These are the pairs that were impressed with S'phoj, M'lo, Meo, Ely, R'sner and N'drei. They /are/ adoptable but won't be available until after Weyrlinghood. Once adopted, they will have to spend 90 days in Ierne before they can return to Fort. @mail Fort's Staff On Game with any questions concerning this.

Clutch Theme: Supporting Character's of 80's Cartoons

J'sen & Playfully Analytic Green Foibleth

Universal Digital Egg

This is a rather unremarkable egg, its colors muted and plain, though it is a bit wider than most across the middle. Its edges might be difficult to pin down due to the odd striations marking the shell, giving it the illusion of a much more boxy shape, the thin, pale parallel lines criss-crossing over a blurred blue and green surface. On one side, the egg is slightly flatter, with a blob of black forming a hazy, squiggled line beneath two lighter circles, giving the egg a goofy and half-smiling appearance. Smears of black above the circles provide an added touch, and dead-center is the vaguest triangle of blue, pointing upward toward the narrowst part of the egg.

Hatch Messages

WOBBLE MESSAGE: There's a slow sort of shimmy from the Universal Digital Egg. The shell almost vibrates, though the occupant stills, as if uncertain. And then again. Wobble? There may be a wobble. The sand around the egg gets nudged aside as it tilts just a little, before finally, and rather unceremoniously, falling over.

CRACK MESSAGE: The Universal Digital Egg shakes a bit. And then it is still. There's a brief spasm of movement, which becomes more regular as it wobbles back and forth, creating a shallow depression where it lies on its side in the sand. All this shaking about creates cracks over the shell, the jagged lines barely visible amongst those already there.

HATCH MESSAGE: The shell of the Universal Digital Egg shatters with not much fuss, bits and pieces of it sticking to a dull little green who finds herself upside down and staring at a very very big world. It'll take her a minute to right herself, rolling over with a bit of a wiggle.

Foibleth's Desc:

This dull green hatchling is all muted hues, the colors greying over thin wing membranes, which are dotted faintly with hazy particles of teal and turquoise. There's a slightly darker shade of green over her neck ridges, though it fades out as it sneaks down her back. The little dragon's body is rounder than most, neck and tail both a bit short for her build. Her legs are finely shaped, however, the muscles accentuated by smudges of a lighter, mossy tone, supported by feet with long toes, each of which terminates in a curved claw in a very bright and eye-catching chartreuse. The hatchling's head is boxy, with big eyes and a blunt muzzle that gives her an almost goofy look, the over-large nostrils perpetually flared. Tiny headknobs are set far back, with just the faintest touches of teal to match her wings

Impression Message

Blinking somewhat dazedly, the Playfully Analytic Green Hatchling takes her time to sort herself out, slowly finding legs and wings and oh, there's a tail. That gets stared at for quite a long while. She'll examine everything, first. And then she's up, on shaky feet, with a bit of wobbly forward movement as she eventually has her legs beneath her, though she appears none too sure about the rest of it. lunt muzzle poking the last shards of her egg, it seems she is a little slow to get started. But then almost comically wide eyes come to rest on those white-robed figures over there. What was she supposed to do again? Oh right, she knows! All wibbly-wobbly, the hatchling ambles toward the nearest group, nosing and poking about, thorough on her examination of each. They're all so similar, but she can see the differences, here and there, taking her time. It seems she's in no hurry, but all of a sudden - yes, there! One of the boys, hanging back from the group, is given a bit of a warble, and she wanders over with no small amount of stumbling and sand-flinging, to plop down in front of him, snout nudging chest. The young lad doesn't seem to know what to make of this, but then his face splits into a huge, goofy grin, "Oh! Foibleth! Er, yes, yes of /course/. I'm your J'sen."


Foibleth was inspired from the Jetsons, namely on a supporting character called R.U.D.I.
R.U.D.I. is George Jetson's work computer. His name is an acronym for Referential Universal Digital Indexer. He has a human personality and is a member of the Society Preventing Cruelty to Humans.

Vira & Famished Friend Blue Irascith

Grumbling Clouds of Caring Egg

Round and a little tubby, this egg just may seem to be a little fatter than normal. Soft baby blues and grays swirl around the shell, puffing like clouds in places and looking somewhat rounded out, adding to the plump look. Here and there, it looks like there are water droplets sliding down the egg. That's just an illusion however as it's perfectly dry to the touch.

Hatch Messages

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Grumbling Clouds of Caring Egg slowly rolls over, like a yawn, stretching far as it slides on the sand a small way. It stills after a few moments, apperently going back to bed.

