T'ren motions towards the eggs, and calls to the candidates, "You may begin." With that he sits back to watch the whole process, a smile on his face.

Torissa moves closer without fear. She harbors no ill-intentions and dragons never attack people. She knows that Biancath has given her this right and she has no intention of taking advantage of it. She moves towards the eggs slowly, carefully, though her usual spirit can still be seen in her gait. Now which egg to start with? She's almost hesitant… what do they feel like?

======================< Touchable Eggs & Who's Touching ===============

T'ren - Water Sapphire Egg - no one

T'ren - Nephrite Jade Egg - no one

Darianya - Conflicting Lapis Lazuli Egg - no one

Kevyn - Rippling Rose Rhodocrosite Egg - no one

Kevyn - Smoke and Mirrors Obsidian Egg - no one

Darianya - Shimmering Amethyst Egg - no one

Q'inn - Aggressive Bloodstone Egg - no one

Q'inn - Tranquil Malachite Egg - no one

Darianya - Mysterious Sapphire Egg - no one

Odell titters nervously, looking from the eggs to their decidedly large dam, and back again. "She won't mind?" she whispers fearfully aside to Torissa. "I don't want to get eaten!" she squeaks.

Darianya smiles broadly, "She won't eat you, don't worry. She much prefers young herdbeasts to young candidates." The Weyrwoman winks at the candidate and then settles herself to watch the proceedings.

Kelapec nods contemplatively and hangs back a bit. Like anyone he has his favorites but he'll wait and let everyone else grab up their favorites first. Thumbs hook into his belt as he relaxes. They can't eat him. Think of the mess it wouyld make. Therefore, according to Kep, he's safe.

Dekar stands there for a few moments, waiting to take his cue from the other candidates, some of them already well versed in proper sand conduct. Seeing that a handful of the candidates seem to be very at ease in the area, he approaches the group of eggs and begins to look at the beautiful patterns on the shells.

-----Jalenye touches Nephrite Jade Egg--—-

Torissa smiles reassuringly towards Odell before moving apart from the others. Everyone faces the egg alone and she wants the experience to be special. For her, it is only her and the eggs now, and the great queen.

---Torissa touches Conflicting Lapis Lazuli Egg-—-

« In Torissa's Mind, Tendrils of Harsh Light and Soft Seduction skips across your mind in a fleeting touch of greeting. »

Cicilia walks slowly, totally in awe of her surroundings. She sees Kevyn bow to Biancath, and decides to do it as well. Once the bow is completed, she looks to the Weyrwoman and smiles. She moves towards the eggs slowly, looking back and forth between the gold and the eggs before stepping up to the Aggressive Bloodstone Egg, and running her hand tentively over the surface.

Kelapec continues to scan the sands and after he's certain that everyone else has atleast a foot fall before him he makes his way towards the Smoke and Mirrors Obsidian Egg. Settleing down in a kneel next to it he gives an appraising glance before laying a palm on the surface. What will hapen? He hasn't a clue.

---—Cicilia touches Aggressive Bloodstone Egg-— ----Kelapec touches Smoke and Mirrors Obsidian Egg-

Odell watches nervously as a few of her more daring fellow candidates actually go up and /touch/ one of the eggs! Swallowing heavily and steeling her resolve, she creeps across the hot sands and hesitantly reaches out to lay a trembling finger on the warm shell of the Rippling Rose Rhodocrosite Egg.

---Odell touches Rippling Rose Rhodocrosite Egg-—-

Torissa's hand rests softly on the strange, beautiful egg of contradictions. She was drawn immediatly to it's energy and she smiles as she feels welcomed. "Good day, beautiful," she whispers. "I have watched you for so long, what a joy to finally be in contact with you." Her voice is low and soft, too soft to be overheard by any, well, except the egg. Could the egg and the youngling within hear her?

Dekar makes a decision, concentrating on the beautiful dark shades of the Water Sapphire egg. Approaching it, he tentatively lays a hand on it to feel the texture of the shell, knowing it is strong enough not to break from such soft touches as a human's - well, compared to dragons.

