-subtle fashion. And, at the apex, a bright, red disk in candy-apple red, perfectly round and oddly reminiscent of a button. How quaint.

Hatch Messages:

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Huh. Surely that must have been a trick of the light. That white egg? Moving? Couldn't possibly be the case. Yet, there it is, the Conveniently Contrived Egg's nest of sand altered — either by movement or some unseen hand bent on befouling any notions of consistency and continuity.

CRACK MESSAGE: Tip tap here. Tip tap there. Tip tap- whoops! Almost revealed the greatest weakness in this little plot, didn't we? Can't have a plot hole this soon! A mighty split starts at the top of the Conveniently Contrived Egg, forking off toward the base. Which way will it go? Left? Right? For now, it's just struggling to keep itself together, just a little longer.

HATCH MESSAGE: At long last, the red button atop the Conveniently Contrived Egg is smashed in … from the inside. Don't ask — just accept that for what it is. Like a poorly wrought plot, the egg falls apart and the resulting dragonet whirls around a few times like a dervish before sitting on his oddly colored behind. Not The Bravest Blue Hatchling is only moved after a bit of heavy encouragement and a gentle butting of his dam's head — only then does he get up and make an immediate run for … the exit? Surely it's just too much for the fellow. Luckily, he's intercepted by one of the older candidates — a healer by the name of Bogdan is taken for a bit of a ride until the blue stops, whirls, and warbles timorously at him, as if demanding him to take his hands off … only for those red eyes to change most abruptly. "B'an? That's a silly name-" the boy begins, only to stop and offer a smile before getting to his feet "-but I guess it's no sillier than Sirrobith." And, lo, does their new quest begin.