CRACK MESSAGE: Grumbling Clouds of Caring Egg suddenly begins to shake thunderously. This shaking makes the already round egg seem to be more gravid. Then with a loud crack, a long split rips down the side of the egg.

HATCH MESSAGE: Grumbling Clouds of Caring Egg suddenly shatters, blue shell pieces littering the ground as the hatchling inside emerges and yawns deeply.

Irascith's Desc:

Lean and thin, this blue is as soft looking as a cloud readying for a downpour. Dark slate undertones dominate his belly and legs, seeping up into the bright blue of his back. His wing sails are a pale baby blue, soft swirls of white intermingling with his color. His long snout is a true blue with deep, nearly black spots splattered along his jaw.

Impression Message

Walking straight towards a candidate near the outside of the line, Famished Friend Blue Hatchling doesn't waste any time. He places his head against the stomach of a shorter girl who looks a bit awkward, crooning softly to her. She blinks before smiling brightly down at the blue before her, touching his snout softly. "Irascith huh? Well, I'll gladly be your one and only Vira. I'm sure there's food over there. You do look quite hungry." She says before looking for direction on where to go and leading her lifemate off the sands.


Irascith was inspired from Grumpy Bear off of Carebears!

Phillip & Truly Outrageous Blue Staormith

Not Truly A Misfit Egg

Although this egg is outrageously large compared to the others, the dashing blue and gold upon its shell gives it a place in the clutch. In fact, it may even be singled out as this egg has been cast in replication of the clutch dam's colours. The blue is bold and fierce compared to the pale gold, gold that swashes in ribbon like currents around the shell. In some places where the ribbons of gold flutter, it's so transparent that the azure underneath almost makes it a pale shade of blue, with the added glitter. In other places the azure is defined in what looks like strands of hair curled up in a wild bundle. Amongst all the tossed ribbon and curls, there are a few other things going on. For one, there's one brown mark that is placed randomly on the shell, a small round circle dabbed in a pale patch of color. Secondly there's a single streak of orange-red that flares up on the opposite side, completely random in shape and location. The orange streak almost appears violent as it cuts up and down in a small but defined zigzag pattern, ending abruptly as it began, the length only a few inches long.

Hatch Messages

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Not Truly A Misfit Egg rocks out of its little dune, bouncing a ways before it stills, as if the curtain has fall and it's preparing for the next set.

CRACK MESSAGE: Not Truly A Misfit Egg flows with the rhythm of the music. Outta my way! This egg isn't playing around! The other eggs better get out of the way as the egg starts to cover ground. Nothing seems to be holding it back as cracks start to shape.

HATCH MESSAGE: Not Truly A Mistfit Egg seems to have a style all of its own. A versitle style that makes some noise when the egg starts to splinter. Its as if it can't be caught. Then it seems to jump up. Surprise surprise! One big surprise is coming out of the shell!

Staormith's Desc:

Outrageous is exactly the word for this skinny blue, considering he's not only skinny but he stands as tall as any bronze dragon fresh out of the shell. Along with his size is the curious colouring of his lanky form. A near black-blue he wears like a tux over his chest and haunches, leaving his calves down of his legs to be a bright brilliant blue. Meanwhile his head is showered in a sky-blue with a pattern of swirls clashing in darker tones down his neck. Pearl talons help make him look a bit more feminine than otherwise told. Still, it's the glitter of gold on his wings that really cause him to be truly outrageous.

Impression Message

Truly Outrageous Blue Hatchling seems to like someone in particular. The style of the lad he approaches has caught his eye. The blue twists and turns around in a jig like move before he skids to a stop in front of lad from Fort Sea Hold. Phillip grooves a bit with the blue until he stops and realizes people are watching. He laughs and claps his hands for some music only he could hear, "I like your style Staormith!" Then the lad is trying to restrain himself from wiggling his hiney along with Staormith as they head for the food.


Staormith was inspired from Stormer (Mary Phillips) from the Misfits, who are rivals to Jem and the Holograms!

L'nel (Lionel) & Thundering Feline Blue Rothpoleath

Fastest in the Land Egg

Long and lean. That's the first descriptor of this brightly-colored egg. Its shape is taller than others, not quite as rotund. It's a good thing, too, given the sinuous lines that are made at each of those side edges, in a vibrant red-orange. The background is a pale cream that shades into a matte yellow-gold at the top and bottom ends. Standing out starkly against these colors is the equally livid spotting of black that occurs across the top and bottom portions. Each of those spots is large enough to stand out on its own, but never once crosses into the orange and cream areas.