-----Dekar touches Water Sapphire Egg--——

Kelapec raises a brow and gives only a single blink to show his surprise. His hand runs over the surface lightly as if to brush dust off the apex of the oviod. Youthful exhuberance? Did Kep /ever/ have that? Brow returns to normal placement as he peers at the shell a bit more investigatively.

« In Torissa's Mind, Tendrils of Harsh Light and Soft Seduction swirl deeper into your mind, trying to make you feel comfortable and happy. A brief flash of pleasure at being touched also slips into your thoughts.»

Odell giggles, but doesn't pull back her hand from contact with the egg's shell. Such an odd feeling, definitely at odds with what she's been used to in her life at Crom, High Reaches, and now Fort. Warm, like these Sands, how different! Unaware of the silly look upon her face, she giggles again. "Hello," she whispers softly.

Dekar is a bit stunned at the feelings emanating from the egg, but it is only the contact that surprises him. Instantly, he is soothed by the colors and sensations of tranquility and peace that emanate from the egg. Reaching up to slowly place another hand on the shell, he unconsciously smiles as the emotions flow through him, engulfing him in - something not even he can understand. "Hi there…" he says in a low voice to the egg.

Darianya watches the candidates reactions to what they are feeling from the hatchlings inside the eggs with interest. Occasionally, she pokes T'ren and points to a particularly interesting reaction.

Jalenye runs her hand across the swirls of colors, her expression nonchalant for a moment, then awed, and then, finally, culminating in a vivid. Her eyes squint and she draws her hand back a moment and then merely places her right pointer finger against the egg, that one finger lightly caressing the glassy-looking surface and tracing up to the pale yellowish color at the egg's top pole. She rests her hand there a moment and then tilts her head, brows twitching with slight confusion. <OOC> Jalenye says, "vivid flinch. Sorry guys."

T'ren scans the sands, watching the faces of the candidates turn from blankness to awe and surprise and the ocasionally flinch or shock.

Torissa sighs happily as she is swept with feelings of pleasure and comfort. She likes the strange colored egg already, she loves the feel of it's life beneath her fingers, a pulse that rushes through her. Is this what it is like to touch the eggs? She feels as though the dragonet indeed knows she is there and that she intends no harm to him or her. "Thank you," she whispers to the egg, the very first dragon egg she ever touched. "May you grow up strong and happy, youngling," she whispers, her voice still too low to be perceived by those around her.

Odd how one so loud can become so quiet when the circumstances change. Kelapec smiles a tad. Not one to be easily annoyed, "I enjoy many things." So what if everyone else things he's boring and too straight-laced. Makes for a good guard. He settles a bit more comfortably but still kneels rather than sits. Never now when you'll have to move on. Best to be ready for all occurances.

Cicilia tilts her head at the Aggressive Bloodstone Egg, her eyes widening at the fierce, agressive thoughts that flow through her mind. Cici quickly picks up her hand off the egg and stares at it quietly. Cici's thoughts wonder back and forth to what kind of dragon could be in the egg. Shrugging, she looks around to see if there is a vacant egg.. deciding that the agressive egg is not to her liking.

Odell's face blanches and she stumbles back, pulling free of her contact with the egg. "Oh no," she says, her eyes wide and her hands trembling. "That one tried to eat my mind," she quavers to the Weyrwoman, looking decidedly uneasy. "Was it supposed to do that?"

« In Torissa's Mind, Tendrils of Harsh Light and Soft Seduction seductively encompasses your mind in a mental embrace and you get the feeling your good wishes are returned. The touch then withdraws from your mind entirely, but not without a lingering feeling of reluctance. »

----—Odell steps away from the eggs.--——

-----Cicilia steps away from the eggs.--—-

-----Kelapec steps away from the eggs.--—-

Torissa withdraws her hand from the egg slowly, unwillingly, but the presence, the lifeforce, has left her. Time to move on. She smiles happily, feeling the warmth of touch lingering as she steps away from the blue egg.

-----Torissa steps away from the eggs.--—-

Kelapec stands up and brushes any sand that might be clinging to his pants away. Not an entirely unwelcome thing. But he's never had an intrusion into the quiet recesses of his brain before. After a moment he moves over to the Tranquil Malachite Egg.

