These are the pairs that were impressed with D'mos, Ai'an, K'oss, and Tyr. They /are/ adoptable but won't be available until after Weyrlinghood. Once adopted, they will have to spend 90 days in Ierne before they can return to Fort. @mail Fort's Staff On Game with any questions concerning this.

N'dav (Nadav) & Shout and Bites Blue Versaith *

Splattered Paint or is that Blood Egg

So bright it almost glows, this egg's red color stands out like a hot coal on the sands. Several bands of pale, nearly transparent yellow fall from the top of the egg and disappear into the sand at the base of the egg. On one side of the egg, there are little dots of paint of a near black color. As you walk around, however; they become large splatters that look like they've oozed down the side of the egg. If one looks very closely however, the color of the splatters looks more like dried blood than paint.

Hatch Messages

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Splattered Paint or is that Blood Egg makes it difficult to tell that it's is even moving. Only that it seems to be ever so slightly turning in a way to show other sides of itself. When it goes rolling from its spot towards it's parents, is it truely apperent that the dragon inside is indeed attempting an escape.

CRACK MESSAGE: Splattered Paint or is that Blood Egg's shell starts to pop off suddenly in tiny bits. The bright red pieces of shell littering the hot sands. The egg starts to rock violently, tossing back and forth as it works to be free.

HATCH MESSAGE: Splattered Paint or is that Blood Egg bursts into a million little pieces. The hatchling rolls several times, landing eventually upright on it's feet. Trumpetting brightly, it makes it's grand entrance to the stage of life.

Versaith's Desc:

This blue dragon has a short, almost pointed, grey blue muzzle, flecked in periwinkle. A broad black blue stripe that crosses over his face, creates an almost mask over his eyes before circling down his jaw line and down the sides of his neck, meeting in the middle to form a collar of sorts. His eye ridges themselves are a pale sky blue that stand out against this mask. Bright cerulean blue, dappled with near white specks paint the top of his head and extends down his neck to his shoulders, the speckling fading away midway down. The brightness fades to a deeper twilight that covers his lean back and flows down his limber legs, steadily darkening each limb until they're a midnight blue at his paws, his talons each a pinprick of light against the darkness with their pale blue color. His underbelly is the same pale blue and a slight feathering effect shows up on the taunt hide as a bit of pale grey seeps in. His long thin tail is a bright sky blue, striped with a darker true blue. His wingsails mimick this pattern with a few darker rows next to brighter near white rows creating an almost scaled effect on his wings.

Impress Message

Shout and Bites Blue Hatchling walks the line of candidates again, trying very much to find the one he wants. He even goes back to where the remains of his egg is and warrbles to his parents before turning back to the candidates and starting over. Only then does he know just where he wants to go. Racing over to Nadav, a tall gangly looking boy, he trumpets and prances on his feet. N'dav laughs lightly and tentetivly reaches out to give the hatchling a good rub on the nose. "Alright Versaith, I'm feeling rather hungry myself." The teenager says before being lead off the sands along with his new lifemate.

* (This pair has been adopted.)

Patty & How's She Even Get Them Britches On Green Derierth

Honkytonk For Your Badonkadonk Egg

Rustic hues, like that one log you might remember sitting on at a campfire one summer past, dapple the major-portion of an oblong egg, a wood-like texture that sits perfectly with this egg. It's unremarkable, ordinary; not much else breaks it up but an odd black spot in the middle the brown patch, and a similarly colored cord winding up around half the egg with many long, thin pale strings running parallel within. Oddly enough, it might remind you of an incredibly — let's say it again, incredibly — distorted guitar, but the imagination can do amazing things… And lead you some crazy, fandangled places.

Hatch Messages

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Honkytonk For Your Badonkadonk Egg doesn't thrash, per-say, no-no-no. It swings the top of the shell to and fro, all the while shaking it below. Dancing, one might assume, if it wasn't an egg. No jumping around, but instead, a constant spinning along with the butt-shaking motion.

