Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

Dragons: Resplendent Ruby Egg Mysterious Sapphire Egg Triumphant Tourmaline Egg Tranquil Malachite Egg Arrogant Tigereye Egg Smoke and Mirrors Obsidian Egg Rippling Rose Rhodocrosite Egg Aggressive Bloodstone Egg Water Sapphire Egg Reflecting Onyx Egg Shimmering Amethyst Egg Misty Moonstone Egg Conflicting Lapis Lazuli Egg Nephrite Jade Egg Biancath

Obvious exits:
Entrance -E-

Iain minces out onto the sands slowly, bowing deeply to Biancath and Koliath, their riders included in the young man's respect. Dark eyes shift over the sands,looking back and forth for the one he seeks, lanky legs striding over to the dark egg once it is spotted, his fingers tbrushing along the top of the Smoke and Mirrors Obsidian Egg, a cheerful, "Hey again. Yeah, it's me, the one who likes to talk alot."

Torissa stops running as she reaches the sands, slowing to a more respectful walk. She glances back to see if Ciarn has followed her, panting as she catches her breath, a trickle of sweat dripping down her neck as it's so hot out, even hotter in the Hatching Cavern. Still, the heat isn't bothering her; she's far too excited for that!!

Darianya sees the candidates lurking at the other end of the Hatching Grounds and motions them forward, "It's time for another egg touching, Candidates. Remember the rules, don't talk too loudly, be respectful, and no fighting." She glances over at Biancath, who for once seems rather serene as she casually watches the visitors. "I think she'll behave for the time being," she grins slightly.

T'ren takes his place near Dari and watches the candidates as they hover. He just relaxes and watches, rather enjoying this aspect of the whole process.

Torissa smiles to everyone briefly before going into her "egg touching mode". In other words, the world seems to fall away leaving only her and the eggs. Oh, and Biancath too as Tori would never disrespect the queen. Before doing anything else, she moves towards Biancath and bows respectfully to the queen, turning and offering another to the Weyrleaders. Amazing! The Weyrbrat has manners!

Kelapec paces into the cavern relaxed even more than usual…is that even possible? Anyway… Kep peers about. He doesn't have that nervous glancing about he had after the first touching. After all… none of the eggs have been probing his brain lately so that's a good thing. And just because he's a bit on the stubborn side, he's decided to tempt fate yet again. He gives a confident grin to the riders and a nod to the clutch parents. Aquas scan out over the sands and the Nephrite Jade egg lands in his line of view. Time to make another ound of the eggs I suppose. He rests his thumbs in his belt and paces easily over to the egg in question and kneels. A pause… and a palm is rested on the surface.

Darianya inclines her head in acknowledgement to Torissa's courtesy, "Enjoy yourselves!" She smiles serenely, and seats herself on the bottom tier of the stands.

Domuta keeps a steady eye on the candidates as they work their way across the sands…

Isaac manages oh-so-confidently to make his way onto the sands, hands held firmly at his sides as he emerges at the end of the line of candidates. Providing Biancath with a polite bow, he treats Darianya and T'ren with a nod of acknowledgement and turns to face the assortment of eggs that have found themselves on the hot sands of Fort Weyr. Grinning stupidly, Isaac goes to the Reflecting Onyx Egg.

Her show of respect complete, it's time for Torissa to move on to the task at hand. The egg touching. Where to start? She's touched most of them, not to go back and touch them again. Her eyes light on the red one. Ah yes, she likes red; her hair is red! She moves towards the Resplendent Ruby egg with conviction, reaching a gentle hands towards it and touching it lightly.

-----Torissa touches Resplendent Ruby Egg--——

Cicilia smiles as she slowly walks onto the sands quietly from the entranc. Cici moves forward towards the eggs, but suddenly remembers she forgot something and quickly bows in respect to Biancath. Straightening herself she moves slowly towards the eggs again, taking several looks around before making a be-line towards the Conflicting Lapis Egg, the one that she was moving to touch the last time that she was on the sands but time was called.

---Cicilia touches Conflicting Lapis Lazuli Egg-—-

Iain blinks slightly, his eyes going wide. The egg he touched before with little response, it's actually awake now. "Oooh, something is in there!" he yips, rather dumbly, but it is his first time with them actually responding. "Pretty, but I s'ppose that's fitting for your outside. Kinda glassy like." Perhaps he's a little too excited to talk coherantly, but he does talk, "I wonder why you're awake this time? Not that I'm complaining. You seem pretty happy, though. Are ya?"