Hatch Messages

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Fastest in the Land Egg shimmies, wibbles, and then goes still after testing its boundaries. Time to make a plan of attack.

CRACK MESSAGE: Fastest in the Land Egg is a fierce fighter! It strikes out strategically here, here, and there! Cracks appear and spider out instantly.

HATCH MESSAGE: Fastest in the Land Egg uses its speed to its advantage. Victory is imminent. Another set of blows rocks the egg, and finally allows the occupant to shove enough shell aside to enter the world.

Rothpoleath's Desc:

A canvas of navy blue swaths this ferocious gentleman, shading down to sapphire for a brighter hue across his underside. Silver-blue dapples faintly ghost over his head and throat, darkening here or there across the navy to become visible. Other spots, midnight blue, fall over his flanks and down his backbone and tailbone around the ridges. Lightly built, lithe, lean, he is very like the large and dangerous wild felines of the Southern Continent. A blocky snout and stubby headknobs tip his head, the backs of which are lighter than the fronts. His wings are longer than they are wide, by their looks, and the dappled effect that runs up the spars is also very faintly discernible across his sails when they're stretched tight with the light behind them.

Impression Message

Thundering Feline Blue Hatchling near explodes from his confines, rolling a little before getting to his feet. Once he's gotten his bearings and balance, however, pride flashes over his visage. When he moves, it's with confidence, no matter how many times he happens to stumble. Investigating his surroundings, he catches sight of the white clad folks beyond. They look… suspicious? Interesting? Off he goes, warily advancing and peering, sniffing, until he freezes with one paw lifted. Something… As soon as the paw is replaced on the ground, he's chosen and has made a U-turn. He stares up into the face of his new lifemate, the young boy Lionel, and Impression is made! L'nel throws his arms around the blue, crowing, "Yes, Rothpoleath! You found me the fastest of all!"


Rothpoleath was inspired by the character Cheetara from the Thundercats 80's cartoon series.

M'cat & Go Go Investigative Green Sophieth

An Assortment of Clues Egg

Bright crimson lays over the curved surface of this otherwise unexciting egg like some errant cloth shaken out of its roll. The red is broken by those wrinkly imperfections and if one looks close the pattern of the cloths fine weaving can also be distinguished. A strange stripe of bleached white encircles the center. It helps cuts the bright red down from being too overwhelming but itself is such a pure contract that too long a look may still be painful. At the base of the egg the red cloth bears a faint imprint of a computer laptop with a smaller gear and glove next to it. A strange set of clues for the distinguished detective to sort through, whatever could they mean?

Hatch Messages

WOBBLE MESSAGE: An assortment of clues egg shivers stealthily. So long it has gathered and analyzed the data. Soon the results of its investigation will be revealed, not much longer will the mystery remain so. Yet, all will be revealed in ime and it falls still again. That time not yet.

CRACK MESSAGE: An assortment of clues moves again. This time the movement is stronger, with purpose. There is a determination now. The time rapidly approaches and it can hardly afford to be late. What then? It can't let its unsuspecting partner down can it? Cracks rapidly spread across the colored surface.

HATCH MESSAGE: The cracks upon the assortment of clues egg grow to numerous to be contained into an ovoid anymore. The shell gives in a final heave that breaks it into several large chunks that break even smaller as they hit the ground and leave a egg-damp green in its wake.

Impression Message

With a soft snort to clear a bit of sand from her nostrils, a bright child's marker green hatchling leaves the remnants of her shell. The clues are all there, laid out and she looks up to her dam as if to confirm her suspicions. Yes, she must choose but that is ok. All of her careful detective work over the past sevendays has prepared her for the revelation. For a rare moment she is in the spotlight as she steps to the line of candidates, giving a careful eye to the majority of those still standing. It is, however, not proper to drag out the suspense of such moments for the reveal is the most juicy and delicious part of any mystery played out, and she is so ready. In that brisk perfect moment there is the shocking truth from eyeing a young lass quite a long moment she whips her head to the lad next top her. The smith's apprentice gasps in surprise. You thought you'd get away with it did you? A look of triumph flashes across the greens features as M'cat kneels down. "I could never fool you Sophieth." Both then move off together, an unlikely duo of supporting characters brought onto the same path by the random twists of fate.


Sophieth was inspired from Penny from Inspector Gadget