CRACK MESSAGE: Honkytonk For Your Badonkadonk Egg keeps on /shaking it/! Toe-stepping and butt-wiggling to the song of the Hatching Caverns. Shouts and yells only urge the egg on as small, feathery cracks start to appear all over the surface. The crackling noise of it only adding to the song and the dance.

HATCH MESSAGE: Honkytonk For Your Badonkadonk Egg finally stops moving, the cracks more than evident along the shell's surface. The lack of motion is odd, in comparison to the wiggling around it was just moving. But what's that? Oh! It appears the song had ended. No worries, another one is about to start up. Just in time, as the shell suddenly /blasts/ apart, throwing pieces of egg all around and away. In the wake? Why, a green, already moving it to the next song!

Derierth's Desc:

Honky-tonk green shines the light of a neon moon onto pale curves: the bright color is dimm'd only by a thin film of lackluster, matte charcoal shadows, as if looking through a screen of smoke. Hide is firm and taught, like billowy-soft leather stretched over the bodacious of bodies. Curvaceous and flirty, the innocent delicacy of her facial structure and length of svelte neck and slender, narrow chest is balanced only by the considerable size of firm, heart-shaped haunches.

Impress Message

How's She Even Get Them Britches On Green Hatchling has a rhythm all her own. The green toe-taps away from the paltry remainders of what was her confinement and sashays right over to the mingled group of white-adorned candidates. It takes her a decent amount of time, trying to decide who will be the best to join in her life-long line dance. The dragonet moving up and down, left and right, kicking her feet up and spraying forth sand. Finally, she halts! Right in front of a young Holder lass with dark brown locks, who may or may not have been previously spinning in wild, free circles on the sands. "Oh! Oh! Derierth! Yes, yes, I know. My dancing needs work, but we can work on it together, right? You can teach me!" The two then get lead off the sands, ready to shake it all around.

V'an (Veran) & Running With The Devil Bronze Halenth

And The Cradle Will Rock Egg

At first glance you might think this is some sort of prank. Who rolled a boulder onto the sands? Indeed it appears to be a giant rock nestled within the golden white sand. But rather than the craggy rough appearance of most boulders, this one's mottled gray and tan surface is smooth and rotund. Here and there little pores, pits and cracks etch over the surface convincing one more and more of it's stoney nature. But as you look closer at each imperfection in the surface you realize they are only an illusion- dark shadowed lines and dots on a matte surface. Perhaps this is an egg after all.

Hatch Messages

WOBBLE MESSAGE: The And The Cradle Will Rock Egg has been far too still for far too long. It tremors a moment, as if not certain what to do. Then… JUMP! Indeed the egg bounces off the sands a moment like a basketball. It does it again… and again.

CRACK MESSAGE: The And The Cradle Will Rock Egg has not ceased it's little jumps, though after the first they have been mere bumps up and down. It stills a moment, as if getting up all it's energy and then it bounces again, hard, coming down hard with a deafening crack were anyone silly enough to be close to it. Lines etch over the surface and it stills again… as if stunned.

HATCH MESSAGE: At last The Cradle Will Rock Egg moves again… this time in a reckless series of bounces. After all, that last one worked. It might as well jump. And indeed it appears to bash itself again and again, creating more and more cracks. Pieces break away and at last all that is left is a smaller bronze hatchling in a confetti of eggshells.

Halenth's Desc:

Crimson copper surges in a bold band along the lean figure of this hatchling reaching from muzzle out broadly over his oval belly on either side. The base coat, it lightens at the top where his spiny ridges gleam the pale gold of a rising sun. Between the two the tone blends seamlessly with a stark orange brass that would look unappealing as a shade alone. Shadows of dark violet, near black, cut dramatic accents under his belly and limbs. They reach up in a series of dusty violet hued dapples, concentrating at his haunches and under his tail primarily. This same dusty violet drapes in dramatic smudges along the ridges of muscles and bone structure giving an appearance akin to theatrical makeup. These cause him to appear exceptionally muscular in bright lighting and accentuate every movement.

