Tall, ash-blonde hair that lightens in the summer, gray eyes, thin face. She would be pretty except for her perpetually pinched expression. She looks on almost everything with a disapproving gaze.
Casting Call: young Emily Proctor


She has a mean streak, and once plotted against fellow Candidates at Fort for a perceived insult. She was never caught, so she thinks herself quite intelligent. What she really is, is mean-spirited and sly. She's mean because her life hasn't been easy. She grew up as a minor holder's fourth daughter, always wore hand-me-downs, never had nice things. Lack of talent of any sort made her brief stint at Harper Hall a failure, so she came to Fort Weyr, where she tends the gardens, does the laundry, cooks, and cleans as needed. She was a Candidate during Fort's last two clutches, but failed to Impress.

Finally, she impressed blue Pharzanoth at Fort (August 1, 2010), along with R'ice (Orice), Siobhan, Sabrina, P'rius, J'oan, R'oo, and Galina. Currently she is a Weyrling.


Name Relation Location Position
Zirgin Father Minor Hold, Fort Territory Minor Holder
Pardra Mother Minor Hold, Fort Territory Minor Holder
Zirdoan Older brother (+6) Minor Hold, Fort Territory Minor Holder
Pargina Older sister (+4) Minor Hold, Fort Territory Minor Holder
Parnia Older sister (+2) Minor Hold, Fort Territory Minor Holder
Parzira Older sister (+1) Minor Hold, Fort Territory Minor Holder


Olive-green, unremarkable in every way, this firelizard is the first living thing that Parizi ever truly loved.


Born Again Blue Pharzanoth

Long lines and smooth contours define this blue dragon. A broad cerulean stripe covers his long muzzle and narrow face, on his head knobs the cerulean brightens to a pale blue green, making them stand out against the rest of his otherwise drab and dark coloring. The band widens but dulls as it trails down the back of his sleek neck, each neck ridge a little darker than the one before it. By the time the stripe reaches his shoulders it is a dark grey blue. Across his lithe back, a hint of deep burgundy mingles with the grey blue, forming a loose striped pattern down over his lean flanks. On his chin and lower jaw, navy blue prevails, the color pouring down the underside of his neck and chest and across his underbelly. His long thin tail is the color of midnight, the burgundy stripes fading quickly. On his large powerful wings, a hint of the cerulean remains, the color marbled across his wing sails, mixing in with grays of various hues. Along limber legs the dark grey blue lightens, his dark claws at a strong contrast with pale blue grey paws.