'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

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Eastern Weyr - Commons Cavern(#9528RIJM)
A grand stairway leads downward into the cool rock of the commons cavern, a place for socializing and relaxing, as well as an area that provides solid shelter from the seasonal storms of this area. One of the few caverns at Eastern Weyr, the rock here has been worn away by centuries worth of water movement, leaving a nearly glass smooth polish over much of the room. Rocky shelves line the walls on which electric lights covered with paper lanterns rest, providing adequate illumination for the area. High above are further light fixtures, enabling a wide range of lighting options here. A natural pool occupies half of the far end of the cavern and is supplied with heated water piped in by an ingenious techcrafter. All about the room are balconies of rock with stairs leading to them and small dumbwaiters for the purpose of delivering food and drink to their heights.

People: Kessa Jochi S'dan
Objects: Dragon Dice Bingo

S'dan rises from his seat at his Wing's table as the meeting with the Flame Wing breaks up. Some riders head out the doors, others to get something to drink. S'dan is one of these. He needs to refill his glass with something cool to drink. "Good ideas, Gentlemen. We'll practice the drills tomorrow for two hours before heading out."

Stranger. Foreigner. She has all the looks of a nervous mouse sneaking into the den of felines. It's not strange to see unfamiliar faces, surely not with the duties of the dragonmen these days, but even so this curious creature tries ever so gracefully to go unnoticed as she creeps through the cavern, meaning to flee outside by the scurried little steps she takes. Midway through the cavern, hunger strikes, making the girl rethink her plans by her obvious back peddling of steps, and the sway of her gaze toward the food. Kessa fidgets as she debates and in the end takes the route for the food.

Jochi is working his way through what's left of the breakfast line, picking up the odd thing here or there, adding it to what's already on his plate. Swiftly following this, hemoves out into the main area of the caverns, looking for a seat. He doesn't seem to be with anyone, or have any particular area in mind to go seat himself, so he very nearly and very accidently runs over the fair well obfuscated Kessa in his meandering through the caverns. "Please forgive, I did not see you there." He intones after stopping short before her.

S'dan fills his glass and starts to stroll in front of the food array. However, one of his Wingmen comes by with a question.
"S'dan, did you want me on the right and T'krat on the left, or the other way around?" S'dan turns but his feet keep walking. "You on the left. I want to see your blue make those turns. It's important that you both can handle any position in a storm." Then he turns and almost runs into someone, a young girl with black hair…and pretty face. "Ho! Excuse me!" he says quickly but not at all irritably in manner. His drink almost sloshes out.

The hunger the girl seems to be suffering through, obvious by the way she puts a hand to her stomach, all but makes her blind to the on coming Jochi. The surprised look on Kessa's face is immediately masked by a red tinge of bashfulness, an apologetic flash of teeth spared at the man who could have quite easily tumbled right into her. Tucking a lock of hair behind an ear with her eyes pinned at her feet, she every so sluggishly turns her eyes up toward Jochi, "It's well you did. I would've been made a flat cake instead of eating one." Her hands easily fold before her resting on her light weight skirt, "Though it's not entirely your fault," another smile, this one a little softer and more confident. Just when the trouble seems over though, another man seems to nearly tumble into them, this time making her abruptly lift her hand to her mouth to cover her giggles. To share what she finds humerous she glances at S'dan, "I better be careful, I might just be made into a flat cake after all. Or is this the way Weyr men say hello?"

Jochi quirks his head. He's never really been called a weyrman before. Nomad, crafter even. Renegade once, but that was quickly withdrawn. Weyr man is a new one on the younger man. Anyway, it gives him such pause he doesn't really have anything to add to continue the conversation at this moment in time. Not even when S'dan is added to his perception.

S'dan smiles at the girl. "I am sorry," he says warmly. "Seriously, I was the one who was not watching. I hope you are all right, miss?"

Kessa tosses another strand or two of hair behind her shoulder, glancing side long at Jochi's silence, a moment of unease over comes her expression until she prods at him further with a delicate tone, "I hope I didn't offend?" A look at Jochi's shoulder knot, eyes squinting slightly at the ends, but she makes no further comment about it. He's in a Weyr, thus dubed like the rest of them. A curt parting of lips curls a quiet smile onto her features, "Kessa," she interceeds when he titles her as a miss, "and I'm fine. You didn't even knick me." She pulls a hand up to her hip, tilting her head, "But for the record, since you both -" her gaze flashed toward Jochi to include him as well, "- nearly flattened me, the least you could do is introduce yourselves. I'm quite new to this region and wouldn't mind saying that I knew a few people."

S'dan quickly gives a neat bit of a bow. "S'dan, Rider of Brown Cyrilth, at your service!"

Jochi shakes his head quickly. "Oh no, is no offence. I have simply not ever been called a weyr man before. Is a new thought to me. Hi-ah, my rudensses. I'm sorry. I am Jochi, journeyman of a Tannercraft Hall. Is good to meet you Kessa."