Garrett is (or was) still following the group in his own way, pausing once boots make contact with the sands and his head lifts to take account of the Weyrleaders and their dragons. Even notwithstanding his candidacy, he's a crafter and that says something for his manners, lifting one hand to fold across his waist as a prelude to a significant bow. Once straightened, he looks towards the eggs with the intent of simply heading towards one of them. Which? Aggressive Bloodstone Egg.

---—Garrett touches Aggressive Bloodstone Egg-——

Ciarn is one of the last ones to walk in, looking a bit tired at that. He offers a bow to Biancath and the Weyrleaders, the glances over the sands for the eggs. He pauses in thought for a moment, then heads towards the Water Sapphire egg.

-----Ciarn touches Water Sapphire Egg--——

« In Torissa's Mind, Dancing Splinters of Light Waves of dark earthy tones and warm red shades slide slowly out towards you … impressions of hills and valleys and large open spaces slice through your consiousness, wrapping around the edges of your mind-surface. Hues of green, brown, autumn treeleaf yellow dance around you. »

Torissa moves her fingers lightly across the bright surface of the egg. "Hello again, Pretty," she greets the egg ever-so-softly, so soft no one else would even have heard it. Her hands move slowly across it's warm, smooth surface, tracing this pattern or that one. Suddenly, her eyes widen at the recognition of a life within. "Oh, how beautiful," she breathes, a smile slowly stretching her lips, a peaceful smile, more calm than her usual playful one.

As another candidate reaches the Reflecting Onyx Egg before Isaac, he gives an unhappy glare in the girl's direction and wanders to find a slightly smaller egg, one that is wrapped in the most unique shades of green… The Triumphant Tourmaline Egg. Hurrying toward it, cerulean orbs wash over its face, smiling with appraisal. Not bad for an egg.

----Isaac touches Triumphant Tourmaline Egg--

Kelapec blinks suddenly. It's… Hey! Hand twitches as his first instinct is to draw back though he refrains. How disconcerting! Free hand runs through his hair and rests on his neck as he peers at the egg. "Just had to try again didn't I?" he murmurs to himself. Isn't it just his luck. Perfectly set in quiet and normalcy and then *bang* he touches one that's about and awake or something. Whatever it is that eggs are since they aren't particularly active.. wait.. Hand slides down from his neck and rests on the sands, other palm still glued to the egg. GLutton for punishment mayhaps?

« In Torissa's Mind, Dancing Splinters of Light dances lightly around giving off aromas of smoke and warm, dusty corridors in the sun, touching here, there, seeking the surface and an edge… something…»

Ciarn smiles as he places his palm upon the egg as he has done with the eggs before on a couple different occassions. Only this time, he seems almost surprised. "Hi th-" He pauses in midword, his smile widening into a grin as he is suddenly bombarded by the sensations of the egg, this never happened before. "Hello." He places his second palm on the egg as well, softly running it over the shell.

Garrett had only placed his hand onto the egg's surface, and the first thing that comes to his mind - aside the almost startled expression, is a murmured, "Sorry. Um, excuse me…" Yet, the hand that remains along the darker shades, trails while footsteps circumvent the space around said egg. It wasn't something bad, but it seems that curiosity goes both ways.

Cicilia blinks several times at the egg as she touches the eggs surface, her hand running slowly along the rain filled clouds that hover along the egg. She suddenly feels like she has no thought of her own, like the thrill of a challenge is all she can think about. She blinks several more times and investigates the egg with a bit more curious looks as the presence in her mind just seems to overwhelm her. " Hello, I think? " Cici looks slightly confused like the eggs two sides that seem to balance over the egg.

Iain grins happily, he just knew this egg would be something special. Likes to play, huh? He can certainly deal with that, "Like to tease, huh? Me too. Pranks are so much fun to play, you have to do some when you get out of there." He raps lightly on the smooth shell before laying his palm down again flush against the surface, "I love playing too, in anything, snow, sun, wind." The candidate chuckles at the bright colors of the mind inside, "I've been told I need to calm down every now and then, at least at my old weyr."

