Gender Female
Craft Dragonhealer / Healer
Rank Grade 3 / Sr. Apprentice
Place of Birth Hold Gar
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Haast Wingrider
Portrayed By Amber Heard
Owner Inri


A Healer apprentice recently posted to the Weyr under new Weyrhealer Mirinda when Kouzevelth and Tovihasuth's clutch was hatched, Tiye was asked to stand and left the sands with green Naisanith as the very last Impression. She rides with Haast working largely in "craft transport," running both the sick and injured to Healer Hall as well as Healers themselves, and supplies back. When she's not doing wing duties, she is picking up shifts in the Infirmary.

She has also been trained in (and is still technically being trained in) dragonhealing, which has her in and out of the Weyr even more often, but she's clearly the type of lady designed for multitasking.

Tiye is very tall for a woman, reaching just a little over 6'.




Green Naisanith


Title OOC Date Cast
Pleading Innocence March 01, 2015 Kiena, Kyzen, Lianri, Mirinda, Tiye (NPC), Zhirayr
Stolen Straps and Borrowed Guards (Alister is Searched) March 07, 2015 Alister, Tiye (NPC)
Everyone Dyes In The End March 30, 2015 Alister, Beyrl, Brebain, Lucy, Senira, Tiye (npc by Inri)
Everything's... Perfect? (Kayeth Clutches) November 05, 2016 C'rus, Doktah, Ibreily, Inri, K'vir, Nyalle, Rulayn, Th'ero, Tiye, Zhirayr
Epic Desserts November 5, 2016 Doktah, Inri, Mirinda, Rulayn, Tiye, Zhirayr
Anatomy Studies (Rulayn is Searched) November 6, 2016 Rulayn, Tiye