----Kelapec touches Tranquil Malachite Egg--—-

Torissa moves through the eggs, almost unwilling to touch another one, afraid the feelings of the last will fade, yet wondering what the others are like, how different it would be. She is a curious girl, brimming with questions and wonder and curiousity winning over, she moves to touch another of the great clutch.

---—Torissa touches Aggressive Bloodstone Egg-——

Cicilia moves across to the Smoke and Mirrors Obsidian egg, she runs her fingertips over the molten earth colored egg, liking the dark smokey color of the egg, that seems to draw her eyes. She always did like gray as a color.

----Cicilia touches Smoke and Mirrors Obsidian Egg-—— Dekar smiles, caressing the egg tenderly and gazing at it, almost trying to see the beauty that must surely lie within. "You're so gorgeous…" Listening to the colors inside of his head, listening to the music, the egg fills him with such positive thoughts his smile gets even wider. "What are you…?" he asks of the egg, mystified.

Torissa reaches out to the strange, powerful egg, drawn by it's intensity and energy as she had been drawn to the conflicting blue one before. It's almost frightening yet, beautiful and intriguing, and Tori wonders what the life force within is like.

« In Torissa's Mind, A Bold and Forthright personality immediate probes into your mind, apparently assessing you for a moment before withdrawing somewhat. The overtones are fierce, almost agressive, and the undertones? Hard to say, actually… »

Jalenye gasps loudly and, swaying slightly where she stands, snatches her hand away again, her eyes and mouth widening with further awe, though perhaps fear is a better word. She shudders despite the heat and rubs her hands against her upper arms; goosebumps dot her flesh. She straightens up and gives the egg another curious glance; she's once again drawn back to the egg and places a hand yet again against the surface, though this time her touch is less tentative than the previous two.

Dekar frowns in dismay at the sudden disappearance of the colors from his mind, but breaks out of the trance. "Wow…" he mutters to himself, focusing on the egg and shaking his head slightly in awe. Looking around, he notices other candidates have moved on to other eggs as well, and he looks for a new one. He spots yet another dark egg, and decides to try his luck with the Mysterious Sapphire egg.

----—Dekar steps away from the eggs.--——

-----Dekar touches Mysterious Sapphire Egg--—-

Finding no answer apparently forthcoming from the Weyrwoman, Odell cautiously moves /away/ from that far too nosy egg and ends up bumping up against the Shimmering Amethyst Egg.

-----Odell touches Shimmering Amethyst Egg--—-

Kelapec lets a small smile creep to his lips. Here's one that more his style. Hmm. Shall we go out a limb? After a moment of ponderance he leans a bit closer to the egg and whispers, "Hello?" Almost as if he expects the creature within to speak outwardly… what? They can poke his brain but he can't talk to them? I think not.

Torissa seems to stand up straighter at the thought of assessment. She isn't afraid, in fact, she's known for being rather bold, even more so since gaining the white knot of Candidacy. She feels the rush of power within her unflinching, wonder filling her mind. "You are a strong one," she whispers, again, too soft to be overheard, an amused smile on her lips.

Jalenye yanks her hand away this time as though burnt, lurching physically away from the egg as the quick mental departure leaves her reeling mentally.

-----Jalenye steps away from the eggs.--—-

Dekar raises an eyebrow at the egg before him, as if waiting for it to make a face back. Feeling the natural reassurance in this egg, he caresses the darker shell, seeking comfort in the warm embrace of a mind that for all its youth is far stronger than his.

Cicilia smiles at this egg, it seems playful and fun! Cici is definatly fond of fun, and she puts her hand more fully on the egg. " Hello there, you seem like fun. " Cici giggles softly to herself and shakes her head. How would she really know if the egg is fun until it hatches?

« In Torissa's Mind, A Bold and Forthright personality seems pleased — it probably can't understand the words, but the feelings are clear, and they are accepted. A straightforward mental probe is deftly inserted into your mind, searching for…what? The right instincts, perhaps? A kindred spirit, certainly, but are you the one… » <

Odell's face seems to light up in surprise and wonderment. "Ohhh, you're different, aren't you," she whispers, steadying herself on the warm shell. Certainly not as…clingly as the last one, and she responds to that. "This must be so strange for you," she coos, lightly brushing the shell.

