Portrayed By Ilva Hetmann
Gender Female
Aliases Kena
Place of Birth Irondell Cothold, Torince Hold, Emerald Isles
Current Location Southern Boll Hold
Occupation Holder


Comely and simple are her features, plain and not with much beauty behind them. Her oval shaped face is framed by wavy auburn colored hair, left to flow long past her shoulders though much of it has begun to fade to grey and white. Grey-blue eyes, narrow shaped and pale against her fair skin overlook a thin, small nose and thin lipped mouth. Strict and reserved, she appears meek and yet is farthest from it. Tall and thin of build, she moves with a grace and strength not quite fitting to her appearance and her long fingered, rough hands show hint of a life not devoid of hard work. More evidence is beginning to tell in the fine lines and wrinkles at the corner of those sharp eyes and her mouth when drawn into a bemused smile. Given her age now past her prime, she has aged well and looks hail and strong, save for a persistent cough that nags her in damp and colder weather.

She prefers to wear full length dresses or skirts, often with a blouse or modest tunic and of subdued colors, though her tastes seem to lie in white, greys, and blues. Her knot is woven in Southern Boll Hold's colors and it's simple loop designates her as a resident holder.


Born of a small neighbouring cothold family next to the Irondells in the northern extremities of the Emerald Isles, Kenali's young life was uneventful. She was raised mostly by her mother and aunts or any other woman in the family and taught the skills she needed (or deemed she need to know and nothing beyond it) for her life as a young woman. Like most of the cotholds, hers was a coastal one as well and their primary trade was in fishing.

And like any marriageable young woman, she was betrothed to Ilentho Irondell at a young age and while she held no love for the strict, hidebound, stubborn and cruel man she did not resist or rebel. Kenali accepted her fate and did her best to flourish in the otherwise bleak and dreary cothold. She kept few friends, often withdrawn to the main hold and found her solace in small tasks or projects. Happiness came as well when her first child was born, but it was briefly lived as Ilentho's behavior towards her grew colder and she began to protest against his views, especially concerning the raising of their son.

So it may have been of little surprise that Kenali eventually turned to someone at least for comfort. Garan, their posted Harper, became her confidant and later her feelings for him developed far beyond that. She had a son by him, one she loved and yet was ashamed of but did her best to protect from Ilentho's twisted views and harsh hand. It was no secret then of her affair with Garan and she knew Ilentho held the truth both to save his skin from scandal but to make her life more difficult for her affair.

Not that it stopped her from seeking Garan, even when her daughter was born (and by Ilentho). Her husband dealt a crushing blow then, disowning Kelthero publicly despite her pleas and begging. She returned then to Irondell where she stayed, nursing a grudging and growing hatred towards Ilentho and hardly did she grieve when he died at sea Turns later. Yet it gave her a chance to leave and she did not take it, not with her daughter still in the cothold and stubbornly did she remain though life was not kind nor easy. Her eldest son took possession of Irondell but he was just as unkind and cruel as his father and she would not listen to the pleas of Garan or her daughter to leave.

It was only after another handful of Turns later, when her daughter had moved on to Western Weyr to Impress and her once disowned son, now Weyrleader of Fort had reforged contact that she began to reconsider her place in Irondell. Kenali's decision became final after she and Garan learned that her health was failing and persuaded by her family, she moved and relocated to a small cottage on the outskirts of Southern Boll Hold. Now she is free to live her life as she pleases, content in solitude though all know that Garan went with her and she can now openly share her relationship with him.


Name Relation Location Position
Ilentho Ex-Husband (Deceased) Irondell Cothold Fisherman
Garan Husband Southern Boll Hold Master Harper
Ilenki Son Irondell Cothold Fisherman
Th'ero Son Fort Weyr Weyrleader
Kiena Daughter Western Weyr Wingrider
Kyzenviro Grandson Fort Weyr Child