Roc Wing, Anime-fied!
by R'sner

no, it's not a log. But it still rocks, right! (used Anime Face Maker to make it)

No Real Reason
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner grumbles and needs to update Res' history. Also, why are we using the roc-knot when we're IN THE SAME ROOM? >.>
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky DIES
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo hrms. Hrm hrm hrm
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: I.. have no idea, really XD

…Hawt Wing? … SO not G-rated.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner eyes the lot of you.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner is surrounded by crazy.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: BLARGHS!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner loves you anyways? *hides*
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: R'sner. Your dragon is a KLEPTOproddy.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: Yes. I knew this ;)
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: Do not talk to us about crazy :P
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: Haaaaaay! *pouts*
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: Toith is crazy, not me!!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: "Man and dragon fully matched."
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky coughs. ;)
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky <3s also. >.>
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner >.> And you let me join the wing. What's that say about /you/?
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky >.> <.< >.>
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner sulks inna corner with stolen stuff.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky <3s the crazy? ^^;
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky XD
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky d'awws. Smoochies a greenie.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner thinks B'ky is just trying to collect hot greenies in the wing.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo dances!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo runs in circles and flops
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner licks a Deo.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: …and what am I?
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: A hot bluie?
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: that's right!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: >.>
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky looks innocent!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner starts a petition to rename Roc Wing to Hawt Wing.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky renames it. Right NOW
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo woots!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: Of course, then we might get a lot of 'hot wing' jokes. Food.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky tastes like cookies. This is not a problem.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner will be spicy cajun-rider ;)
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: mmm <3 teh spicy
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: Deo can be stick BBQ-rider?
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: stickY
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky dies
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: …-.-
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo is sparkley dmmit!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky <3s
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: -.-
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: Or… or… A'deo can be Hot Jalapeno-rider?
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky typocooties a wingsecond too
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: no no
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: that'd be K'shan
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: Kash is totally a hot jalapeno
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: …
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: I… have no words.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: DATS MAH SWORD!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky dies
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: ……. …. …………….
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: Deo. I am aware you're watching LoTR. But omg XD
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner falls over.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: This conversation is SO not G-rated.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky is so totally cracking up XD
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: …>.> but it is… s'my sword
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: I.. I need to put this on the wiki, guys
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner is too, B'ky.

NOW Who Needs Pants, Hm??
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo returns all sparkley clean!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner puts on sunglasses.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo dazzles with his shineyness!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky ish dazzled!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: DEO!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner is dazzled?
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: Get your shiney butt over to the North Bowl? XD
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo pfts and totally IS THERE were is your wish-it-could-be-as-ahiney-as-me-butt!?
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky's butt is totally naked and awaiting pants delivery, also he's kind of trapped >.>;
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: but can still type set XD
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner laughs! You say trapped like it's a *bad* thing *peers* And who're you trapped with?
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: Mhm, that's right.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: R'lin is still there ICly ;P
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: Yeah, asleep!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: that kind of puts a damper on any 'fun' XD
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: Pfft.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky shifty-eyes, and types set.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: o.o

Late Night Malfunctions
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky totally ate too much icecream
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky cookies dinner and.. did not eat it >.>;
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: er, cooked
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo IS INNOCENT >.>
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: whoa! capslock!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky XD
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo snerks!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky DOES NOT BELIEVE >.>
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: except for the FURTY
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: FURY
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: FURRRRRY!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: wow… we're nuts
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo blames ice cream and late night/morningness
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: …and FURY!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky XD
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: also typocooties
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: also, my spacebar totally died there
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky fiddles with it O.o
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo DIES XD!

In Roc Wing sparkles shine YOU
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: We are sototally awesome, guys.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: TOTALLY AWESOME
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky loves you loke whoa.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky shars typocooties too >.>
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: XD
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner noms typoes for dinner.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: they taste of delicious
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: R'sner has strange breakfasts
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: like sparkley alphabet soup or something
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: …except you said dinner
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: < fail
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner grins.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky XD
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: Sparkles are for /breakfast/.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: Typoes are dinner.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: what's lunch?
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: mm sparkles
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: SUPPER
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: I dunno yet.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: eleventies? afternoon tea?
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky snickers
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner LOVES YOU B'KY!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: Second breakfast.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky LOVES YOU TOO!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky wants second breakfastr D:
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo misses the first breakfast usually >.>
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky misses meals entirely usually >.>;
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: Yeah, truly, I don't eat breakfast. :( I sleep.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky ets breakfast at 6PM lately x.x
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo snerks!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] R'sner: Mm, now I want cereal. Darn you!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky, too! XD
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: >.>

<OOC> B'ky will brb.. getting cereal >.>
<OOC> R'sner laughs! OK

Sleep Win?
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky has so much win yesterday
[Fort Weyr/Roc] M'lo: Oh, yeah?
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky started organizing flaming practice scene and promptly -fell asleep on the keyboard-
[Fort Weyr/Roc] M'lo dies laughing
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: yuup
[Fort Weyr/Roc] M'lo: That's HILARIOUS

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.