Impress Message:

Running With The Devil Bronze Hatchling lets out a wailing bestial cry almost at once. He vaults forward, heading into an awkward gallop. In his line of fire? A skinny but tall apprentice harper with long wild dark hair and chiseled features. His eyes widen and he starts to run with his fellow candidates, but stops to stare. The bronze slows rather inefficiently only a couple yards from his chosen. He pauses, posing, and then struts on up to the older boy. They stare at each other a long moment before the boy, Veran, lets out an ecstatic whoop! "V'an? Me? Sweet! Of course I'll be your V'an, Halenth! How totally awesome is this? Oh, right… food." He jumps to attention, looking for the Weyrlingmasters at once as the bronze, Halenth, lashes his tail around his ankles and trills loudly.

Is'abel & Sown into Tight Black Suede Green Sandith

Flames of Fire and Passion Egg

A flaring pattern of red marks the beat across the inky dark blackness of this dragon egg. It's the size is of a ordinary medium, while it's almost oblong in shape but with delicate curves. Just as delicately patterned, however, the marks of red almost look like the beats to the eggs' own hidden song, a chorus of melody even as the blackness stretches and sneaks its way up into the melody, reaching, tugging it back down into the blackness of it. The fiery passion that marks the red has also been encased in a plethora of dark oranges that encircle the red, protecting it, embracing it- pulling it past the point of no return.

Hatch Messages:

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Flames of Fire and Passion Egg starts to shake, rattle and roll, age lines appearing across the inky blackness of its' shell, nearly unnoticable in the light.

CRACK MESSAGE: Flames of Fire and Passion Egg continues to rock and roll across it's part of the Hatching Grounds, the age lines deepning across it's shell. Finally, flakes of eggshell start cracking and peeling away.

HATCH MESSAGE: Flames of Fire and Passion Egg pauses, as if taking a deep breath. Then with a sudden *CRACK* it splits down the middle, leaving the bewilderd occupant in it's wake. Shaking its' head, it finally steps into the light, revealing itself to be the Sown into Tight Black Suede Green Hatchling.

Sandith's Desc:

This green is all compact firmness and interesting colors. Her emerald green hide almost sparkles with hints of early spring grass colors, catching in the light. Her talons' are a dark green, grass dripped with early morning dew. That same color emanates from her chest in wiry lines across her stomach, some racing up her sides. More grass green reaches up her neck spines, almost unusually sharp, the rays of color reaching for the very tips - the dawn of a green day.

Impress Message

Sown into Tight Black Suede Green Hatchling suddenly pauses her inspection of a certain candidate, whuffling as she turns away from the boy to peer behind him. She pauses, blinking, almost as if double-checking her instinct, before she suddenly barrels through a pair of younger candidates, heading straight for the back of the Hatching Grounds. Finally skidding to the stop in a sand, she directs her compact body straight for the one candidate not looking her way. Poking her muzzle through the fring of hair that covers her face, there's a wistful crooning, as if to say, 'Love me?' There's a sharp gasp from the girl in question, and running her hand through her hair, she pushes it back and smiles. "Yes, Sandith. You and I. Forever." She remarks softly. There's a loud whoop from the Hatching Galleries, Isa doing a war dance. "Way to go Is'abel!" She cheers her sister on, even as the pair disappear off the grounds.

L'ue (Louie) & Clouds of White, Skies of Blue Armstroth

Freeform Innovation Egg

There's one thing to be said about this egg - it can be interpreted thousands of different ways. Speckled, blotched, and globed with an array of all the colours in the rainbow as well as hues of black and white: one simply has to walk around the entire oblong shape to take in the full artistic view, which is why interpretations vary each time one looks at it. Yet if one were to study the seemingly meaningless splotches, they'd notice from a distance it pulls together an abstract form, a thought, an idea of free expression. There might even be a surfacing image pieced together by the rainbow speckles, though it does take the imaginative eye to spot it. The image could be said to resemble a side view of a man wearing a hat, whose tilted so that what extends from his face is pointed upward - and it could very well be some sort of musical instrument.

