One day, Deo's grapefruit attempted to kill his computer. This battle was so epic it deserved its own page. >.>

[Fort Weyr] A'deo: and I totally threw a grapefruit at my computer by accident >.>
[Fort Weyr] B'ky XD
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: grapefruit peeling is a dangerous sport >.>
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: indeedy
[Fort Weyr] B'ky imagines wrestling the ferocious grapefruit, whose tough exterior is matched only by its bittersweet eye-stinging inner juicyness of.. erm
[Fort Weyr] B'ky lost the thread of it by the end there
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: that's okay, that's about what was going on until it hit the compuetr ;)
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: hehe
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: see? hit it so bad I typoed it
[Fort Weyr] B'ky snickers
[Fort Weyr] B'ky is not blamed for typocooties for once!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky >.>
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: saved by a grapefruit
[Fort Weyr] B'ky has vague citrus craving

..about an hour or so later, the grapefruit is blamed.

[Fort Weyr] A'deo: space heater ftw!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky curls up on space heater, laments over loss of pot pies.
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: o.o
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: lots pies?
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: …lost
[Fort Weyr] B'ky over-baked them.
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: and I almost -retypoed- it
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: they are.. crunchy XD
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: ooh >.<
[Fort Weyr] B'ky typocooties. Blames the grapefruit >.>
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: XD
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: which I still haven't eaten
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: it's sitting here peeled
[Fort Weyr] B'ky hopes your computer survives XD

-Several hours- later…

[Fort Weyr] A'deo has disconnected.
[Fort Weyr] A'deo has connected.
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky clings to!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: o.o
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: …I blame the grapefruit
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky shakesfist at the grapefruit
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo was totally about to type on how it has been an all day project as I'm finishing it now and as I was typing 'grapefruit' the thing closed o.o
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: lol XD
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky: The grapefruit really does not like your computer!
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: no it doesn't! I wish i had an earlier log of it's assult on my compuetr so I could post these on OOC XD
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: maybe it has something to do with me skinning it and devouring it slowly >..
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky might have it logged, scrolls up to check
[Fort Weyr/Roc] A'deo: >.>
[Fort Weyr/Roc] B'ky XD

Thus ends the epic battle of the grapefruit. <.<


…or does it?

<OOC> A'deo says, "B'KY! Threaten my compuuuuter!"
<OOC> B'ky says, "GRAPEFRUIT!"
<OOC> A'deo says, "YAY!"
<OOC> B'ky XD
<OOC> A'deo says, "it's creepy how well that works"
<OOC> B'ky dies. It's the power of grapefruit.
<OOC> Lyuba xD