Torissa opens herself to the gentle, warm mental touch of the egg, so different than the others, permeating like light or a gentle breeze rather than searching her mind. The eggs were always evaluating, she noticed, and she welcomed them, grateful for their presence, however fleeting. "What a creature you are," she murmurs. "There's something special about you, different from the others." As she likes to do, Tori presses her hands flat against the egg's hard surface. They were getting very hard; their time was approaching.

« In Torissa's Mind, Dancing Splinters of Light dances away, light, fading slightly, slowly .. a good grip let loose, shedding impressions of warm low cots, soft beds of reeds and something reminiscent of the hills…" »

Isaac closes his eyes almost instinctively, allowing the young being that has yet to emerge from its home to touch his mind. Placing a calloused hand upon the egg's foam green surface, he steadies himself, eveloped in the overwhelming sense of happiness that the young dragonet brings to his mind. "Colors, smells… You're a curious little guy aren't you?" He's a male, he expects all but one of the eggs to be male as well.

Kelapec can outsmart one such as this… Strangley similar to his flit. "You know, I have a flit that chews on my clothes… er… used to." chuckle. Fixed that little snafu didn't he? You bet. Can't be thinking all the time without coming up with some good ideas on occasion. Heh. He swallows a bit as he studies the egg. Curiosity getting the better of him yet again. What is this one? "Why do you hide?" The million mark question eh? Brows furrow a bit as if studying the intity inside as much as it seems to be studying him.

Iain awws softly, his brows twisting downward slightly, "Sorry, didn't mean it like that. Pranks are fun, but play is better. Of course one needs to be dependable, I am when I need to be." He nods, more to himself than the egg, tapping his fingers along the smokey shell, "It's a very careful balance. When I know I have a job to to, well, I do it, no questions asked." The dark candidate's smile flickers back, "I didn't mean it quite like that, though it's good to see you aren't all play." A complex egg, this Smoke and Mirrors Obsidian Egg appears to be. Nothing wrong with that. "Do you like work as much as play then?"

Ciarn's smile continues to widen, now to the point where it is like the same sort of grin the Dolphins his craft works with seems to have. "Wow, you're trying to wake me up more. They caught me taking a nap between chores when they announced this touching. Wow." He begins tracing the borders between two of the colors. "Your egg looks like water. I swim a lot, any time I can."

Forget curiosity going both ways, feeling the kick, figuratively speaking, Garrett's hand almost lifts for a moment as his steps slow considerably. What's that saying about dark moods? Not that this is the same, but close to it. "Curious one, aren't you," he asks, voice slightly amused, and going as far as giving the egg a light pat as he kneels next to the egg for a closer look-see. "Now, why do you remind me of my siblings?" Or any girls that he might have dated, for that matter. Just that forthright nature, that's all.

Torissa sighs and reluctantly draws her hand away from the egg as the mind-touch fades. "Good bye, Pretty…"

Cicilia relaxes as the touch on her mind relaxes and smiles. " Thats better, getting ready to come out of the shell yet? You have been in there a long time haven't you? " Cici runs her hand along the surface of the egg. Cici hmms to herself and wonders if this egg has two personalities. Now wouldn't that be a confusing life to live? Having two different personalities to deal with all the time? Cici circles the egg and notices that it is covered with a deep onyx and a blue.. two of her favorite colors. " I wonder what you will be.. though I bet I would be wrong in any case. "

-----Torissa steps away from the eggs.--—-

Torissa is feeling bold. Well, she's always bold, but she's feeling more bold than usual. She's going to try touching the gold egg again. The eggs seem alive tonight, now is her chance to touch the lifeforce of a queen dragon, perhaps her last chance. She moves towards Biancath and her precious Shimmering Amethyst Egg. "Biancath, may I please have the honor of touching your beautiful daughter? I promise not to hurt her," Tori promises. She has to try one last time…

Biancath nods her head, and nuzzles Torissa towards her egg. How odd, as the broody Queen is usually so protective of her special egg. Perhaps this is a sign of the closeness of the Hatching.

Torissa smiles gratefully as the queen moves her towards the egg. "Thank you, Biancath," Tori replies respectfully, moving now on her own accord, careful not to make any moves that would disturb the queen dragon.

----Torissa touches Shimmering Amethyst Egg--

« In Torissa's Mind, Gentle swirls of Gold and Amethyst slip almost undetected into your mind, lurking courteously at the edges, radiating a brief, almost shy, aura of greeting. »

Ciarn blinks suddenlly. Unconcioussly bringing his hands up to his eyes and the contact is broken. He sits there in front of the Water Sapphire Egg, dazed, for the moment and then stands up. "Good bye." He says softly, the casts his gaze around the clutch to decide o nthe next egg he is going to touch.

