Clutching, Search scenes, candidate scenes, excursions, egg touchings, hatching, weyrling lessons: all the scenes related to Kouzevelth's 3rd PC clutch, Fort's fall 2017 Search.

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Title OOC Date Cast
Lunchtime Egg Touching October 12, 2017 Eiram, Jaelynn, Inri, Leuka, Riohra
Snowed In With Found Treasure! October 9, 2017 Leuka, Riohra, Kimmila
Snowed In! October 8, 2017 Jaelynn, Kimmila, Leuka, Riohra, Sephany
Warped & Twisted in the Barracks! October 7, 2017 Carellos, Leuka, Jaelynn, Risali
Candidates talk over dinner September 30, 2017 Riohra, Jaelynn, Eiram
Splash Zone (Jaelynn is Searched) September 29, 2017 Jaelynn, Syn
Take Care of Fizgig? September 25, 2017 Sephany, Leuka
Your Worst Nightmare (Eiram is Searched!) September 25, 2017 Eiram, Syn
Search and Labor! (Leuka is Searched!) September 25, 2017 Leia, Leuka