tasty mango
[FortSearch] B'ky: Also, B'ky just got called old T_T
[FortSearch] Kessa cackles.
[FortSearch] B'ky: and yus, <3 the snickerdoodles~
[FortSearch] Kessa: 35 is not old! that's just ripe!
[FortSearch] B'ky is a tasty mango >.>
[FortSearch] Kessa: juicy!
[FortSearch] B'ky <.< >.>
[FortSearch] Kessa: that should go on the wiki. XD
[FortSearch] B'ky XD it should

Fun with Names
[Fort Weyr] P'rius: Deo ^^
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: Hybrid
[Fort Weyr] P'rius beeps
[Fort Weyr] A'deo …smites?
[Fort Weyr] A'deo couldn't think of anything else Deo-y >.>
[Fort Weyr] A'deo could have blessed I suppose
[Fort Weyr] P'rius: blessigns would be better.
[Fort Weyr] P'rius is good for the environment 0:)
[Fort Weyr] Janan: Deo? Blessing? naaaah
[Fort Weyr] A'deo made the environment! XD
[Fort Weyr] A'deo likes P'rius's thusly!
[Fort Weyr] A'deo blesses P'rius's and smites Janans. >.>
[Fort Weyr] A'deo is a capricious one >.>
[Fort Weyr] P'rius glees
[Fort Weyr] Janan swats Deo

(fyi: Deo = God (Italian) ; Prius = Hybrid Car