Truer words…
<OOC> B'ky says, "I am never getting over the potato."

pevent is relevant for once (happened while in the infirmary)
<OOC> B'ky eyes pevent
<OOC> B'ky says, "You discover a bruise somewhere on your arms/legs, but have no idea how you could have gotten it, or at least no memory of getting hurt"
<OOC> B'ky is astonished

He really should have…
<OOC> B'ky says, "too bad B'ky is not drunk ;p"
<OOC> Sabrina thinks B'ky should just grab Kash and lay one on him, while he's sober.
<OOC> B'ky has done that? He ran away :P
<OOC> Sabrina says, "Do it again!"
<OOC> Sabrina says, "He's proddy and sashaying!"
<OOC> B'ky dies.
<OOC> Sabrina says, "That's universal for give me kisses now."

Typoing: it's what he does…
<OOC> B'ky says, "anyways, typoing pose"
<OOC> L'ren says, "typoing pose? ;)"
<OOC> B'ky XD
<OOC> L'ren says, "Best. Typo. Ever. ;)"

A Trundlebug is my HERO ;D
<OOC> Kadesh says, "In any case, how you liking Fort so far despite it's crazy, drunkard riders? There's only a few of us, everyone else has a level head and a good heart. ;)"
<OOC> A Trundlebug says, "LIES"
<OOC> Kadesh snerks. Okay, the Trundlebug? PURE EVIL. It kicks puppies and every time it wakes up, (insert powerful religious figure here) kills a kitten. >.>
<OOC> A Trundlebug does not deny this.
<OOC> Kadesh snickers.
<OOC> Kadesh says, "It took my childhood, too!"
<OOC> A Trundlebug >.>
<OOC> A Trundlebug is very talented.
<OOC> Kadesh says, "And it's also the reason why hotdogs are sold in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight."
<OOC> Kadesh says, "Any why men have nipples. >.>"
<OOC> A Trundlebug says, "Hey now!"
<OOC> Kadesh snorts!
<OOC> Melech laughs. Oh, I'm loving it, it's wonderful.
<OOC> A Trundlebug denies the hot dog buns. DENIES
<OOC> Melech says, "I'm just slow wrapping up a scene elsegame. :P"
<OOC> Kadesh says, "But not the nipples."
<OOC> A Trundlebug <.<
<OOC> Kadesh snerks.
<OOC> Kadesh has to change her @doing.
<OOC> Kadesh says, "There!"
<OOC> Kadesh says, "A monument to A Trundlebug."
<OOC> Melech snickers.

Slow Bronzeriders
<OOC> K'shan pokes Ma'kai with a stick.
<OOC> Arkoss pokes him with a stick too.
<OOC> Ma'kai has a dieing brain and now like 4 people to try and include, give him a break and stop with the sticks. T.T"

<OOC> B'ky just spent the last four minutes typing 'quo' and wondering why it wasn't working XD
<OOC> Rupa dies
<OOC> Sabrina says, "Awwww"
<OOC> A'deo snerks!

Telling typo?
R'sner has disconnected.
R'sner has connected.
<OOC> R'sner says, "Gay!"
<OOC> R'sner says, "gah, rather >.>"

"What's it got in it's pocketses?"
<OOC> B'ky says, "You find something unexpected in your pocket!"
<OOC> A'deo says, "An A'deo!"
<OOC> B'ky finds a Deo. >.>
<OOC> B'ky XD
<OOC> K'shan says, "Is it ALIVE?"
<OOC> A'deo DIES!
<OOC> K'shan says, "..Apparently not."

Sparkles, Breakfast Of Champions
<OOC> A'deo wins and you know it. Admit defeat or I shall sparkle you!
<OOC> R'sner is totally not afraid of sparkles!
<OOC> R'sner eats sparkles for breakfast!
<OOC> R'sner noms.
<OOC> A'deo is eated… and all that is left IS MAH FURY!
<OOC> R'sner dies.

Where's Waldo?
Waldo has arrived.
<OOC> B'ky finds Waldo! XD
<OOC> R'sner dies.
<OOC> Waldo is found!

