'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Sneaky Fellows:
[Fort Weyr] B'ky spots a sneaky WL, points.
[Fort Weyr] Vi'leko points as well!
[Fort Weyr] Ma'kai eeps! I've been found out!
[Fort Weyr] Ma'kai points at a W2!
[Fort Weyr] Vi'leko eeeees!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky peers.
[Fort Weyr] Vi'leko points at the Wingleader.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky points at… er, himself?
[Fort Weyr] Ma'kai: A band of sneaky fellows if ever I saw them XD
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: indeed
[Fort Weyr] Vi'leko snickers. XD

[Fort Weyr] B'ky also nudges to ass more pevents >.> The goal is 500 by the end of the year!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky totally just made up a random number
[Fort Weyr] Sabrina wishes she were around more often… to ass?
[Fort Weyr] Rupa giggles. Ass.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky DIES
[Fort Weyr] Sabrina loves on.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: add, ADD damnit XD

it's logarrific
[Fort Weyr] B'ky is editing logfiles, yay.
[Fort Weyr] Kessa hugs on B'ky. I never have time for that. XD
[Fort Weyr] B'ky will make teh wiki logarrific
[Fort Weyr] B'ky can't believe he just typed that -.-
[Fort Weyr] Tarish laughs. ;D
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: right, too much caffiene tonight
[Fort Weyr] Sabrina loves on B'ky
[Fort Weyr] Tarish: It's okay. Caffiene is goooood.

Honestly.. who wouldn't?
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Fort's Random Location: Stairway
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: huh
[Fort Weyr] K'shan: It wants me in a rustic cabin. Huh.
[Fort Weyr] Ely gets .. Fort Weyr's Island Getaway? Hm.
[Fort Weyr] Kadesh feels like being a bad goldrider tonight. >)
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Who wouldn't, K'shan? ;P
[Fort Weyr] Kadesh giggles.
[Fort Weyr] Meo: Lol
[Fort Weyr] Kadesh pets Meo.
[Fort Weyr] K'shan looks scandalized!

He's really her man meat
[Fort Weyr] Ma'kai grins.
[Fort Weyr] Meo chews on a WL.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky hms. Nibbles a WL as well.
[Fort Weyr] Ma'kai is tasty man meat?
[Fort Weyr] A'di points!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Very. >.>
[Fort Weyr] Ma'kai dies
[Fort Weyr] A'di chews on Ma'kai, mmmm, manmeat.
[Fort Weyr] Ma'kai bursts out laughing!
[Fort Weyr] Kessa beats off with a stick? mine? :P
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Clearly, someone's no longer in the closet.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky coughs. <.<
[Fort Weyr] Ma'kai snerks!
[Fort Weyr] Ma'kai is Kessa's man meat.
[Fort Weyr] Kessa dies a little ^^;
[Fort Weyr] A'di sneaks back into the closet.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky is so putting this on the wiki :P
[Fort Weyr] Ma'kai laughs!

[Fort Weyr] Kessa has connected.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: K
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: E
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: S
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: S
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: A
[Fort Weyr] B'ky <3
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: ok, that -has- to be the best welcome!! :)
[Fort Weyr] B'ky <3 <3 <3s
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: XD WIKI IT!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky does so!

Saved by the semi-colon…
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: K
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: E
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: S
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: S
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: A
[Fort Weyr] B'ky <3 <3 <3
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: OMG!
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: B
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: '
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: K
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: Y
[Fort Weyr] A'deo DIES XD
[Fort Weyr] B'ky !! <3
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: you sillies!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky ^^
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: sometimes :)
[Fort Weyr] B'ky loves on.
[Fort Weyr] R'sner twitches.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: R
[Fort Weyr] B'ky
[Fort Weyr] R'sner: No!!!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky fails XD
[Fort Weyr] R'sner faints. Saved.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: saved by the semi-colon.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky shakesfist at typos.
[Fort Weyr] A'deo snerks!

Beware of the munches
[Fort Weyr] Moydeo: Man, I must be subconciously hungry, wanted to edit my app, and I typed 'chowmyapp' lol!

Who's Doing What?

