The man you see before you has light auburn hair that ends just past ears, it's rather fuzzy in nature and has a tendancy to go all over the place and slip in front of his dark blue eyes. The man is rather feminine in face and stature, and his size only seems to add to his boyish looks. He stands easily at 6'2" and is usually seen wearing various shades of pink or blues. His favorite shirt seems to be a silky light pink shirt with sky-blue pants. He sports the knot of a wingrider of Fort Weyr, with a single cord of green threaded to mark the color of his lifemate.


D'iv was born Delivin, he was raised by his aunt in a small cot hold near Fort Weyr. He was a boy always getting into trouble, taking this, or taking that. He had a rather mischievous nature to him, but despite his trouble making, D'iv was actually quite smart. He just had a tendency to show it the wrong way. Eventually he was searched and impressed at Fort Weyr to green Audith. But his antics still ended up getting him into trouble on quite a few occasions, and he still enjoyed taking things if he wanted them. And once setting his sights on something he'd want, he'd make sure he'd get it.

After Audith went up on a flight, D'iv found himself with A'di. Lights lit up in the greenriders head and D'iv attached himself to the bluerider. The greenrider was quite adamant about getting himself the bluerider, and eventually (somewhat) won over the grumpy, short rider. The two currently live together.


A'di (reluctantly)


D'iv can be rather mischievous, he likes to get into trouble, but he does know when to behave and when to take things seriously. He absolutely loves the color pink, and will always be dressed in /something/ that is pink. Whether it just be a belt, or a shirt, or a hat, he's always wearing the color /somewhere/. He's also rather stubborn, when he wants something, he'll keep at it until he gets it and doesn't give up easily. He's also rather intelligent, he just tends to not show it most of the time. He enjoys a long read from time to time. He's also rather over-bearing and forward. He can also be quite clingy when it comes to something he wants.


Green Audith