----—Ciarn steps away from the eggs.--——

Iain sighs softly, withdrawing his hand from the glassy surface of the Smoke and Mirrors Obsidian Egg. Enough of that, then. Someone who likes work and play equally well is better suited for a conversation, but he might have to go just on looks for the moment. Striding away, the Misty Moonstone Egg looks promising enough, so the candidate ventures over to lay his hand along it's pale surface.

----—Iain steps away from the eggs.---

Kelapec makes and odd face and pulls his hand off the egg surface, instinctually wiping his hand on his trousers. "Hmm." He kneels there a moment as stares at the egg unblinking… he doesn't like not knowing things… doesn't set well. He gives a soft sigh and puches up from the snads, dusting off his pants and turning away from the jaded egg. He stands there a moment, peering about. Rubbing the back of his neck he shifts weight to one foot. "Hmm." So talkative isn't he? He shakes his head, not sure he likes these turn of events and heads off towards the Misty Moonstone Egg. Too late. They've been in his head and now he wants to test them all again. Slowly yet long strides take him ever closer to the new egg in his line of sight.

-----Kelapec steps away from the eggs.--—-

----Kelapec touches Misty Moonstone Egg--

Garrett's lips quirk upwards into a grin, laughing lightly as another pat turned caress is given to the egg. "Okay, I take it back. You're not like my siblings," he blinks at the withdrawal from his mind. Disappointed? Not like a sibling at all, but this is a possible dragon we're talking about here. Standing and heading back to some of the nearby eggs, he notes, "Till we meet again, perhaps."

-----Garrett steps away from the eggs.--—-

Inhaling deeply, Isaac takes in the ficticious scents of meat that the young one has left in the forefront of his mind. A smile pulls at the corners of his lips, the man nodding as the dragonet pokes and prods his way through the former trader's mushy mind. As the being relieves Isaac of the sensation of having someone else in his head, the man gives the egg a once-over with his eyes. He nods appreciatively and gives a firm pat, "You'll be a good one." Allowing the last whisps of the tingling sensation in his head to disappear, Isaac stops, in search of another friendly eggbeing.

A light hand touches the gold and purple shell and Torissa is surprised at how quickly the lifeforce creeps into her mind. "No need to hang back, Beautiful," she encourages the youngling softly. "I won't hurt you." Tori smiles softly, almost tenderly at the unseeing egg, welcoming the shy presence into her mind. "You are the most prized gem of the clutch," she muses as her hands move softly, gently across the egg shining surface. "May you find the perfect girl." Tori wondered who would be the perfect companion for this gentle creature.

Cicilia awwws softly to the egg and smiles. " You will hatch soon, then you will be nice and free to get out of there right? You can streach your little wings and streach your neck. I bet you would like that huh? " Cici smiles and continues to explore the egg. " You do have a pretty shell, though I bet you wont miss it when you find a lifemate hmm? "

Iain isn't going for the Misty Moonstone Egg, as another candidate has beaten him to it. With a sigh, he wanders along the ovoids, glancing at some before moving on. Hmm, the Nephrite Jade Egg looks interesting enough, so he strides over and lays a hand along the green. Green's a good color after all.

----—Iain touches Nephrite Jade Egg---

----—Isaac steps away from the eggs.--——

Ciarn looks over the eggs for almost a minute before finally deciding on the Rippling Rose Rhodocrosite Egg. He heads towards it, his smile back to his face after the momentary shock of being cut off from the last egg, and then he kneels down by it. Slowly placing both palms onto it.

---Ciarn touches Rippling Rose Rhodocrosite Egg-—-

« In Torissa's Mind, Gentle swirls of Gold and Amethyst strengthens the contact at such praise, now seeming to be a mind full of happiness, almost preening. A wave of thoughtfulness washes over your mind, as if the hatchling, too, has been considering that very question… »

Cicilia nods quietly and feels the touch move away. Stepping really close to the egg she whispers.. " Goodbye.. I hope you find the lifemate of your dreams.." Cici steps away again and looks up to hear Tori talking to the queen egg and smiles at her. Cici turns around and looks around for an egg that she hasn't touched silently.

