Sex Female
Age 26
Craft N/A
Rank N/A
Location Fort Weyr/Drake's Lake
Birthplace Unknown
Casting Call Astrid Berges-Frisbey


Gone are the plain features and the gangly build that plagued her in her teenage Turns. Her hair has darkened to a rich brown hue despite her time in the southern sun and her hazel eyes overlook a short, pert nose. She is still no stunning beauty, but such things no longer bother her. Her build is long and lean with a few curves. She has gained a rather exotic taste in outfits, wearing a few unique weaves and cuts that are likely heavily borrowed from her time in the tropical south but modified to suit the harsher, cooler climates of Fort. No longer does she dress to blend in, but rather to make a statement — or as some mutter, to lure attention to herself.


Important Note: Jajenelja is strictly an NPC character and Staff run! If you'd like to have her cameo or used in one of your scenes or TPs, please @mail or page Th'ero on game!

Born to Traders whose roots lay deep in Fort’s history and her family is known to travel the routes between Fort and some of the more northern parts of Pern, though mainly within Fort’s boundaries. Once prosperous, they had fallen on rougher times of late and with no thanks or help from the Weyr's previous run in with another Trader family and the events that led from it. It made for the perfect atmosphere for a certain man to weasel his way in with Jajenelja's family and begin seeding doubts. Laris’ managed to talk her parents into believing his lies and in turn so was their daughter. Jajenelja was always a headstrong and stubborn girl, often foolish and reckless as girls her age may be, but with the right words her mind can be swayed and swayed it was to Laris' ideals, but doubt always nagged her deep in her heart.

***Note: This part of her background is NOT widely known ICly, save for between Th'ero, Kimmila, Dtirae, Captain Breshir and a few Wingriders. It may never be known ICly either, as the Weyrleaders went through great pains to hide the fact that a secondary Search was ever done on the Candidates for that particular Clutch.

So it’s no surprise when she lies about her age and integrates herself with the other fake Candidates sent to Fort Weyr for one of Zuvaleyuth and Velokraeth's clutches in an attempt to gather information. Only the Leadership catches on and after a secretive meeting, all the Candidates undergo a secondary Search where the true ones are weeded out.

Much to Jajenelja’s surprise, she’s deemed a true Candidate. Come Hatching day, she Impresses to Gold, much to the surprise of many more, Jajen herself included.

Later on, it’s obvious she holds a twisted view on the Weyr, despite her status as a weyrling and more than just a young (too young, some mutter!) girl's rebellious tantrums. She’ll eventually come to realize her mistake, but not after a few Turns of rebelling against them. She’ll never be transferred, despite being a drain on Fort’s reputation and a constant thorn in everyone's backside.

Even as she's grown into her sixteenth Turn, Jajen remains rather hot tempered and strong willed. She still feels like an outsider, despite attempts from many to make her feel more at home and welcomed. Her highly opinionated views have not diminished, but after her last stunt of rebellion infuriated the Senior Weyrwoman and led to Jajen losing her rank as Junior Weyrwoman and demoted back to Weyrling, she is reluctantly beginning to mature. It remains to be seen, however, if she'll ever be given her full rank back and even if she is granted it, how much leeway and freedom she will receive.

She did regain her rank after proving she could behave and for awhile Jajen's misbehaviour was on the down low. It wasn't until the near disastrous confrontation between Iaverulth and Kayeth, with Jajen demonstrating poor control not only over her gold but her own temper, that things finally reached a breaking point. Infuriated with the young goldrider, Weyrleader Th'ero made the decision to exile her to Fort's island in Drake's Lake in the south. His decision was backed by Weyrwoman Nyalle and Jajen was sent away.

For Turns she remained in Drake's Lake and in the beginning she was bitter and angry and would rarely be seen by the local holders and herders stationed there. Gradually, however, she accepted her fate though a small shard of bitterness still remains in her and likely always will. She gave birth to her daughter while in Drake's Lake, a pregnancy that was a result of the one time she lured bronzerider Ha'ze to her bed. The relationship (if it can be even called that) between them has been strained, despite Ha'ze being exiled later to Drake's Lake.

Overtime, her work and reports from Drake's Lake have put her in slightly better light with Fort Weyr, but it wasn't until Mr'az became Weyrleader that her exile was officially overturned in Turn 2707. It was met with mixed reaction, including Jajen's and she even protested at first until it was evident that Dtirae and her gold Zuvaleyuth had indeed been sent to replace her in the south.

So she remains in Fort for now and so far has kept to herself… but is a frequent visitor among the taverns and Shenanigan's Lounge.


Name Relation Location Position
Janel Father Fort Region Trader
Enela Mother Fort Region Trader
Jenelja Brother (older) Fort Region Trader
Jannej Brother (younger) Fort Region Trader
Jaze Daughter (Ha'ze) Fort Weyr Child


Title OOC Date Cast


Weakened Winter's Sunlight Gold Iaverulth
Small though she may be and her hide spun of pure but paled gold, she is still as strong and powerful as any other of her kind. She holds herself with a regal sense of pride, but not overly such as to appear pompous or egotistical and moves with as much grace as she can boast, leading to her to take her movements slow and carefully pondered before executed. Her slender, wedged shaped head bears little in harsh angles or curves, more daintily curved as if meticulously smoothed until no unseemly edges remain. The same goes for the rest of her body, all sleek and attractive curves and a well balanced proportions between neck and tail length. Even her wings remain just the correct length to be balanced to her build, promising smooth and swift flight. Just like her dam and sire, she has inherited their paler color and what should be a rich and vibrant gold is ghostly in comparison. Faded, much like the receding sunlight on a cold winter's day, it's as though the gold on her has leeched away to the very edges and faint, very faint, mottling of pure gold dusts her ridges, cheeks, neck, shoulders, limbs, sides and tail. Perhaps a flaw to some, but for her it almost helps accentuate her features.