The wing your wing could smell like…
R'sner has reconnected.
R'sner has partially disconnected.
<OOC> R'sner eyes.
<OOC> B'ky eyes also o.O
<OOC> R'sner cries inna corner. My internetz is mean to me!
<OOC> B'ky says, "connection blip?"
<OOC> B'ky shakesfist at it!
<OOC> B'ky gives it manure hauling duty!
<OOC> R'sner watches the internet quit. Great. Now I gotta hire a new one.
<OOC> B'ky >.> <.< >.>
<OOC> B'ky says, "If it can't go a sevendy of manure duty, it's not tough enough."
<OOC> B'ky says, "MANLY internets KNOW HOW TO HAUL"
<OOC> B'ky coughs
<OOC> R'sner dies! I <3 you.
<OOC> B'ky <3 >.>
<OOC> R'sner says, "also, I totally hear the Old Spice commercials in my head whenever someone writes MANLY."
<OOC> B'ky, too XD
<OOC> R'sner says, "I'm a Man. But sometimes, I want to smell like a different smelling man…""
<OOC> B'ky, possibly, has had way too much caffiene tonight
<OOC> B'ky diies
<OOC> R'sner says, "Have you seen the new one?"
<OOC> B'ky has not, alas
<OOC> R'sner finds link.
<OOC> R'sner says, ""
<OOC> R'sner DIES. I love it.
<OOC> B'ky says, "I'm on a horse."
<OOC> B'ky just.. diies
<OOC> R'sner says, "I'm the man your man could smell like."
<OOC> R'sner grins. I know! I love that last part.
<OOC> R'sner says, "Look again, it's two tickets to that thing you want to go to."
<OOC> B'ky is so totally cracking up XD
<OOC> R'sner <3!
<OOC> B'ky says, "I'm on a horse"
<OOC> B'ky just. dies
<OOC> R'sner grins.
<OOC> B'ky says, "That.. that needs to be an @doing."
<OOC> R'sner says, "DO IT!"
<OOC> R'sner eyes.
<OOC> R'sner changes @doing. Sneakily.
<OOC> R'sner struts. Oh yeah.
<OOC> B'ky loves on
<OOC> B'ky sneakily changes his.

Smells can be deceiving…
<OOC> A'deo says, "my color pencils smell like candy hearts >."
<OOC> A'deo says, ">.>"
<OOC> A'deo says, "I wants to eat dems >.>"
<OOC> B'ky XD
<OOC> B'ky says, "nuu don't eat dems"
<OOC> A'deo says, "but… but… sweet candy goodness smell!"
<OOC> B'ky says, "nuuu, dey does not have the delicious"
<OOC> B'ky says, "at least, I hopes not >.>"
<OOC> A'deo says, ">.> *licks.* XP nope"
<OOC> B'ky XD
<OOC> B'ky adores
<OOC> B'ky also shares cookies
<OOC> A'deo says, "ooh! much better!"

Who needs context?
<OOC> A'deo says, "wanna do some Unicorn And The Wasp with me?"
<OOC> A'deo says, "on a side note, that could be taken REALLY badly out of context"
<OOC> B'ky nodsnods!
<OOC> B'ky dies
<OOC> B'ky is so putting that on the quotes page >.>
<OOC> A'deo says, "XD!"

<OOC> A'deo . o O ( BUBBLES<3s! )
<OOC> B'ky . o O ( <3 <3 <3! )
<OOC> A'deo says, "which would kinda be like:"
<OOC> A'deo . <3 <3 ( this… or something )
<OOC> A'deo says, "but that takes too much time"
<OOC> Rupa says, "Everytime I see the thought-bubbles I always think people are going o.O first"
<OOC> A'deo told B'ky it looked like (o.O) unFOILed when he first did it XD
<OOC> B'ky XD
<OOC> B'ky is totally taking apart a (o.O) face
<OOC> B'ky . o O ( EATS YOR FACE )
<OOC> B'ky coughs
<OOC> A'deo says, "XD!"

That's one tasty mango.
<OOC> Calria says, "Oh. We're under a severe thunderstorm warning."
<OOC> B'ky erps
<OOC> Calria says, "Maybe thats why the power blipped. :P"
<OOC> B'ky says, "aah, that'd do it"
<OOC> Ma'kai says, "Average florida weather"
<OOC> Calria says, "Eeek, sorry for the caps."
<OOC> Ma'kai says, "oh man, thats a tasty Mango!"
<OOC> B'ky says, "XXD"

A'deo Is To Sparkles As…
<OOC> B'ky sparkles a Deo >.> <.< >.> In the closet.
<OOC> A'deo wiggles brow at.
[Fort Weyr] R'lin cuddles up on a Tamsyn. Mine.
<OOC> B'ky woos <.<
R'lin has arrived.
<OOC> A'deo is like a firefly… sparklies turn me on ;)
<OOC> B'ky snogs a R'lin~
[Fort Weyr] Tamsyn gnaws.
<OOC> R'lin facepalms.
<OOC> B'ky says, "XD XD"
<OOC> A'deo is also still very tired
<OOC> R'lin snickers and dipsmooches.
<OOC> B'ky luffs on anyways XD

<OOC> B'ky says, "er"
<OOC> B'ky SnugS
<OOC> Galina says, "Anuga. Fab name! xD"
<OOC> Marika SNUGS, sneaks
<OOC> B'ky peers at sticky shirt key XD
<OOC> B'ky says, "Thanks for ze RPs <2"
<OOC> B'ky <3
<OOC> B'ky loses ability to type >.>
<OOC> Siobhan just died. XD Anuga. <3 you guys!
<OOC> Galina says, "AWOOOGA."
<OOC> Siobhan went there, Galina. WENT THERE.

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.