Hatch Messages:

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Freeform Innovation Egg jolts violently to one side, propping up against another egg beside it.

CRACK MESSAGE: Freeform Innovation Egg splits all down the side, though the occupant inside doesn't yet take the opportunity to push free of it's shell. Instead, the shards which remain intact look to be inhaled, causing it to appear as if the egg itself is breathing.

HATCH MESSAGE: With some minimal effort, the shell shards of Freeform Innovation egg start to crumble and drop to the floor. In small pieces and then in big sections when the occupant inside seems to exhale. It's also with one tail lash that the remaining foundation of the egg shell falls away, leaving a pale form of a dragon in it's wake.

Armstroth's Desc:

Pale powder blue dominates this balanced limbed dragon, with some areas such as his barrel-like rib cage taking on an icy rendition. In fact, even on his wing sails his colour can be mistaken for white instead of blue, though the far stretching wing spars are thankfully dipped in a sky blue, to at least distinguish him from the clouds of white dabbing against his agile form. A sharp pointed face is coated with this pale blue, except around his eyes where a nice rich blue gives him raccoon eyes. Theres also a deep navy line running down from the beginning of his head knobs to the end of them on his slender tail. One other significant thing about this blue that makes his features pop out more are the dark black talons that extend from his fair sized feet.

Impress Message

Clouds of White, Skies of Blue Hatchling has done his searching - when he was in the shell. Or that's what some would think as it takes the blue a matter of moments to turn his head to regard those down the line. Nostrils flare when his gaze fixates on one young lad Harper apprentice from Hold Gar. The blue does not stray from this course now, taking the easiest route for the lad - straight, or in his case angular. The lad sees the blue striding toward him with determination and sucks in his breath, absently sweeping a hand down his chest as if preparing for some examination. The blue stops in front of the boy and fans his wings. Louie's eyes go big and round before he steps forward to hug his dragon, calling out in the confusion of the sands, "Armstroth! Yes, what a wonderful world it is, now that I'm L'ue."

T'mber (Timberlan) & Hold The Key, To Both Realities Blue Cyruth

Other Side Of Me Egg

Flashes of color, all hip and trendy, drench this rather larger than life egg. Brilliant pinks, all shades and hues, cover one half of the shell. Glimpses of diamond-like sparkles shimmer and shine, echoing of glamour. The other is a stark baby blue, less glitz than it's opposing image, just plain and ordinary. An almost too-straight line, very clearly noticed, races along the angle, clearly defining the different sides. Louis Vuitton-like designs, however, stamp haphazardly in random place marks throughout the entirety if the shell, not seeming to differentiate between the feuding sides.

Hatch Messages:

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Other Side Of Me Egg shuffles to the left. Wait. No… no. To the right. No… no. Maybe to the front? No. The back? Yeah. No. Wait. Shoot. Perhaps it'll just jump up and down for a bit. Yes! That seems about right. Just some no-direction jumping seems good right now!

CRACK MESSAGE: Other Side Of Me Egg will keep this jumping thing up! It's much more viable than wiggling around all crazy like. And look! It's actually helping! A large crack, which in turn is causing many smaller cracks, is forming right down the middle of the shell. For now, it's just gonna keep this up. Bouncebouncebouncebounce!

HATCH MESSAGE: Other Side Of Me Egg keeps! On! Bouncing! Yes. /Yes/! Almost there. Just aboooout… CRRAAAACCCKKK! The egg splits, nice and smooth like, each half falling to the side, leaving a blue dragonet where the shell once was. All topsy-turvy, the blue must first right himself, before he sets off!

