K'rius is tall and handsome. Broad shoulders fill out his flight leathers, giving him an even broader look. His swarthy complexion is framed with black hair and interrupted only by his light blue-green eyes. He's very handsome, looking only in his mid-to-late twenties despite being in his early thirties and he keeps himself well groomed.


K'rius, born Konrius, impressed young, only 12 and a half turns to brown Kilaneth at Telgar Weyr. It was only the first or second time that Kilaneth rose in chase that he found himself abed with Prail, one of the kitchen ladies. Unbeknownst to him, this one-time rendezvous resulted in the birth of a son, Pralius. The two rarely met when they were both living at Telgar, and when their relation was revealed to them each took it in drastically different ways.

K'rius is and was something of a womanizer, using his good looks and brown dragon to attract most ladies he wanted. Though he's come to want to know his son better since learning that he had one, his womanizing ways have done little to help their relationship. Especially with the way he eyes N'drei, Pralius girlfriend.


Name Relation Location Position
Flavia daughter Fort Weyr Apprentice Beastcrafter
P'rius son Fort Weyr Weyrling to Environmental Hazard Blue Zhieth



Perseverance Through the Storm Brown Kilaneth