What does one talk about to a pre-dragon? When does one talk? Kep has a problem with being anything but the watcher in the corner so conversation isn't as easy as you would think from this well read man. He absently rubs the back of his neck as he peers at th egg. Why doe he feel like he's staring? How rude of him. Aquas immediately raise to look up at the ceiling. Heh.

Torissa doesn't shirk as she feels the lifeforce delve deeper in her mind. What could it see there? She senses it's pleasure and her smile turns from one of amusement to one of happiness. She feels accepted again, perhaps in a way different from the last egg, but it is reassuring nonetheless. She belongs here. "Thank you for that, Strong One," she addresses the egg softly with the name she has given it.

Dekar tilts his head to one side, his touch on the egg loosening such a fraction as to be imperceptible. Trying to open himself up to whatever it is that is looking for something, he silently asks in his mind "What is it you want…?" To himself, he thinks "Does it even know?"

Jalenye steadies herself and, her eyes watering and features set in a mildly distressed expression, she grits her teeth at the sense of total grimy violation she still feels. There's a need for emotional cleansing and comfort, and she strides quickly over to the Water Sapphire Egg.

----Jalenye touches Water Sapphire Egg--—-

-----Kelapec steps away from the eggs.--—-

« In Torissa's Mind, A Bold and Forthright personality seems to find what it's looking for, or not — either way, it withdraws into itself. You can feel it…waiting. »

Cicilia nods to the egg and reflects on the feelings she gathers, " Your right, there are more things that are important than fun. However, some fun is good right? " Hmms, seems Cici is having a conversation with the egg. Cici feels the sence of duty from this egg, more than the previous thought of fun. A strong personalty, that is what she feels now. However, Cici wonders if the feeling will change as she continues to touch the egg.

Odell smiles but steps away, letting her fingers linger on the egg's shell before falling away. "Bye," she whispers, and looks around at the other eggs. She doesn't seem quite so nervous, now.

Torissa moves her hand away, feeling content with the egg. The creature within was bold and strong and she liked that. She wished him the best but for her, it was time to move on, to another egg, another experience…

----—Odell steps away from the eggs.--——

Kelapec blinks back to the egg as it retreats and he stands. Hrm. He must not be doing this right. Try again? Of course. YOu think he'd give up. HE has to figure out what it is he should be doing. He walks purposefully over to the Reflecting Onyx Egg and lays a gentle yet firm hand on it.

Dekar pulls his hand away from the egg, giving it an almost accusing look as he backs away from it. Strangest thing I've ever felt…disappointed and distressed by the feelings from that particular egg, Dekar looks around for another, but holds back on making such an impulsive decision.

-----Torissa steps away from the eggs.--—-

----—Dekar steps away from the eggs.--——

-----Kelapec steps away from the eggs.--—-

Jalenye's entire body straightens up from head to toe as her ribcage contracts with a sudden intake of breath. Although her eyes widen visibly for a moment, the rest of her body relaxes and a smile twinges across her lips.

-----Torissa touches Nephrite Jade Egg--—-

Kelapec heads to Aggressive Bloodstone Egg instead of the Reflecting Onyx Egg ;)

---—Kelapec touches Aggressive Bloodstone Egg-——

Dekar looks around, spotting an egg that he hadn't previously noticed. The deep green of the Tranquil Malachite egg almost beckons him to come forward and touch it, and he tentatively approaches the smooth shell. The beautiful color is irresistible, and very gently he lays a hand against the egg, wondering what reaction he might receive.

-----Dekar touches Tranquil Malachite Egg--——

Odell hikes up her skirts a hand and shuffles through the hot sand towards another egg. Maybe this isn't so bad after all… Reaching out decisively, she places her slightly pudgy palm on the Nephrite Jade Egg. "Hello?" she whispers.

----—Odell touches Nephrite Jade Egg--——

Torissa reaches for the glassy green egg, her hand resting softly on the warm shell, no longer hesitant, but rather, eager, curious, interested.

