Portrayed By Carla Von Bergmann
Gender Female
Aliases Talli
Place of Birth Fort Sea Hold
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Headwoman

Talica is a brunette who stands approximately 5'8. She has green eyes and a broken nose, with a strong chin that's rather masculine. She's stocky but she's not overweight, able to hold her own. She has a pretty decent personality, able to joke around rather sister-like with those she is comfortable with when no one is looking. She's been Headwoman since Elara was Senior, through Tarish, Kessa, and Neyuni. She's been Headwoman as long as many of the children of the Weyr can remember and thus: she has an odd relationship with Dtirae, the current Senior, as she was a troublemaker as she was growing up. However, this does not mean that the woman questions the decisions made by the young woman. In fact, she is very supportive and does what she can to help make sure the Weyr runs smoothly.


Name Relation Position Location
Tarek Father Master Fisher Fort Sea Hold
Talia Daughter MinorLady Holder Blue Cove Hold