Portrayed By Patrick Petitjean
Gender Male
Aliases Gar
Place of Birth Half Moon Bay Hold
Current Location Southern Boll Hold
Occupation Master Harper


Tall, his build is best described as athletic, lean and yet still muscular in a subtler sense. Though well into his prime, if not edging past it, he is still fit. His facial features are broad and the angles squared and strong and at first glance they are stern looking, aided by heavy brows and a full, but well groomed, beard that all but hides the subtle curve and angles of his jaw. But his hazel eyes are bright, keen and always flashing with some inner amusement or warmth, even if his mouth may never be quirked in a smile. He leaves his straight hair long, most of it now gone grey and white with age though some of its previous dark brown — almost black — color clings stubbornly.

For clothes he wears modest outfits, always well kept and tailored. His tunics are almost always in some variation of blue, though only true Harper-blue when he is on duty or at a formal affair. At times he may wear a vest or if the weather is particularly cool, a jacket. A pair of slacks or sturdy pants, belted about the waist and tucked into black, heavy-soled boots complete his day to day outfit. Pinned to his shoulder is the knot woven for his rank as a Master Harper, colored with Southern Boll Hold threads.


Born in Half Moon Bay Hold, Garan lived a normal life and much of it was uneventful. He apprenticed the moment he was old enough to do so and able to secure passage to Harper Hall, having always shown skill and knack best suited for the Craft. Studious and attentive, he progressed swiftly and was soon walking the tables as a Journeyman as he neared his early 20's. Posted first to Half Moon Bay Hold, he then began to do a few circuits to the outlying minor holds and later to various cotholds.

It was his posting to one of those cotholds that would change his life, for better and for worse. Sent to Irondell, at first Garan was intimidated by the bleak surroundings and cold, harsh cliffside of the coastal family hold. Of all the families too, the Irondell's were reputed to be a hard, tough and stubborn lot and Garan found that apt, though he would personally add that many bordered on stubborn, hidebound in their traditions and fierce. As for the head of the family, Ilentho's he reserved one extra word for the man: cruel.

The first handful of Turns in Irondell were hard on Garan, his skills as a Harper much needed and yet he found himself wishing for another posting, one less bleak and secluded. No one knows how it came to be, but whether Garan's own stubbornness kept him there or some twist of fate, he remained and pursued his duties as best he could when not met with interference on Ilentho's part. He rarely crossed paths otherwise with the cotholder or his fledgling family. That is, until the first child was born. Kenali was of a neighbouring cothold, now joined to Irondell through her marriage to Ilentho. Though she appeared just as hard and cold as her husband, she was anything but and as she began to bring her young toddler son to Garan's lessons, the man — now middle aged and unwed himself — found himself falling for her. At first he pinned it to pity for her lot in life, to be stuck in such a place and bound to such an awful man.

But it developed further, much further and to his surprise Kenali began to turn to him. They kept their relationship secret and hidden or as best they could in such a small cothold. Some began to suspect, but held their tongues. It was when Kenali became pregnant again that fate took a hard turn. When the second son was born, as he grew in the first months it became clear enough that he was not of Ilentho's ilk but a bastard-born of Garan and Kenali. Infuriated though he was, Ilentho did not cast Garan, the child or Kenali away and rather kept the lie hidden to save face and not bring more light to the scandal. It was not a blessing or an act of kindness however and only out of respect and tradition did Ilentho never do harm to Garan… not in ways that could be easily seen.

Helpless, Garan could only watch as Ilentho continued to run his cothold with a strict hand and heavier still on his family. The worst of this the man reserved for Kelthero and despite Garan's attempts to subtly help, the boy he soon grew into a troubled and conflicted young man. Neither was he able to stop the events in Torince Hold that led to Kelthero being disowned and lost to his reach, though Garan tried. As his anger and hatred to Ilentho grew, Garan remained in Irondell despite many opportunities to leave. His love for Kenali kept him there, for they continued their illicit affair and to protect the last child born and by Ilentho, a daughter named Kaliena.

When Ilentho died at sea and Ilenki, the eldest son, took possession of the cothold, Garan began to plan. Ilenki was worse than his father and Irondell was no fit place to be despite the Harper trying to advise the young holder. It took Turns and careful work, but after a visit from Kimmila and the truth about his relationship to his son, now Th'ero, bronze Velokraeth's rider and Weyrleader of Fort known to her (and likewise Th'ero too), he began to tentatively reforge contact.

His relationship with Th'ero remains strained, but Garan knows it will take time. As Kenali's health began to fail and Kaliena — now Kiena — Impressed and bound to Western Weyr, the Harper worked with Th'ero and Kimmila to convince Kenali to leave Irondell for good. It took several attempts, but at last she agreed and with the details handled by her son and his weyrmate, she moved to a small cottage on the coastal outskirts of Southern Boll Hold. As for Garan, he followed her and at last is beginning to find peace as he can now be with her openly and without secrecy. He also at last pursued his path from Senior Journeyman to Master and currently remains posted at Southern Boll Hold.


Name Relation Location Position
Kenali Wife Southern Boll Hold Common Woman
Th'ero Son Fort Weyr Weyrleader
Kyzenviro Grandson Fort Weyr Child