Cyruth's Desc:

Waves of aquamarine dance across his navy hide, glittering turquoise sweeping over darker hues over his slender shoulders. An 'S' curved neck is slick and smooth, his enormous wingsails muddied slightly by tan-colored undertones. Sapphire runs and flicks along the length of his tail before disappearing in silver mist to match that about his check, trickling down his well-muscled limbs before splitting into talons. A perfectly wedge-shaped head is held proudly, expressive brow ridges gently tainted with golden rays of penetrating sunlight.

**Impress Message*

Hold The Key, To Both Realities Blue Hatchling seems… a bit confused. There are far, far too many directions from him to take away from his shell, and each could be the wrong one. Or maybe the right one. He's not so sure. A look is sent back to his clutch-parents, along with a mildly pathetic crooning sound. Alright, alright. He can do this, he wanted it, after all! So one step turns into many, and the little blue goes just straight forward, as if walking onto a stage. Instead of breaking into song, though, he stops, nice and quick like, in front of an older lad from Boll. Yep. You'll do. "Cyruth? What? Stage fright? What does that eve— never mind. Not important, let's just get your head on straight, huh? And no, no blonde wigs." The newest blueriding pair heads off the sands, the lad keeping his hand on the blue, to keep them on the right path.

Nyolla & Lost In The Jungle Green Shimmith

Colors in Motion Egg

The base of this medium sized egg is black, but the saturation varies in waves so that it looks banded or almost ruffled. Mere shadows of rust orange, brick red, olive green, and sandy yellow appear about a third of the way up, the ghostly color getting more vibrant the farther up the egg one looks. At first these colors cohabitate with each other, alternating irregularly shaped patches with occasional glints of other brighter hues catching the eye. Eventually the colors get so bright, that they seem to blur together, the reds and oranges and yellows melding into a shimmering golden brown. This climax of color is very brief however, on the tip of the egg, the golden brown quickly fades to black again, and the strange cycle is complete.

Hatch Messages:

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Colors in Motion Egg may have just moved, if so it was just the slightest quivering. Or was it all a trick of the light?

CRACK MESSAGE: Colors in Motion Egg shakes violently, rocking back and forth until it falls over onto its side. A jagged crack appears at one end and tears down the length of the egg as the dragon within attempts escape.

HATCH MESSAGE: Colors in Motion Egg finally splits in half, small fragments of shell becoming airborne with the force. The dragonet within uncurls its wings from around its body quickly, but then peers at its surroundings with more reserve.

Shimmith's Desc:

A dark, murky green coats the lithe form of this dragon from the tip of her nose to the base of her tail, the hue differing here and there so that she looks always in shadow. Halfway up her rounded but narrow muzzle, lighter grey-green dots appear, which grow into patches that completely engulf her long, thin head knobs. The patches of grey-green slowly fade farther down her slender neck, leaving her long, streamlined torso unadorned. In contrast with the rest of her form, her fore and hind limbs are rather short, which makes her look a little ungainly, dark green changing to a muddy olive green at the end of each limb. Her long and narrow wings are similarly drab, the coloring on the sails only a touch lighter than on her body. Only on her thin whip-like tail is her coloring anything other than muted. Here the dark green is swallowed up by a brighter verdant green that pales to yellow-green at the very tip.

Impress Message

Lost in the Jungle Green Hatchling shakes off a bit of shell sticking to the bottom of a hind foot before cautiously approaching the candidates. It's proving to be rather difficult, to remember to keep her wings elevated so they don't drag in the sand and coordinating leg movement at the same time. There are a couple stumbles, and then one big trip on the uneven sand that ends in a face plant. Nyolla, a shy girl who has kept mostly to herself throughout the candidacy is the closest and with a few steps is at the green's side. Their eyes meet and a smile breaks out on the girl's rounded face. "Shimmith, her name is Shimmith!" Is said gleefully, it's probably the first time anyone at Fort has heard her speak above a murmur. The pair of them are then led off the sands.