Portrayed By Aiden Shaw
Gender Male
Aliases Ilen
Place of Birth Irondell Cothold; Emerald Isles
Current Location Unknown
Occupation Fisherman


As bleak and sharp as the lands he was raised in, this man carries an intimidating air despite being overly tall. He is of average height, thin and lean but as strong all the same. His features are narrow, all hard angles and only lending more to his cruel looks. Narrow blue eyes, as hard and cold as ice and stone at times shine with a fierce cunning as they look out from under thick dark brows. His nose is long and angled like the rest of his features, with his mouth thin and often twisted into a displeased line or smirk. He keeps a full beard, but short and well groomed, though it does little to soften the sharpness of his jaw. There appears to be no gentleness or kindness in this man and his skin is tanned from days of wind and sun at sea, his large hands calloused and roughened. He is no stranger to hard work and an equally hard life.


Ilentho is born of a long line of tough, stubborn and sturdy stock and rumors have it that his bloodline extends as far back to the time of AIVAS' discovery and the Turns that lead to the end of Thread. It is said that his ancestors disapproved of the advancements the so-called Abomination spoke of, though there is no proof tying him or his bloodline to that specific group who rebelled (albeit briefly) against AIVAS and those who worked with it.

What IS known as that the Irondell line moved from the mainlands to the western islands and settled to the north of the Emerald Isles, far as they could manage and seeming to thrive in isolation and remoteness. For there they could continue in their own views and ideals, sticking to traditions though they soon warped them to their own purposes. So it is no surprise that over the Turns, the Irondells developed a reputation for being highly conservative, hidebound and rather backwards, fiercely proud and just as fiercely stubborn. Yet they lived peacefully enough with their neighbouring cotholds, though many of the other families would give the Irondells a wide berth when possible and few would ever speak ill of their name to their faces.

So it was to that history that Ilentho grew up to understand, if not have it ingrained in him. He learned the cothold's trade and only source of income from the age that he was old enough to be of help on land or at sea. Fishing was in his blood and he took to it with an almost zealous passion. No one knows much of his past or how he was as a youth, only that as a young man he was reserved and withdrawn, not a man to smile or take much pleasure or enjoyment in life. That was a kind way of putting it, as those who were closer to Ilentho would discover that he was a hard and cruel man, narrow minded and very much bound to "his" way of life.

He never would have married, as he rarely socialized and the eligible women in the cothold spurned him. He was wedded to Kenali by arrangement between his parents and hers, a mutual joining of their cotholds to strengthen their numbers. Yet marriage did not soften Ilentho in the slightest and though he appeared to respect his wife, there was gossip soon enough. For Ilentho shared no love towards the woman, treating her only as a necessary duty and step in a traditional life. For his love was the sea and being aboard a ship, though it's hard to say if the man even took much joy in that.

Only when his first son, Ilenki, was born did Ilentho begin to show some change in his behavior and not entirely for the better. Some would argue that he DID love the boy, but others were not so blind. Ilentho was strict with him, already seeking to instill the same narrow minded, conservative and hidebound ideals that were fed to him as a child, and his father before him and so forth. Never was he overly cruel to the boy, but just like with his wife, he shared little in the way of warmth.

Ilentho would discover shortly after the birth of his second son, Kelthero, that Kenali had been in fact seeking the comfort of another: the posted Harper, Garan. For as the boy grew, his hair remained as dark as that of his true sire, while Ilentho and Kenali's lines were of auburn and fairer traits. Not only that, but it was clear even in the boy's features that he resembled nothing of Ilentho and more of Kenali and Garan. Enraged, he confronted her and her illicit partner but rather than cast them all out (or worse), Ilentho would keep the affair secret with them. But he would make their lives miserable in every way possible from there on in. His cruelty fell on Kelthero then, despite Kenali and Garan's attempt to shelter him from it. Even his eldest brother fell in line when it came to taunting and bullying his younger brother. So Ilentho raised him, pretending one thing in front of the other cotholders but in the privacy of home he was relentless on the boy.

His chance to be rid of him came several Turns later. Kenali had given birth to a girl some time prior and Ilentho showed little interest in his daughter, save to disapprove of the way she shadowed Kelthero. For Kelthero had begun to rebel, rather than be cowed and beaten in line. On a visit to Torince Hold, Kelthero's habit of fighting landed him in serious trouble and forcing Ilentho to placate the insulted family of the man his son beat up. Ilentho was given all he needed then and despite the pleas and begging from Kenali and even daughter Kaliena, he had Kelthero dragged from the cells only to then public disown him in front of several witnesses in the Hold's courtyard.

Pleased to be rid of that black mark on his pride and reputation, Ilentho brought his family back to Irondell and resumed his usual habits, though as the Turns progressed he became increasingly harsher on his family, Ilenki included though on some days it was as though he favored the boy. Whether or not karma finally came back with a vengence, Ilentho went out to sea as per his seasonal routine with his usual vessel and crew … only to never return. Pieces of the ship were found later and it was presumed that she and her crew sank and all perished.

Few would weep at Ilentho's death and fewer surprised when his son, Ilenki, took control of Irondell and was every bit his father — if not twice as bad.


Name Relation Location Position
Kenali Wife Southern Boll Hold common woman
Ilenki Son Irondell Cothold Fisherman
Th'ero Son** Fort Weyr Weyrleader
Kiena Daughter Western Weyr Wingrider

** Not by blood