Sio's Sound of Music
[Fort Weyr] A'deo must scuttle for feeding ponies
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: stay safe, Deo
[Fort Weyr] A'deo luffs on and scoots!
[Fort Weyr] R'oc: Bye A'doe!!"
[Fort Weyr] Siobhan: Have fun. :D
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: …what is it with people calling me a deer today?
[Fort Weyr] A'deo : The Rider You Wish Your Vampire Could Sparkle Like. [A'deo]
[Fort Weyr] Pralius has typoed it many times… today was just the first day I didn't catch it XD
[Fort Weyr] R'oc laughs. "I meant A'deo.":P
[Fort Weyr] Siobhan: A'doe, a deer, a female deer… Pral, a drop of golden suuuun. Meo, a name I call my weyrlingmaster, Meahakumeleth, a longlong name to type… Sado needs a needle pulling thread… B'ky, a name to follow Sado… Ely likes tea with jam and bread, and that brings us back to A'doeee.
[Fort Weyr] Siobhan needs a straightjacket, stat.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: XD

Attack Of The Amazon Siobhan
[Fort Weyr] Siobhan: AMAZON, people, AMAZON. D<
[Fort Weyr] Siobhan shakes a stick.
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: o.O
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: you're an amazon?
[Fort Weyr] A'deo hides!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: XD
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: XD
[Fort Weyr] Siobhan is, actually. <.< IRL nickname, but ENTIRELY besides the point. XD
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: XDXD
[Fort Weyr] A'deo hides in closet. |o.|
[Fort Weyr] B'ky sneaks into closet >.>
[Fort Weyr] Sado: Oh then wonder why my net booted me and wouldn't let me on.
[Fort Weyr] M'lo: Later
[Fort Weyr] A'deo notes that |o.| <—- Deo peeking out of closet
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: heya Sado
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: XD
[Fort Weyr] M'lo has disconnected.
[Fort Weyr] Siobhan attempts to poke that exposed eye.
[Fort Weyr] Jayashri grew up with classic stuff like Cary Grant, Catherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, etc. My mum had quite a collection of movies.
[Fort Weyr] Sado: Hello Pralius!
[Fort Weyr] A'deo squeals and shuts door!
[Fort Weyr] Siobhan: OW MY FINGER.
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: mmmm… Humphrey Bogart….
[Fort Weyr] A'deo dies! XD
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: Chaplin ftw!
[Fort Weyr] Ely has connected.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Ely~
[Fort Weyr] B'ky cookies
[Fort Weyr] Siobhan limps away to nurse wounds, waves to Ely!
[Fort Weyr] Ely snugs. :) Heyo.
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: Ely mah lourve!
[Fort Weyr] Pralius snugs Sio's finger
[Fort Weyr] A'deo (from closet): YOU HAVE 9 MORE!
[Fort Weyr] Siobhan: Yeah, welll… What I'm going after in revenge, you only have one of! *runs!*
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: O.O
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: O.O
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: o.O
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: XDXDXD
[Fort Weyr] B'ky valiantly protects Deo's nose. <.<
[Fort Weyr] Siobhan loves you, B'ky. XD
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: XD

argh… aaaaah!!!!
[Fort Weyr] R'oc has connected.
[Fort Weyr] R'oc: Why can't people…..argh….aaaaah!!!!
[Fort Weyr] A'deo can… watch! ARGH! AAAAAHHHH!

Playing with the Tee-Awlk:
[Fort Weyr] Ely has connected.
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: eLy
[Fort Weyr] Ely snugs and snerks. xD Now that sounded like Eli.
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: niice, your screenreader entertains me
[Fort Weyr] Ely: It equally entertains and frustrates me at times.
[Fort Weyr] Pralius can understand that
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: is it bad that I'm tempted to capitalize random letters to see what it churns out?
[Fort Weyr] Ely snerks. Go ahead if you like. It'd be an interesting experiment.
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: HeLlo
[Fort Weyr] Ely: Sounds like … Hee-loh.
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: hEllo
[Fort Weyr] Ely: Sounsd like … "H"-elloh. Like it just said the letter H and then ello. xD
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: jEllo
[Fort Weyr] Ely: Jay-ello. xD The good thing about this is I can catch typoes pretty easily as they sound funky when my screen reader reads them, even if they're tiny.
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: jElLo
[Fort Weyr] Ely hms. Jay-ehl-oh. Interesting. xD
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: XD
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: I'm tAlkIng to eLy
[Fort Weyr] Ely: Tee-awlking, apparently, to someone named Eli. xD
[Fort Weyr] Pralius giggles
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: I feel like a tee-awlk should be some sort of D&D monster
[Fort Weyr] Ely snickers. It should if it isn't already.
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: Tee-Awlk: a vicious part ent-part eagle that has been fused together by dark magics and now travels the world crushing the innocents beneath its roots and seeking somewhere to nest.
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: XD