5'11" tall, black hair, dark brown eyes.
Age: 52


Born at Eastern Weyr, Keno stood for three clutches but never Impressed. Satisfied with the two firelizards he managed to acquire, he focused on becoming a Tanner. At the age of twenty-three he met and fell in love with Neve, and a year later they were married.


Blue Pinyin
Bronze Bei



5'7" tall, brown hair, brown eyes
Age: 51


Born in Fort Hold, Neve always knew she wanted to be a Healer. She moved to Eastern Weyr when she was assigned there as a Journeyman Healer. At the age of twenty-two she met and fell in love with Keno, and a year later they were married.


Green Frita



5'11", black hair, black eyes
Age: 27


Born at Eastern Weyr, Talan has lived there his whole life. He stood for three clutches before giving up and following in his father's footsteps to become a Tanner for the Weyr. He is currently looking for a good woman to marry and start a family with.



6'1", black hair, brown eyes
Age: 25


Born in Eastern Weyr, M'el, born Minndel, Impressed Bronze Rylanth the first time he stood, at age 18. He is currently in a Search-and-Rescue wing for Eastern Weyr. He has no weyrmate, though a steady stream of women visits his weyr. He may or may not be the father of a little boy named Hammil.


Bronze Rylanth
Big, muscular - think bulldog. While not overly agile in the air, this bronze can outlast nearly every other dragon in flight. He has been known to fly junior queens, though his rider is rather famous for disappearing when the senior queen is proddy.



5'8", black hair, black eyes
Age: 22


Born and raised in Eastern Weyr, Celeste grew up with her nose stuck in a book. Though not formally trained for any craft, she is known at Eastern Weyr for fine embroidery. She earns marks by embroidering clothes, handkerchiefs, blankets, and dragon flight straps. She still lives at home, and is currently seeing a man named Waltin. She is apparently saving up the marks for something, though she won't say what for, or how much she currently has. She is hoping that Waltin will propose soon so they can get married.


Blue Didin



5'6", black hair, black eyes
Age: 15


Born and raised in Eastern Weyr, Remi is a star student, seeming to excel at her studies without trying. That's an illusion, because she does study very hard. She loves to learn, and is considering whether she wants to become a Harper, a Healer, or a Starsmith.