« In Torissa's Mind, Extravagant Tendrils of Poison slowly creep out in a thin ribbon. Bright colours twist and turn, prodding gently at your mind, as if looking for a back way in, a way in which you won't notice right away. A darkness, a taint, seems to travel with the bright colours, something almost slimy; like an oil slick on top of a puddle. »

Dekar smiles and almost giggles at the reaction from the egg, by far the most positive yet. "Hi there…" he whispers, bending down to speak to the shell. "I'm Dekar…" Stroking the shell with both hands now, he opens his mind to the peaceful emotions flowing from inside the shell, letting the flood carry him away.

Torissa flinches at the slimy touch, her own cheerful nature repulsed by the poison. She wants to pull away, not liking the deception, the secrecy… yet, she is compelled to follow through, not to give up. Her expression is a bit pained, perhaps, but determined. "You, too are strong, in your own way," Tori admits softy, almost reluctantly, with grudging respect, though she feels as though her mind is tainted irrevocably.

Odell wrinkles her nose and pulls her hand quickly back from the shell, giving Torissa an aplogetic glance. "Sorry, I didn't mean to horn in on your egg," she hurriedly apologizes, stepping away from the egg and giving it a brief, distasteful look. That one was…unpleasant.

----—Odell steps away from the eggs.--——

Jalenye raises her brows the slightest bit although, for the most part, she seems to stand up and hold herself with a new-found inner strength. Euphoria surrounds her, and she reluctantly draws back her hand.

-----Jalenye steps away from the eggs.--—-

« In Torissa's Mind, Extravagant Tendrils of Poison jumps into your mind, your respect noted with a slower, more calm prodding of your mind. Respect, hmmmm? There's a sensation this little being seems to rather enjoy. The rainbow of colors dances across your senses, bright and chipper, but always that sense of taint, of cunning or possible danger. After a moment or two of exploring you, the colors wrap around themselves and leave… you've been dismissed. »

Dekar does giggles this time, stepping closer to the egg. "Don't be afraid, I don't bite…" he says, smiling. "What do you want to know…? What can I tell you? Feel free to look around," he says, rubbing the shell warmly and enthralled by this egg in particular.

Kelapec isn't exactly one to be challenged aggressively.. he's sort of a muscular man. The attitude of the egg not turning him away. Stubborn? Yeah, that's him too. Kep peers at the egg a bit more closesly as if making his own assesment. Not a fighter for fun… only of necessity.

Torissa notes the change with relief; she likes the bright colors, the boldness yet… she feels as though there is something wrong with it… a deception, a lie? Tori dislikes and she frowns as she pulls away from the egg, not altogether sure what she thinks of it. With a confused mind, she seeks another egg.

-----Torissa steps away from the eggs.--—-

Coyan meanders into the hatching sands, from the main entrance. Coyan has arrived.

Dekar frowns in more dismay than before, a pouting expression on his face as he reluctantly takes his hand away from the shell. Looking around, the other eggs don't seem as appealing anymore. He stands on the sands for a few moments, watching the others and pondering his next move, if any.

----—Dekar steps away from the eggs.--——

Cicilia feels somewhat disapointed that duty seems to have called the egg away from her mind, she steps away from the egg. " Goodbye young one, I do hope we meet again. " Cici looks around and is drawn to another egg, the Conflicting Lapis Egg. She is drawn to the dark bursts of color on the surface. She seems a bit more bold with her touchings after the last egg that she touched, which is good right?

-----Cicilia steps away from the eggs.--—-

---Cicilia touches Conflicting Lapis Lazuli Egg-—-

Torissa moves amongst the eggs with a slight frown still marring her features. She's oblivious to the other Candidates and, for the moment, everything save the strange, polluted mindtouch in the background. Finally, she dismisses the feelings and seeks sanctuary in another egg.

----Torissa touches Smoke and Mirrors Obsidian Egg-——

« In Torissa's Mind, Brightly Colored Gemstones of Youthful Exhuberance lightly toy with your mind, teasing and tempting you to investigate further. »

Dekar notices the rosy color of another nearby egg. Smirking in wonder at the interesting pattern, he approaches the egg. Whether out of fear of reaction or just disinterest after the malachite egg, his touch is not as strong as before, and he eve considers not bothering at all. <OOC> Dekar says, "Er, even."