Joseph              00:00  20s  Oh, and the Master, he's just been back.
Sabrina             00:03   0s  Does he still have that rubbish beard?
A'mar               00:04   0s  No, no beard this time...
B'ky                00:04   6s  ...Well, a wife.

[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Leeko
[Fort Weyr] B'ky points. At!
[Fort Weyr] Vi'leko: B'ky!
[Fort Weyr] Vi'leko gestures. At. FURIOUSLY!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky <3s. WITH MUCH FURY.
[Fort Weyr] S'phoj pees himself at the punctuation. TOO MANY DOTS.
[Fort Weyr] Ma'kai takes pictures of the furious men of Fort and makes a calendar.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky. DOTS. S'phoj.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky poses! In black leather.
[Fort Weyr] S'phoj pretends to be a tree out of fear. ._. NO ONE CAN SEE ME NOW.
[Fort Weyr] S'phoj: Hawt.

The Furious Men of Fort: Candidates
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Br'yn!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky has a sketch of him too!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: shitless even
[Fort Weyr] Kadesh blinks?
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: shirtless -.-;
[Fort Weyr] Kadesh: LAWL.

The Awesome That is Leko
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Leko.
[Fort Weyr] Vi'leko: Leko.
[Fort Weyr] Vi'leko: …I totally just typed my own name.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: XD
[Fort Weyr] Vi'leko facedesks.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: You're that awesome.

[Fort Weyr] B'ky: ..
[Fort Weyr] R'sner dies.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: FURY
[Fort Weyr] R'sner just…. dies.
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: XD!!!!
[Fort Weyr] R'sner falls off couch.
[Fort Weyr] Ely snickers.
[Fort Weyr] M'lo dies laughing
[Fort Weyr] R'sner <3's B'ky.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky coughs, dies a little inside.
[Fort Weyr] R'sner smooches da B'ky.
[Fort Weyr] M'lo temporarily nicknames B'ky Tootie-Futy
[Fort Weyr] B'ky swoons. FURIOUSLY
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: XD!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky diies.
[Fort Weyr] R'sner snickers!
[Fort Weyr] M'lo: That was wonderful. :) I haven't laughed that hard in a while. :)
[Fort Weyr] B'ky needs a spellcheck on this thing T.T
[Fort Weyr] R'sner snugsa B'ky. S'ok.
[Fort Weyr] Ely: Typoes make for good entertainment though!
[Fort Weyr] R'sner: Indeed.

Noses on the brain…
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Sabrina. I need to share.
[Fort Weyr] Sabrina: Ok ^__^
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Sabrina pages: Would you say you could stick your nose in his nostril?
[Fort Weyr] Sabrina dies
[Fort Weyr] Kadesh dies. Wha?
[Fort Weyr] Sabrina is trying to draw Avi with B'ky
[Fort Weyr] B'ky literally spat up soda XD
[Fort Weyr] Sabrina: I need to know size proportion.
[Fort Weyr] Kadesh dries B'ky off with a towel. xD
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: also Yes, I imagine I could probably stick half my head in his nostril XD
[Fort Weyr] Sabrina: Ok then XD

Quiet night?
[Fort Weyr] B'ky pets a cricket
[Fort Weyr] A'deo nods and noticed. Kinda all over too, heh
[Fort Weyr] A'deo runs around with a stick on iron fences to make noise?
[Fort Weyr] B'ky geeps
[Fort Weyr] M'lo bleeps.
[Fort Weyr] A'deo squeaks
[Fort Weyr] M'lo cheeps.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky meeps
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: yeeks
[Fort Weyr] B'ky murblewurbles
[Fort Weyr] M'lo peeps!
[Fort Weyr] A'deo neeps!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky beeps
[Fort Weyr] M'lo …sheeps?
[Fort Weyr] A'deo reepicheeps!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky zeeeps
[Fort Weyr] M'lo seeps
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: ew
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: XD