-----Cicilia steps away from the eggs.--—-

Iain wrinkles his nose slightly at the egg's first touch, but curiousity keeps him standing nearby, fingers kept in contact with this new mind. Interesting. "Well," he finally manages to say, "A most interesting touch you have, unlike the others I'd say." He kneels slightly, careful to keep his knees above the hot sand surface, "Something a bit strange about you. Not a bad thing, just different. S'good to be like that." Curious and different is right, a bright and dark egg all in one.

Kelapec doesn't feel the desire to jerk back from this one at least. It's… well the words escape me at the moment. More clean. That's what I was searching for. Yes. Kep smiles a tad but cloese one eye. Poking? Er… Sigh. Alright then. Have at it. He'll recouperate later… preferably out in a clearing with something sharp… He has practiced in ages. The things that distract you eh? Kep blinks and opens both eyes slowly, his lips still quirked in a gentle smile. "Atleast you want to know." An egg that atleast seems interested. That's always a nice feeling.. to be wanted.

Well, that was an experience. Glancing down at his hand, Garrett hazards a look over his shoulder at the egg he just left before running the same hand though his hair with a sigh. Must have been..well, he won't speculate on the color as he approaches the Conflicting Lapis Lazuli Egg with a little more preparedness in his step. "I wonder what you're like," he murmurs, glancing about to notice where the other candidates are. Just out of wariness. He's talking to eggs - nevermind that's supposed to be a good thing as one hand moves to rest against the egg's surface between the light and darker hues.

---Garrett touches Conflicting Lapis Lazuli Egg-—-

Isaac moves his bright eyes about the heated sands, brushing away a bit of sweat that has come to great his forehead as his gaze finally falls upon the Aggressive Bloodstone Egg. Noticing an almost identical color of green to the Triumphant Egg, he wanders slowly toward it, attention carefully taking in details of what eggs his fellow candidates are visiting. Perhaps the unborn dragonet in this egg will be just as pleasant as the last.

----Isaac touches Aggressive Bloodstone Egg--

Cicilia moves quietly across the sands, looking back and forth between the different eggs. Cici finally finds an egg that she finds interesting and steps up to the Water Sapphire Egg, running her hand along the surface of the egg softly. Cici is drawn to the egg due to all the blues that seem to cascade along the surface. Cici does really seem to like the color blue doesn't she?

----Cicilia touches Water Sapphire Egg--—-

Iain whoas, almost stumbling back at the sudden explosion that touches, or rather engulfs his mind, "Wow!" he manages to stutter, brown eyes as wide as the young man can manage, "You are worth admiration, I agree, a lovely shell and a lovely mind." He laughs softly, tapping a pattern out on the Nephrite Jade's surface, "What a mind you have on you! Impressive!"

Ciarn opens his mouth and inhales deeply. Warmth is good. Something he's missed over the winter. He begins following one of the lines on it with his hands and says. "Warmth. It must be nice and warm in there. I was from a warm place. I've been rather cold here in Fort over the winter."

Torissa smiles at the warm, happy mind touch of the little queen. She laughs softly at the creatures happiness, it making her even happier, not an easy task. She liked this sweet, happy creature and couldn't help but want the very best for her. "I hope you find the loving lifemate you deserve, Beautiful," she whispers softly, her smile unfading, her hands forgetting to move as she takes in all she can about the egg, not wanting to depart from a presence so cheerful, so warm…

« In Torissa's Mind, Gentle swirls of Gold and Amethyst seems to be willing you to stay and keep company, it gets lonely inside a shell! A gentle tendril of thought prods your mind, as if trying to gleen more about you from this nebulous contact. »

Just as Isaac places a large hand upon the Aggressive Bloodstone Egg, his head jerks back, his feet stumbling to catch his falling body. He manages to get a hold of himself without dropping his hand from the green shell, his other other hand coming to his head, wincing. "I'm /here/. No need to give a man a headache."

Torissa has no intention of moving yet, not with warm welcome she is recieving. She doesn't seem to mind the mental inspections she has recieved from one egg after another, some gentle, others not, yet Tori willing gives herself over to them all. She has nothing to hide, nothing to lose from this contact. And she longs to prove that she is indeed good enough, young and troublesome though she is. She doesn't mind sharing her mind, even just in passing with the eggs. She hopes to make a more permanant bond with one… someday. "Never fear, Beautiful, it won't be long before you're never lonely again," she reassures the creature, her hand again moving to stroke the egg soothingly.

