She's a young child, slightly on the small side, with large hazel eyes and a heart shaped face. Blonde hair is plaited, falling to about her shoulder length, the tidiness becoming less and less as the day progresses. Her clothes vary from day to day in color and style, but for the most part she wears shirts and skirts or dresses and has a pair of closed toe shoes on her feet.


Jana was born almost 9 months after the arrival of Navi to Fort Weyr. Those who knew Navi when she had just arrived would know that her daughter is the result of a mating flight. Jana's father has not been in her life, though not for lack of interest in his offspring, but rather due to the intense dislike that Navi and Ta'sin have for each other.

When Milan isn't attending his lessons or hasn't managed to successfully ditch her to spend time with his friends sans little shadow, Jana is often found tagging along with her older brother. Well, that is assuming that she's not busy with her own little friends or currently under the watchful eye of a nanny or her mother, but even then she occasionally manages to slip away to follow her brother, who she adores of course.


Name Relation Location Position
Navi mother Fort Weyr Weyrsecond
Ta'sin father Ista Weyr Wingrider
Milan half-brother Fort Weyr Weyrbrat
Shawn half-brother Fort Weyr Baby
R'lin uncle Fort Weyr Wingrider
Rhelia aunt Western Weyr AWLM