The Closet Conquest
[Fort Weyr] Meo tickles A'deo. Why you hiding in the storage room?
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: …conquest.
[Fort Weyr] Meo: o.o Ooo, of what?
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: we already have the closet in the lounge… we are seeking to expand our territory. *waves bluie flag!*
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: soon we shall populate all the storage facilities of Pern! Mua ha ha ha hack-gack-cough!
[Fort Weyr] Meo: You should of taken over my weyr then, it was aparently storage for old unwanted furniture. xD Before I cleaned it that is, lol!
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: damn! missed one! Oh well, no matter… there are many more *deviously plots*

Late-night Heartattack…
[Fort Weyr] A'deo shrieks and jumps behind B'ky and Rupa. EEK!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky O_O;
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: scary! O.O
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: omg A'deo you nearly gave me a heartattack XD
[Fort Weyr] B'ky had closed this window, suddenly the spawn popped up again
[Fort Weyr] Rupa: XDD
[Fort Weyr] Rupa hi5s Deo for that
[Fort Weyr] A'deo dies and high5s Rupa back! Sweet!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky flails.
[Fort Weyr] Rupa: Y'all make me laugh. XD

Because he's a stud..
[Fort Weyr] A'deo has disconnected.
[Fort Weyr] A'deo has connected.
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: o.O
[Fort Weyr] B'ky snugs a Deo!
[Fort Weyr] A'di staples Deo.
[Fort Weyr] A'deo purrs and then yowls!
[Fort Weyr] R'sner: Quick, B'ky, while he's stabled: Give him more paperwork!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky dies
[Fort Weyr] R'sner: sta/p/led
[Fort Weyr] R'sner: we do not stable dragonriders. noooo
[Fort Weyr] R'sner: even if Deo's a stud *dies*
[Fort Weyr] A'di diiiiesss.
[Fort Weyr] A'deo DIES!

Get some what now?
[Fort Weyr] S'phoj: Ah, this reminds me. can i get a list of common btwdests from someone at some point?
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: Hmmm…
[Fort Weyr] B'ky nods
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Avi's got 50-something :p
[Fort Weyr] A'deo snerks!
[Fort Weyr] S'phoj: Loooots.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: He gets around.
[Fort Weyr] S'phoj wants to RP getting some, but i think before I do that I should grab them OOC, in case i don't get around to it for awhile.
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: …bad two comments to read out of context
[Fort Weyr] B'ky XD

Like An A'deo Misses A B'ky…
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: o.o B'ky disappeared!
[Fort Weyr] Pralius: nu!
[Fort Weyr] Kadesh gasps!
[Fort Weyr] A'deo sniffles
[Fort Weyr] Kadesh cuddles. He'll be back.
[Fort Weyr] A'deo misses B'ky like monkeys miss salsa dancing
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: WHICH IS A LOT!
[Fort Weyr] Kadesh awres.
[Fort Weyr] Vi'leko: Like a child misses their blankie!
[Fort Weyr] Kadesh wants chips and salsa now. That's what I don't like about this installation, there's no good Mexican food restaurants out here. >(
[Fort Weyr] Vi'leko: Like the honky tonk misses the badonadonk!
[Fort Weyr] A'deo sniffles. Yus
[Fort Weyr] Kadesh dies.
[Fort Weyr] Kadesh: Like A'deo misses his shower curtain.
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: B'ky is the badonkadonk to my honky tonk
[Fort Weyr] Vi'leko: Like a cold foot misses the sock!
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: >.>
[Fort Weyr] Vi'leko: Like the worm YEARNS FOR THE DIRT! A'DEO DOES MISS THE B'KY!
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: YUS! B'ky ish mah dirt >.>
[Fort Weyr] Kadesh giggles.

Tyr gains a new hat.
[Fort Weyr] Tyr has connected.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Tyr.
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: THE MONKEYS!
[Fort Weyr] Tyr: Purplepants.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky tosses them at Tyr.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: with FURY!
[Fort Weyr] Tyr runs of with them. On his head.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky XD
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Stylish, very stylish.
[Fort Weyr] Tyr: Of course.

A good imagination does not require pants.
[Fort Weyr] Br'yn has connected.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky spots a Br'yn.
[Fort Weyr] Br'yn is a figment of your fevered imagination.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky has a good imagination.
[Fort Weyr] Br'yn would like some pants, plz.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky >.>
[Fort Weyr] B'ky hands over some pants.
[Fort Weyr] Br'yn mutters about B'ky's imagination and puts them on.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky has /very/ good imagination, apparently.

