Searched out of Breakwater Hold, Seoras was only 12 when he first Stood at Fort Weyr. His parents only allowed him to go because his older sister had Impressed in Zuvaleyuth's previous clutch (making their dragons full siblings) and they believed he would be looked out for. No one expected him to Impress on his first try, but he surprised everyone.

He's a quiet, mild-mannered young man of Haast Wing who is as social as the situation calls for, but isn't all that fantastic at making friends. He doesn't bring up the fact that he's the youngest brother of one of Fort's weyrwomen; he doesn't want any special treatment. As he's gotten older he and Zemnenith have been developing into a stalwart reliable pair who often are found doing mail and delivery runs around most of Fort's coverage area.

Rider of Not That I Need Any Luck! Brown Zemnenith out of Zuvaleyuth and Velokraeth's fourth clutch.