NOTE: This is a plot specific character with hooks in the past TP Arcs concerning the Stonehaven Massacre and Laris. She also has some relation ties to two PC Characters. If you're interested in Adopting Lyreh, please @mail Th'ero on game!


TBD by the player who adopts her! Any scenes on camera have left her description purposely vague.


Part of Laris' group of followers, it's unknown (for now) where Lyreh's family originated from. She was present when Rayathess and Anrila joined them and befriended both. When Raya left to be part of the Gold Hill raid and took Anrila with him (he later snuck her onto a trader caravan), they lost contact.

She was recently discovered skulking about Fort's forests by Ezra and Rayathess by pure accident and luck. Lyreh was skittish and accidentally shot the oldest brother in the foot. She took off, but not until Rayathess made her promise to meet him at a specific spot. Only he was put on restrictions due to his injury and so sent his brother, Ezra to meet her.

Meeting with Ezra and D'ani, Lyreh was convinced to come to Fort Weyr on her terms. It remains to be seen if she stays or disappears again.

**NOTE: Details of her history are left intentionally vague. They can be tweaked a little or expanded upon, but it will be left to the player Adopting her!


Name Relation Location Position
Unknown Father Uknown Deceased
Unknown Mother Unknown Cothold Unknown


Title Date Cast
Don't Run in the Forests! May 28, 2013 Ezra, Lyreh, Rayathess