Fort has flavrs
[Fort Weyr] B'ky makes obligatory GRUMPYFACE at M'lo ;)
[Fort Weyr] M'lo tastes like Marshm'lo's. Can you stay grumpy for long? Really? :D
[Fort Weyr] B'ky >.>
[Fort Weyr] B'ky nibbles a M'lo~
[Fort Weyr] Ely snerks.
[Fort Weyr] Ely: I wonder if M'lo would make good Rice Krispie treats.
[Fort Weyr] M'lo giggles as he's nibbled! <— Say that 5 times fast. I DARE YOU.
[Fort Weyr] A'deo nods and murphs
[Fort Weyr] B'ky snuggles a Deo more.
[Fort Weyr] M'lo finds the Tick on Hulu. Dies of happy.
[Fort Weyr] Tyr: o_o
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Hulu has much win these days.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: also Tyr. You needz a flavr
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: and darnit, I forgot to do the chillies thing AGAIN today -.-
[Fort Weyr] M'lo tastes like s'mores!!!
[Fort Weyr] Tyr: I need..a flavor? o_O
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Yep.
[Fort Weyr] Ely apparently tastes like hot spicy habanero peppers?
[Fort Weyr] B'ky is, obviously, snickerdoodles.
[Fort Weyr] R'lin is.. guacamole if I remember right…
[Fort Weyr] Tyr does not know what he tastes like..
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: R'sner is spicy cajun
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Deo is sparkly rock candy.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: and Kash is a hot jalapeno. We've decided. :P
[Fort Weyr] K'shan: I see. ^^;
[Fort Weyr] Kessa peers
[Fort Weyr] B'ky nibbles a Kessa.
[Fort Weyr] Tyr: Kessa, I apparently need a flavor!
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: popcorn
[Fort Weyr] Tyr stares.
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: Tyr-amisu!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky dies.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: oh! and Meo is cinnaMeo >.> Kessa needs a flavr too
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: although I suspect Kessa just tastes like Awesome.
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: nah XD
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: Only think I can think of is Kessa-roll… which could be sushi or anything >.>
[Fort Weyr] Tyr wants to be a cinnamon bun.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: mmm cinnamon buns
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: geenies are spicy, guess brownies and blueies are.. sugary?
[Fort Weyr] Kessa is a Hot Tamale
[Fort Weyr] B'ky XD
[Fort Weyr] Kessa shrugs. :)
[Fort Weyr] B'ky likes lol
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: also agrees, considering some of those dresses.. >.>
[Fort Weyr] Kessa cackles. xD
[Fort Weyr] A'deo: >.>
[Fort Weyr] A'deo coughs
[Fort Weyr] Kessa: Oh Deo, you know you like them
[Fort Weyr] A'deo did not deny this!

Fortian Peoplepile~
[Fort Weyr] R'lin mewfs sleepily
[Fort Weyr] Ely snugs a R'lin.
[Fort Weyr] R'lin snugs an Ely. And sits on Tamsyn
[Fort Weyr] Tamsyn goes squish.
[Fort Weyr] R'lin oopses >.> <.<
[Fort Weyr] Galina gets out the bandages.
[Fort Weyr] Meo sits on R'lin.
[Fort Weyr] R'lin curls up in person pile. :>
[Fort Weyr] B'ky perches on a Meo <.<
[Fort Weyr] Ely clambers on top of B'ky. xD
[Fort Weyr] Galina drapes on the top of the pile.
[Fort Weyr] Ely: Squish.
[Fort Weyr] Tamsyn is so totally squished on the bottom of said pile.
[Fort Weyr] B'ky stealthily nabs Tyr and Zan, tugs them in too~
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: squiish >.>
[Fort Weyr] Ely erks.
[Fort Weyr] Tyr mphs!
[Fort Weyr] Meo: Ack!
[Fort Weyr] B'ky: Fortian peoplepile ftw <3

Lovely Blue-Green Evening At Fort