Daina reached her Mastery at the Harper Hall at the early age of thirty-one, proving that she belongs in her high-achieving family. She is a composer, singer and flautist, choosing to make her specialty in the art of music rather than any of Harper's more practical pursuits (something that shames most of said high-achieving family). Outside of her work she takes very little seriously, and is flighty and flirtatious.


Name Relation Location Position
Toriane Mother Fort Sea Hold Hold Healer
Dairin Father Fort Sea Hold Merchant
Linbain Brother TBD TBD
Brebain (+2 T) Brother Tillek Hold Weaver Master
Mirinda (-4.5 T) Sister Fort Weyr Weyrhealer (Sr. Jman)
Younger sister Sister TBD TBD
Younger brother Brother TBD TBD
Younger brother Brother TBD TBD
Ranildra (-10 T) Sister TBD TBD


Title OOC Date Cast
Settling Things February 04, 2015 Mirinda, NPCs