PLEASE NOTE: This character is plot specific and up for Adoption. A lot of her details are left vague so that the player choosing to adopt her can tweak her a bit. If you are interested in Adopting Laurali, please @mail Fort Staff on game!

Alias and Real Name

Alias is Turncloak, her true name is Laurali. She took the alias to reflect what her father was called by Fort Weyr's Weyrleader before they exiled Hatskel to the islands.


Long black hair, blue eyes, narrow features, thin build and at an awkward stage.

NOTE: This can be tweaked a bit, depending on the preference or inspiration of the player adopting this character!


Daughter of Hatskel, one of Laris’ former followers and among those first exiled after his first camp was discovered not long after the Stonehaven massacre. She was later kidnapped and forced to take on an alternate identity while in Laris’ care when he fled to Xanadu, where he later abandoned her.

After she ratted him out to Xanadu Leadership, Laurali was returned to Fort Weyr and later adopted out to a small cothold when she had difficulty coping to Weyr life… and hold life too.

NOTE: Some of the details of her History cannot be changed, but others can be filled in and expanded upon.


Name Relation Location Position
Hatskel Father Eastern Ring Islands Exiled
Unknown Mother Unknown Deceased


Title Date Cast
Something's a Little Off May 12, 2012 Laris (NPC), Laurali, Mishkia
Things Are Not as They Appear May 14, 2012 Laris, Soriana, Thea
Babes in the Woods May 18, 2012 Idrissa, Kale, Mikal, Muir, Laurali, Soriana
Confession May 18, 2012 Laurali, Soriana, Thea
What was lost is found... May 18, 2012 Dtirae, Laurali, Soriana, Thea, Th'ero
Is She... Your Daughter? June 07, 2012 A'dmar, Laurali, Thea
Caught and Returned June 11, 2013 Abigail, Jastre, K'drozen, Kimmila, Th'ero, Zaala, Deadglow (NPC), Needlethorn (NPC), Trundlebug (NPC), Turncloak (NPC), VTol (NPC)