'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

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October 9, 2009
Milodann Comes to the Weyr
Hey Sister Love
You Don't Have Time...
...For a Jealous Lover
She Moves in Mysterious Ways

October 10, 2009
In the Mysterious Distance

October 11, 2009
See Them Bright and Shiny Things
Talk Without Speaking
I Know a Girl, a Girl Called Party...
... Party Girl

October 13, 2009
Leopard-Skin Pillbox Hat
If Only a Heart Could Be as White as Snow

October 14, 2009
Walk, Walk, Walk in the Water
I Wanna Live the Life of Danger

October 15, 2009
Like a Rubber Ball

October 16, 2009
Just a Deck of Cards
Thorn Twist in Your Side

October 17, 2009
I'll Carve Away

October 18, 2009
Jump (Start My Heart)

October 19, 2009
Saw A Moving Statue
Klah's Cold But It'll Get You Through

October 20, 2009
Ice, Your Only Rivers Run Cold
You Don't Have to Put Up a Fight

October 22. 2009
Feel it Was Out of Control

October 23, 2009
Or Do You Feel the Same?

October 26, 2009
Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Runners?
When You Look at The World
To Touch is to Heal
Sleep, Sleep Tonight

October 27, 2009
Sick of Hearing Again and Again
Take My Advice (Or You'll Curse the Day)

October 28, 2009
To Move with It
At The Corner (of Your Lips)

October 29, 2009
One Step Closer to Knowing
Gold... Dug From the Night

October 30, 2009
Have You Come Here to Play?

November 1, 2009
Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own

November 2, 2009
Looks Like Too Many Choices
In the Name of Fun

November 3, 2009
A Man Melts the Sands
In a Strip Tease
Liberated from the Fold

November 4, 2009
Possession Obsession

November 5, 2009
Ooh, it Really Makes Me Wonder

November 6, 2009
You Go in Shock
In the Caverns of the Night

November 7, 2009
You Gamble Inside Out

November 8, 2009
...Like a River to the Sea, Part I
...Like a River to the Sea, Part II

November 9, 2009
Got Me on the Run

November 10, 2009
You Wet My Lips

November 11, 2009
I Can See through this Expression
And the Fever when I'm Beside Her

November 12, 2009
How Can Someone Fear Nothing?
Laughing in the Face of Love/So Cruel

November 13, 2009
A Harbor in the Tempest

November 14, 2009
Making Sense of What She Said
See the Stone Set in your Eyes

November 15, 2009
Would It Wash Us All Away
Through the Morning
There are no Rules, Sweetheart
— — — — —

November 16, 2009
And Make It Clean, Clean

November 17, 2009
Lost on a Silent Planet

November 18. 2009
One Life

November 19, 2009
And My Word You Must Believe

November 20, 2009
Don't Wanna Lose My Nerve
Hatching Part I
Hatching Part II

November 21, 2009
Achtung Baby Part I
Achtung Baby Part II

November 22, 2009
Baby, Light My Way

November 23, 2009
Hear Their Heartbeat
My, Oh, My, Let's Not Get Tired

November 24, 2009
All Is Quiet
The Greatest Gift Is...

November 25, 2009
Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair

November 27, 2009
Get Your Head Out of the Mud Baby
Teach Me
So Tired I Can Hardly Stand

November 28, 2009
You Wrote the Letter

November 29, 2009
Angry Words Won't Stop the Fight

November 30, 2009
Can't Find My Way

December 1, 2009
If We Weren't So Alike...
Mother of the Disappeared

December 2, 2009
Chance, Dance, Dismiss, Apologize
What Dreams May Come

December 3, 2009
...They Learned to Swim
Rise Up, Rise Up with Wings

December 8, 2009
Waiting for Log

December 9, 2009
Purple Irises
Like a Hunter Child

December 10, 2009
Dancing Queen

December 11, 2009
I'm Tired, So Tired
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

December 13, 2009
Catch You if I Can

December 16, 2009
Love... We're Falling from the Sky

December 17, 2009
There's Others See it Red

December 20, 2009
But I Know I'm Going Home

December 21, 2009
Two Shots of Happy

December 22, 2009
Running Scared

December 28, 2009
The Distance /Between/

December 29, 2009
Can You See the Beauty?