"Hey now." tone sounds more ambivilant than reproachful. It all makes perfect sense to Kep. Why should it have to make sense to anyone else? That's the problem with this poking… all in such a hurry. How can you really learn something if you don't take it find out what's what? A moment can tell you something, but not everything. He slides a hand off the shell and stands. All so young and… well speedy. That and that rushing about. Take some time! Kep gives a soft sigh and a shrugs as he heads off to another egg. One more blow at ol' Kep before he goes crazy with the brain pokings? "I know all you little buggers would like that." Chuckle. Incoherent? Mayhaps. Scrambled and pokled brains and all.

-----Kelapec steps away from the eggs.--—-

----Kelapec touches Mysterious Sapphire Egg--

Tsk-tsk. Such thoughts from an egg, even a pretty one at that. Ah, um, okay. It's nothing like that. But consider Garrett suitably surprised, or is that flattered as an evaluating gaze from gray-blue eyes is given to the varying shades of blue as he asks, "What? You're challenging?" Him or something else. "Or do you want to be out of there?" That badly isn't said, not that it would matter as his other hand lifts to finger a few strands out of his face. Mostly so that he can take note of the intricate patterns and clashes between light and dark. If he didn't know better it could be a case of good egg, bad egg?

« In Torissa's Mind, Gentle swirls of Gold and Amethyst seems to sigh, an almost contented feeling washing over you. This mind seems to be hopeful that you are right. »

Ciarn continues tracing the lines on the egg, even though his eyes are now closed. His face has a now distant look on it, but there is still a smile. "Welcome." He says softly to the egg. He opens his mind to the Egg's occupant, not resisting at all.

Iain settles slightly beside the colorful egg, content for the moment as how it calmed again, "There, that's a little better." he chats pleasently, his palm firmly glued to the egg. But then it hits him that it's left completely. A sigh escapes the young man before he removes his hand. He's not having any luck tonight, it seems, but he does wander out among the others again. Maybe someone will be a little more like him. The Misty Moonstone Egg is free this time, and Iain takes advantage of it, hurrying along as fast as possible without running, stopping in front of the pale egg and laying a hand on it gently, whispering, "Hello there" in a hushed voice. Wonder what this one will be like.

----—Iain steps away from the eggs.---

-----Iain touches Misty Moonstone Egg--——

Cicilia blinks at the glare off the lake that she seems to see in her mind, however the colors relax her shortly after. A smile crosses her face as she seemed invigored by the egg, " Wow, you seem to be quite a hatchling in there.. " Cici hmms and seems to be feeling relaxed and refreshed, something she hasn't felt since the long hours of candacy began. Sleep comes few and far between when living with so many and especially the ones that snore!

If eggs could see, the Amethyst egg would know that Tori was smiling encouragingly, gently. She basks in the content feelings that wash over her like a ray of warm sunlight. "Don't worry, Beautiful," she tells the egg confidently. "Your time is soon. You'll find the perfect someone and you'll be together forever. Never a lonely second in your lives," she continues, encouraged by the hope she feels emanating from the lifeforce within, eager to feed it. Soft hands continue to caress the egg without thinking and Tori sighs with delight. This is happiness, she decides, the warm welcome of an eager creature. "Thank you," she whispers to the hatchling within the egg.

Hyper? That's not too bad in an egg. Chuckling softly, Iain leans in to speak softly, a conversation just between the two of them, "Well, hey there! A hyper one, wonderful!" He giggles, yes giggles, patting the ghostly shell, "I'll tell you anything you want, little one, I don't mind sharing." Indeed he doesn't, his mind relaxing slightly, alright with mental pokes and prods, "Comforting colors too." Bright minds are always nice.

« In Torissa's Mind, Gentle swirls of Gold and Amethyst senses your smile and gives a mental smile of its own, bathing you in warmth that feels almost like lying in the sun, basking in the bright rays of light. »

Isaac isn't about to pull away from an egg just because it's a bit stubborn. So, jaw clenched against the unusual pain of being 'mind kicked,' the man returns himself to his normal, confident stance, placing both hands upon the shell of the eyeball-looking egg. His fingers tap on its surface gently, tsking sounds coming deep from within Isaac's throat. "C'mon back here," the candidate encourages, tone low and mysterious, "I /dare/ you."

