Portrayed By N/A
Gender Female
Aliases Eska
Place of Birth Trader Family
Current Location Fort Weyr; Trader Caravan
Position Candidate


Very thin and lanky in build, Queska looks younger in Turns then she really is and often uses this to her advantage. Her long brown hair is often tied back into messy or stylish ways but if left unbound it falls well past her shoulders in straight locks. Her features are also long and lean to suit and her narrow blue eyes hold a very sweet and innocent look to them. But sweet and innocent Queska is not; she is cunning and deceptive, her attitude haughty and opinionated and this side of her she shows to those she feels she can dominate. She is two faced, showing only her sweet, friendly and warm, welcoming side to those of rank or those she feels she needs to gain favor with. Few wholly trust her and her few allies may not be allies at all.


Queska arrived with her family, along side her brother a few Turns ago with her parent's caravan. Traders all, her father at the time managed to convince the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman of Fort Weyr into accepting a trade, of sorts, that involved a supposed ancient artifact. In return, Queska and her brother, Padron, were Searched and found acceptable. However, many muttered that something seemed a little fishy over the deal, but it was done. From the start Queska proved difficult though never quite caused enough trouble to stir up consequences. Her attitude left little to be desired though, unlike her brother who's constant lurking presence was a welcome exchange.

When it was revealed that the ancient "artifact" was nothing more then a useless bauble, Weyrleader Th'ero was rumored to have been furious over the outcome and many wondered if Queska and Padron would be sent packing. But they remained, while the Trader caravan moved on, but few ever came to trust the siblings and Queska's continued abrasive attitude won her fewer friends each passing day.

Hatching Day came and while Padron Impressed to a bronze, becoming P'on, Queska was left behind. Flustered, the girl's attitude almost became insufferable and then, overnight, appeared to have vanished. Reports came in that she was sighted with her family's caravan again and the issue was dropped. She was free, after all, to go where she pleased.

Turns have passed, many forgetting the events of that particular clutch. With Zuvaleyuth and Velokraeth's eggs now hardening, the Trader caravan returned, not entirely welcomed, but setting up within the entrance square all the same. And along with them returned Queska and without much hesitation demanded an audience with Fort's Leadership with her typical haughty behavior. Rumor has it that she all but demanded her position back as Candidate and when Th'ero began to deny it, pulled some rather clever cards that put both the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman in a difficult position.

Regardless of what happened, Queska had her way and much to the bane of the current Candidates, set her cot up once more in the barracks. Immediately she began recruiting "her" followers, picking the weakest of the bunch to manipulate and gather around her. Some are already likely wishing she does something to earn her removal, but for now she seems here to stay.


Name Relation Location Position
P'on Bronze Fort Weyr Wingrider