Portrayed By N/A
Gender Female
Aliases N/A
Place of Birth Trader Family
Current Location Fort Weyr; Trader Caravan
Position Candidate


Slightly darker-skinned than some other members of her caravan, Pycian otherwise fits in; with wide deep eyes and dark hair that falls messily to her shoulders. She's quieter and more reserved than many of the caravan's members, but that doesn't mean that short-statured Pycian has any less to say or any less to hide — she's just not so noisy and open about how she feels. To anyone she interacts with she seems quiet and disinterested, as if candidacy is something she must do rather than something she wants, and doesn't seem to much engage with the rest of the class.


Previously a Trader; of the same caravan as Queska and P'on. That said, it's possible that Pycian was legitimately Searched rather than forcing the Weyr's hand like others; the gossip differs depending on who you ask.


Name Relation Location Position
Uknown Unknown Unknown Traders