As Kep brushes fingertips over the Mysterious Sapphire Egg he is… surprised! Caught off guard. Blink. Grin. Now here's an egg more his speed… 1st gear… park even. He kneels next to the egg. Finally a good thing. Happen to brush the winner he did. He wets his lips and settles on the sands a bit more comfortably than his ready to move kneel. "Salutations." grin and a deep breath. Here's an egg that could leave a good parting taste in his… brain. Hrm. That is still the oddest thing to him. He relaxes to comfortable and knowing silence. What else is Kep good for other than teaching the young ones to defend themselves and making an unobtrusive mass in the corner?

This is certainly his type of egg, if Garrett ever admits as much as he steps back ever so slightly with a grin. "Fine, fine. I won't ask but you'll have to share the secret sometime, right?" He can only hope that's the case as his fingertips lightly brush a few granules of imagined sand from the Conflicting Lapis Lazuli Egg. Kneeling closer, he notes quietly, "You won't be in there much longer." Why else would they be out here on the sands. And speaking of such, isn't it warm out here?

Ciarn just basks in the raptureof a mind-to-mind touch with the egg. Not blocking it in anyway, "Warmth, contact. I like you." He says just as quietly as before. "Are you finding what you're looking for in my mind?"

Torissa feels enveloped in a warmth - not the sticky, sweaty heat that's dampening her coppery hair and clothing, more of a mental warmth, a happiness. It's incredible… amazing. "You are…" Tori breathes in, unable to describe the wonder she feels, the happiness. She's glad she was feeling a little bold, glad Biancath had urged her onward, glad that the sunny young creature had welcomed her. "There's going to be one lucky girl come hatching night," Tori informed the creature gently, smiling. She stops moving her hands to press them gently against the egg, trying to save the feeling forever, offering herself up at the same time. No, this isn't likely something she'll forget anytime soon. Or ever, she amends, still smiling.

Iain ers slightly, a little confused himself for a moment, "Anything is anything. I can't really describe it." So he's a little absent-minded when it comes to things like that, he can't really help it. "Nice to see someone who's interested in everything though, your fellows are a lot calmer." Letsee, what's to tell about, since this little one seems to want to know everything, "I wonder, do you like to play?" he asks softly, "I do, but it seems I'm the only one." He'll admit it, "Maybe when you come out you'll want to play."

Ciarn is suddenly shivering as he breaks the contact with the Rippling Rose Rhodocrosite Egg, "Go.. Goodbye." He sits there for a moment, staring blankly at the egg. Finally shaking his head and standing up as the sand's heat burns through his trousers. He looks around and heads towards the Tanquil Malachite Egg, crouching down and placing his palms on it.

Kelapec suddenly has the urge to poke at this one a bit… who does this egg remind him of? A soft chuckle emits from him as he muses to himself. A tad distracted by his own thoughts a moment. Getting swept away? Mayhaps. But where's the harm in rememberance? Aquas unfocus as mind turns inwards to inspect the haughty one a bit. What keeps you gaurded? Ever with the want to know isn't he? But he very nearly expects this one to drop off as well. All seem to scoot off after a spot. Shame.. in some cases.

----—Ciarn steps away from the eggs.--——

-----Ciarn touches Tranquil Malachite Egg--——

« In Torissa's Mind, Gentle swirls of Gold and Amethyst roll across your mind feeling very much comfortable and happy in such an open mind, revelling in what the presence feels is extraordinary freedom. And it is, compared to the cramped space of the eggshell. »

Iain sighs softly, giving his head a shake and removing his hand. He's just not having any luck tonight. Wandering over to the Weyrleaders, he bows to them, "May I leave, please?" he asks softly. He has chores to do, for sure, and they won't wait forever for him.

----—Iain steps away from the eggs.---

Ego? Cici doesn't have an ego that she knows of? Though Cici does feel nice and relaxed, calm and invigorated. Cici hasn't felt these things in a long time, and its feeling great. Cici sighs happily. " My, you are a very calming egg.. I could use more of that calming, its quite nice. " Cici rubs the egg soothingly to return the favor.

T'ren nods at Iain, "If you would like to," he motions to the hatching grounds opening, "feel free."

Iain nods his thanks and heads off without a look back at the eggs and the other candidates, he has things to do and people to see. Maybe he'll try again later, but right now he doesn't look happy about it.

Iain steps over to the main entrance.

Iain has left.

