This lanky kid is of about average height for his age. He's got messy dark hair that's perhaps just a smidgen too long and always falling in his grey eyes. The clothes he wears vary from day to day in color and cut, but for the most part he's dressed in trousers that fall to just above his knees and simple short-sleeved shirts with sandals upon his feet. Hanging from a woven cord of leather about his neck is a small polished seashell.


Milan grew up at Igen Weyr with his mother, her friend Jess, and Jess' youngest child. And for the first 3 or 4 years of his life, his father was in the picture. Although Neal remained at High Reaches Weyr with his other weyrmate, F'drio, he and Navi were still weyrmates and raised the youngster. After the split between Navi and Neal, Milan's father never came around and so Milan lost touch — and most of his memories — of his real father. But for the most part he remained happy with his "auntie" Jess and "brother" Valsivias. When he was about 6, Navi and Milan moved to Ista Weyr for about a turn and half, but then left under less than happy circumstances for Fort Weyr. He was quite ecstatic when his friend/brother/hero Rhalin was searched for Fort, and even happier when he Impressed and became R'lin.

He's a pretty easy-going and mild-mannered child. He's pretty much a typical weyrbrat who runs amok in the lower caverns among the other children under the eye of the nannies. Though, now that he's getting older he's, occasionally, attending lessons and helping out with the odd chore here and there, if he's not tagging along with R'lin when he can.


Name Relation Location Position
Navi mother Fort Weyr Weyrsecond
Neal father High Reaches Weyr Wingrider
Jana half-sister Fort Weyr Weyrbrat
Shawn half-brother Fort Weyr Baby