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Like something cleaved from a rockface she is inelegant, rough-cut and rough-hewn; gargantuan, even for a gold. What beauty she possesses is austere, found only in the quartz-pale whitegold of her hide. It is a stark contrast to over-large, jewel-toned eyes. Their vibrant color is almost obscenely attention-grabbing, their size making them like a badly-chosen set of faceted accents stones inexpertly paired with un-worked matrix crystal.

Desc by A'ster; firelizard gifted from Angharad.


Theme: The (original) men of the Star Nomad from the Fallen Empire series. These are very limited little notes, because the clutch was written up in an hour, and because every single one of these eggs is likely already going to someone who knows the series. :) There will probably be a bigger Fallen Empire clutch someday, when I have longer than an hour to work on it!

Swagger and Sauce Blue

Handsome he may not be, but he is large and he is quick, even if he does look as if his snout has been broken one too many times. With enormous paws, a slightly stubby tail and narrowed eyes, it's actually a surprise that most of the rest of his features are somewhat delicate, with wings that are just big enough to carry him, fine talons and elegant sails and spars.

Egg Name: Bashed-Up but Beautiful Egg
Egg Description: Bronze in color, recently polished to a sparkle, one might think this egg was something glorious. It seems as if maybe long ago, it was. Since it's only a few days old, it definitely didn't have another life as an egg that didn't look as if it were dented and rusted out in places, but it's so easy to believe there was such a time. Sharp-pointed at the top, round and solid at the bottom, a crack is juuuuust starting to form in the center.

Inspiration: Tommy Beck - former Alliance solider, current security ace, and of course all-around excellent chef. In firelizard form, he lives for food, but not in a gluttonous way — in a gourmet one. He's picky! He'll try everything, but if it isn't just right, expect some irritable squawking. He's also prone toward not so much picking fights as finishing them, not being able to tolerate senseless brawling … without being a part of it. He's almost as tractable as his brothers, but he has a tendency to jump into things that turn out to be a bad idea later. This firelizard, unlike his lethal killer brother, would much rather play with a dead thing than create it himself, but bring him dried meat and you're his best friend forever.

His egg is inspired by his old but reliable combat armor.

Impressee: Taimri, see next tab!

All I've Worked For Blue

Is there such a thing as a grey firelizard? No, of course this one's really a blue, but he's about as grey blue as it gets. Thin and long, dignified in visage and in carriage, his greyness isn't at all a sign of illness but a fine, strong shadow-blue. While he may be on the small side for his color, he is noble and handsome in his way. There is nothing that gets by these wise eyes and cunning snout, deft paws and graceful wings.

Egg Name: Everyone Wants This Thing Egg
Egg Description: If that last egg was weird, this one is even stranger. It glows. It's golden and red, glimmering and eye-catching, and yet it's far too small to contain a golden firelizard within. There's something of a lure to it; anyone who sees it struggles to look away, and contact with it makes everyone feel oddly warm and complacent. The shine and the way it catches the light rules out any ability to actually see it well and know what's really showing on its surface besides that golden glow.

Inspiration: Alejandro Dominguez - a doctor, a monk, a guy who could have been a good man, and to some his heart is likely in the right place. The firelizard, we presume, is one who is far better a … well, not a man. His goals will likely never come into consideration. They are simple: companionship, affection, and making sure that Justice is Upheld and the world Follows Order. Whatever that order is, whatever his chosen human chooses it to be, this firelizard is one who will definitely be lined up with their goals. He is very smart and very trainable, especially for a blue. Less clingy than his bronze brother, he is nonetheless loyal even to a fault, and does his absolute best to please when the subject is deserving of his affection.

His egg is based off of the "artifact," "map" or "orb" depending on who you ask.

Impressee: Lysanne

Charge Of This Post Bronze

He's big. He's bronze. He's — not, actually, that beautiful, but there's something poetic about his sinewy curves and elegantly vicious talons. A fine-pointed nose, large paws and broad shoulders are this firelizard's most notable features, though you'd also best stay out of the way of that lashing tail. Eyes are large, entreating and soulful; there's always something about him that looks a little sad around the edges due to the construction of his face, even if he's caught up in the viciousness of pouncing on prey.

Egg Name: Crimson Terror Egg
Egg Description: That's some eyesore red this egg has going on. It is BRIGHT. It is SHEER. It is really, really crimson. A haphazard single darker spot looks like a smudge of soot or perhaps a dent in a piece of (eyesore crimson bright) metal, though it's just as likely to be the place where a first crack may shine through to let out the hatchling within.

Inspiration: Hieronymous "Leonidas" Adler. Once the commanding officer of the Cyborg Corps (also known as the Crimson Terror!), then bodyguard to Alejandro Dominguez, and finally security chief of the Nomad. He's a noble and collected sort who is not inclined toward showing any outward emotion besides protectiveness. Woe betide that this bronze sire any clutches, because those are his babies and he's not letting them slide out of view for a minute, which means that his lifemate (who he will also attempt to protect, constantly, even misguidedly — expect to have a firelizard who bites out of this one) had better be okay with his attachment to random firelizards. That is, if he ever considers chasing at all; it has to be for the right lady. Mostly, his concern is his person's safety, and he's a little clingier than you would expect from this stoic, somber creature: it's very difficult to shake him off. He's ALWAYS there. He's not going anywhere. Even if you want him to. (Oh, and he really, really enjoys killing things. Get used to it.)

Impressee: Zhirayr