NOTE: This is a plot specific character that will be a part of a mini-TP. If interested in Adopting her, please @mail Fort Staff on game! A lot of her details have been left intentionally vague to give the player Adopting her a chance to edit.

Alias and Real Name

Alias: Needlethorn (or Needle for short)
Real Name: Marin — or what her Adoptee chooses!
Age: 14 Turns

Personality: Pettiness, always wanting something different than she has, tends to nag often especially if she thinks she can gain the upper hand. Earned her nickname that way by being a constant ‘thorn’ in the groups side. Fiercely protective of her younger brother Iskim.


TBD by her Adoptee!


Part of the group of Laris’ followers routed out from Drake’s Lake, she was brought to Fort Weyr with her family and held in the Amethyst in the Pine Camps. Oldest sister to Trundlebug, their parents were among those exiled to the islands. Little is known about them, as neither sibling is willing to truly open up about it. She seems almost ashamed of her past and anyone who pry too far usually end up getting verbally chewed out.


Name Relation Location Position


Title Date Cast
Something Doesn't Quite Mesh June 05, 2013 Angelique, K'drozen, Solan, Needlethorn (NPC), VTol (NPC)
Caught in the Act June 07, 2013 Deadglow (NPC), Needlethorn (NPC), Trundlebug (NPC), Zaala
Caught and Returned June 11, 2013 Abigail, Jastre, K'drozen, Kimmila, Th'ero, Zaala, Deadglow (NPC), Needlethorn (NPC), Trundlebug (NPC), Turncloak (NPC), VTol (NPC)