---Dekar touches Rippling Rose Rhodocrosite Egg-—-

Odell isn't so sure any more. Some of them are nice, some are nasty, and some are…too intense. She looks hesitant again, shifting from foot to foot while she looks around at her fellow Candidates. This is all so strange, and a little frightening…

Kelapec raises a brow. "You are too defensive." He says at the egg. Just a guardly opinion. Everyone knows that if you hold the hilt of the sword too tight you are easily disarmed… er.. maybe not everyone knows that. But that's not the point. Kep knows it and the egg is poking his brain right now.

Coyan has been here the entire time, /remember/? Good. However, he still hasn't gotten up the courage to approach an egg. One must remember that he's still quite shy, not yet having been pulled out of his shell. Poor kid. But… now it's all changing. That blue egg, the strangely entrancing, yet shadowy, egg beckons him… So Coyan reaches out, touching the Mysterious Sapphire ehh.

-----Coyan touches Mysterious Sapphire Egg--—-

A smile brightens Tori's face as she comes in contact with an egg of a spirit so different from that of the last egg, a spirit much like her own. Her hand moves across the shell, relief flooding her. A small laugh escapes Tori as she feels the young exhuberance so much like her own. "You are a delightful creature," she informs the egg softly, smiling as though the egg could see her.

Jalenye strides toward the Tranquil Malachite egg and, almost proudly, places a gentle but firmhand against the shell. She seems to be made of a new purpose.

----Jalenye touches Tranquil Malachite Egg--—-

Dekar blinks at the ferocity with which this egg comes at him, nothing like the last one. Almost recoiling from the onslaught, he manages to hold on, curious as to what the emotions of this one have to offer.

« In Torissa's Mind, Brightly Colored Gemstones of Youthful Exhuberance sparkle brightly in your mind. A strong desire to please twists with a strong desire to simply /be/ as it tickles the back of your brain. »

-----Cicilia steps away from the eggs.--—-

Torissa giggles softly in response, feeling the desire and the sparkle and in return, feeling totally at ease. "You are special, youngling, never lose that sparkle," she whispers to the egg. Her own like for the spirit is evident and she wishes there were some way to play with the spirit within the egg.

-----Kelapec steps away from the eggs.--—-

Dekar shuts his eyes, trying to keep the prying thoughts from his mind as well. Recoiling mentally from the aggressiveness of the egg, not what he expected at all, he almost shrinks into himself. Pulling his hand quickly away, he holds it to his chest. After a few moments, he eyes the egg suspiciously and stalks away from it, heading to nearly the other side of the sands. He doesn't approach a single other egg again.

----—Dekar steps away from the eggs.--——

T'ren glances over at the gold as she starts to get a bit restless. He glances around at the sands and calls out, "Okay people, time to finish up. I think we've taken up enough of Biancath's time this time around."

« In Torissa's Mind, Brightly Colored Gemstones of Youthful Exhuberance swell with pride at the praise. But there is a time for play and a time for responsibility. With a soft caress of regret, the gemstones withdraw. Duty calls…. »

Kelapec shrugs a stands up. This was not what he thought. He'll have to ponder this little outing. Heh. He non-chalantly hooks his thumbs in his belt again and strides of the sands, a polite nod to clutch parents and supervision riders.

Perhaps it is with the greatest reluctance yet, Tori pulls her hand away from the joyful egg. "Goodbye, pretty," she whispers with regret.

-----Torissa steps away from the eggs.--—-

Kelapec moves over to the main entrance. Kelapec has left.

Dekar gives T'ren a look and almost laughs to himself. Was done anyways…heading to the edge of the sands, he gives the malachite egg one last look. Looking at the gold, he quickly turns and heads outside. Dekar wanders over to the main entrance. Dekar has left.

Jalenye leans in a bit closer to the egg, as though the mental touch she feels can be made louder, more precise through proximity. But then, she's told to step away, and she reluctantly pulls away from the egg.

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.