Kessa seems a little confused by the bow, a grand gesture she would've never expected to be cast her way, though it certainly brings color to her cheeks. "S'dan, rider of brown Cyrilth" a pause, "it's a pleasure to meet you. And your man," she smiles briefly at his wingman who had dropped along behind him before the near accident occurred. "It looks like you were busy," the implication to S'dan's tag-along, though she doesn't really try to excuse herself either, allowing him the opportunity if pressing matters are at hand. Instead she further carries the conversation back to the man, "S'dan, if I'm to say that I know you, you just might have to tell me what you do here—" she waves her hand in gesture to include the entire Weyr proper, a smile poised at him. Her eyes sweep back to Jochi, a slight lift of her shoulders is made as she makes another apologetic wince in his direction, "My mistake," a beat before she carries on, "it's good to meet you as well Jochi. Don't worry about rudeness. If anything, I was afraid I was being rude," she seems to relax a bit further as shoulders appear not to be held tensely.

P'erk wiggles fingers in way of a wave and smiles brightly. "Hello! Eastern's duty to you!" he says cheerfully.

S'dan says "Good to see you again, Joshi. No, we certainly wouldn't want any people pancakes! Go ahead and help yourself to whatever you like, Miss," he says to the young lady. "Sit any place that you like that's clean."

Kessa slips a greeting hand up in a small wave to the wiggling-fingered P'erk, giving him a full smile for his cheerful intonation. A slight eyebrow made for S'dan, "Oh I do intend on helping myself if I can. I'm starving," the growl in her stomach makes her recall the hunger pain, inching closer toward the table as the breakfast line continues to move.

Jochi bows his head a little respectfully towards S'dan, "Good morning to you sir." What is it that L'ya and her parents are always telling him? To be more forward. To look for ways of being more open to the people around him. It's not that Jochi's unkind or anything like that, just rather shy and reserved. "You are welcome to join me if you like. Both of you, if you do not have other duties, S'dan?"

S'dan notes Kessa's stomach growl. "Wow, that does sound serious. You'be better grab some real pancakes. Ah, sure, thank you, Joshi. They've just cleaned my WIng's table. We can all sit there. I've still got my notebooks and charts there." He helps himself to a couple of pancakes. With syrup.

Kessa, Jochi, S'dan and his wingman are jumbled haphazardly near the line of people attending the line at the food tables, with Kessa inching along with the moving line eager to find herself a plate and a morsel or two. They seem to be in idle conversation as if to pass the time until they are right at the front.

Kessa, with her cheeks flushed for the noise that her stomach makes, eagerly accepts the invitation to sit with her new found acquaintances. "I would enjoy that," a beat, "sitting alongside such fellows as yourselves. Maybe I might pry out a few tips from you, Journeyman—" this spoken toward Jochi, and as for S'dan as she shuffles along grabbing a plate, "Your wing's table? You're a boss around here then?" she says the term loosely and not out of offense - as the mischievous grin implies.

As it's early in the morning, the most logical place to look for a person with a trio of racous, rambunctious, and ravenous 'lizards would have to be the commons cavern! Seated in a chair, her legs tucked underneath her and a bowl of meat cradled in her lap, Korislle methodically hands out small strips of meat to her bronze, and her pair of blues. The others in the vicinity are regarded with casual glances and smiles, but Kori is much too preoccupied with the three mouths to feed, so she refrains from initiating any conversation.

S'dan nods to Kessa. "WingLeader of the Flame Wing," he explains. "We do the Serch and Rescue, basically the protection of the Weyr and surrounding area." He nods towards the indicated table and heads the way.

Kessa tries to remain polite to the two men she has just met while she turns from them to fill her plate with breakfast servings of fruit and flatcakes - topping it with syrup of course. A glance back at S'dan's words shows her quick respect etched in her features for what the man's job title is in regards to. Youthful indulgence in the conversation is obvious as she excitedly asks, "Search and rescue? Have you had to rescue anyone lately? Are there many ships that crash? How about the storms - do you fly right through them to rescue people? Has anyone ever died?" She hurriedly finishes loading her plate and gets torn between waiting for Jochi and following S'dan.

Jochi lets his eyes dart around again, looking for enough places to sit when S'dan offers his wings table for their use. "Thank you sir, is most appreciated."

S'dan sets his plate down, listening to the rush of questions. He pulls out a chair to his right while he takes his place at the head of the table. "Oh, yes. We fly right through the storms as far as our dragons can handle it. We do rescue people and…yes…sometimes someone doesn't make it. But not if we can at all help it." He nods to the Tanner. "My pleasure, Joshi."

A somber expression flashes across Kessa's facial features as she seats herself in one of the emptied chairs at the wing's table. Her sad expression only lasts for a moment, the girl regaining her prior composure with a few tasty fork fulls of flatcake and fruit. Kessa idly puts a lock of hair behind an ear as she begins to eat, having listened to S'dan's words without further pressing the conversation - the morbidness on the tailend of it having quieted the girl. Instead, she nibbles on what she had selected for her morning meal while taking a moment to really look around herself, looking out at all the interesting people - including one woman who sports a fair of firelizards.