Isaac doesn't stumble at all with this newfound strength of the dragonet kicking as his mind, though a loud grunt does manage to bubble up from within his chest. Breathing deeply, drops of sweat trickle down his temple and onto the sands as he attempts to bear the pain the one inside the egg has granted him with. "Fine," the candidate offers, the monotonous tapping stopped for the time being. Bracing himself once more, Isaac begins to speek in hushed tones to the hardened, round object upon the sands. "You are /stubborn/," the candidate says between clenched teeth, "Get over yourself."

Torissa chuckles softly as she's filled with the warmth. Seems this youngling has a bit of a playful side as well! Tori can't help but like that, being known for her own tendencies in that area, afterall. What an extraordinary mental touch this one had, one of the strongest yet the most gentle of all. She is enjoying the Amethyst's presence and happy mind touch, a friendly presence. Tori moves herself a little nearer, as though it will make the youngling feel more welcome and herself nearer to her. Though mentally, the creature has free reign and Tori knows she can't get any nearer than that. Still, she presses her cheek gently to the warm egg, nearer to the bliss she feels as she is with this enchanting creature.

Ciarn closes his eyes and just holds his palms where they are. Letting the egg enter his mind and welcoming this one as well. It's coopl tendrils dousing the flames of the last egg's touch. "Hello, how are you?" Ciarn says. Relaxing in the egg's presence.

Kelapec quirks a brow. Not leaving? Well there's a change. He scoots on the sand, moving his feet to avoid that annoying numbness from lack of blood.. Not a good thing. "See anything of interest?" Cuz Kep sees things that interest him all the time. People watching… great hobby. You can only go wrong if you're a hermit. He grins at the egg. He likes this one. A lot easier to get on with than most. "Trying to push at the guard till he snaps?" Seems to be the goal of most… make his lose his bananas.

« In Torissa's Mind, Gentle swirls of Gold and Amethyst mentally snuggles into the warmth emanating from you and then seems to tire a bit before withdrawing… but not without a strong feeling of reluctance. »

Garrett gets the idea loud and clear from the egg, respectful while placing one hand onto his thigh before moving to stand once again. "Nice meeting you," he notes lightly, pleased with the meeting overall. Even if it was brief. And those sands are hot and only bearable for a little while. From now on, he'll remain standing, turning his gaze towards the galleries in time to see one eagerly waving hand towards him. Not a girl, but an older woman, crafter by the looks of it. Hrm. He really shouldn't..want to leave right now. But it does look important. It's not often that he's able to be 'here', but he does look towards the Weyrleaders with another formal bow. "May I also be excused, Weyrleaders?"

Darianya nods her head pleasantly to Garrett, "Go right ahead, Garrett. Don't forget to attend to any last minute chores when you leave." She grins, knowing chores are the last thing he probably wants to think about, this close to supper time.

Torissa shares the reluctance of the egg as she slowly sits up and withdraws her hand. "Farewell, Beautiful," she whispers, wondering at the sudden sadness that she feels as she pulls herself away. She shakes her head as though trying to shake away the feeling. There are other eggs to touch, more to see and feel. Yet… Tori shakes her head and moves away.

-----Torissa steps away from the eggs.--—-

-----Garrett steps away from the eggs.--—-

Isaac snorts at the Aggressive Blood Egg, shaking his head as he pulls away. "I'll feel sorry for the one you decide to grace with your presence with!" Rolling his eyes, the candidate forces a smile as he heads toward the Weyrleaders. One last egg manages to catch Isaac's attention: the Nephrite Jade Egg. Sending an unhappy glance back at the previous egg he attended to, he renews himself and goes to this new egg.

Ciarn opens up his mind to the egg, his facial expression a strange and enigmatic smile as the mind to mind contact deepens. "Yes, come in. You're welcome to." He softly begins running his hands over the surface of the egg.

T'ren stretches and rises, glancing around the sands, "Okay gang, I think it's time to wrap this up. I don't know about you lot, but I'm starving. And Koliath is telling me he needs to feed Biancath."

Pale, almost sad eyes, survey the eggs as Torissa walks the grounds. She bows to Biancath in passing, respectful but distracted. No, she can't bring herself to touch another one, not today, not today. Next time. She moves off the sands, her mood improving as she reflects on her last encounter. It had been so special, so incredible there were no words for it. Her spirits rose and she smiles and turns to wait for her fellow Candidates.

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