"You can't be so sharding greedy," Korislle hisses towards Derog, the avaricious bronze snarling while his talons snap out to snatch extra bits of meat out of Kori's bowl for himself. "C'mon, now! Now there won't be enough for the three of you!" Korislle protests, glaring at Derog. The bronze snarls again, his eyes whirling a rapid red-orange as he hovers in the air above Korislle. Jhyri and Rocko both leap into the air, chittering angrily at the bronze who is flexing his muscles in order to satisfy his need to be the best, and to have the most. The pair of blues stimaltaneously snake out their necks, hissing in dangerously low tones. Derog will have none of it; a leonine roar erupts from the young bronze's throat, his head thrown back in rapture as he proclaims his superiority.

Kessa had already been looking Kori's way when her fair of lizards decide to challenge one another in shows of dominancy. A brow lifts at the sight, though certainly she doesn't move near those aggressive firelizards, despite the wince of sympathy made for their keeper. She mutters, "That must be quite the task…keeping those creatures in line." She dips another piece of flat cake in the syrup, munching it down.

S'dan looks over to the girl with the firelizard as he takes a bite of his breakfast and chews. He smiles, shakes his head a bit and goes on eating.

Used to the misbehavior of her 'lizards, Korislle doesn't flinch or shrink away from the challenge of calming the trio. Jhyri and Rocko are easy enough; the blues are both much easier to assuage than Derog. The pompous, protective, and picky bronze shies away from Korislle, snarling ferociously. He moves back, hovering above the table that Kessa, Jochi, and S'dan aree occupying. "Leave them alone," Korislle insists through clenched teeth. She sets the now empty bowl of meat aside, standing up out of the chair and taking a step towards Derog. The bronze shrieks like a banshee, swooping low over the table, dropping the few pieces of dripping, juicy, raw meat he had had clenched in his talons. "Shards," Kori curses under her breath, rolling her eyes at Derog leaps *between* to evade punishment. "I'm really sorry about him," Kori says, sashaying towards S'dan's table, her face screwed into an expression of frustration and guilt.

S'dan just laughs! "Cute, aren't they?" he says, completely nonplussed. "It happens."

The first instinct Kessa has when one of the lizards swoops above their table is to duck down! "Sharp talons.. Sharp talons!" she waves a hand at the bronze as she ducks and tries to shoo it away at the same time, several times ending up squeaking as the creature snarls and shrieks. Kessa throws a hand to her head when she notices pieces of meat splattering every where, trying to protect her freshly washed head of hair now instead of shooing. Her plate can't be given the same protection and a big fatty piece of bloody meat makes a sickening squish into her breakfast flatcake when it flops therein. Kessa's eyes go wide and she feels her cheeks heating up, indigination clearly written on her face as she tries to throw something at the firelizard in retalliation - but the thing goes between. There's no telling if her flung piece of food will splat harmlessly away from her tablemates or make one of them suffer the fate of sticky substance abuse. In the end, she spins her teal gaze upon Korislle, "He's a menance," she states flatly, "lucky he's yours and not mine." She tries to calm herself by soothing the folds in her skirt.

Jochi is suddenly glad to not have a fair of his own at all. Anyway, he pretty much busies himself with the eating, only starting somewhat at the meat being flung in their general direction.

"Cute?" Korislle nearly chokes on the word as she spits it out, openly gawking at S'dan. "We must have learned different definitions for the word, then," she says, chuckling and tossing her dark hair over a shoulder. Jhyri and Rocko are still lingering around the Cavern; Rocko makes his way towards Kori, settling himself carefully on her shoulders. The sweet blue croons soothingly, rubbing his cheek along his pet's jawline. "Aren't you a sweetheart, though," Korislle coos to the blue, reaching out to affectionately scratch his headknobs. With a glance to Kessa, Korislle suddenly bristles defensively, sitting straighter and looking at Kessa down her nose condescendingly. "He isn't a menace," she says slowly, her voice flat and calculated.

The condescending downward look from Korislle certainly grabs Kessa's attention, finding herself tensing up as abruptly put on the defence herself. She reiterates her previous sentiments, "A flying menace then. He could've poked out someone's eye." There's a long moment before she hefts an eyebrow at Korislle, "Look-" she points down into her plate, showing where the big glob of fatty meat had landed squarely in her plate and splattered syrup everywhere, "meat doesn't go with flatcakes, especially raw meat. Only a menace would do this-" she tries to lighten the mood with a quirky grin and a shrug of her shoulders.

S'dan reaches out to pat Kessa's hand. "Well, they are young, they'll learn…besides, have you ever heard of pancakes and sausages? Delicious!"

"Well, I apologized. Not much else I can do," Korislle says vaguely, wiggling her fingers and shrugging. Rocko echoes Kori's sentiments with a series of rapid and high-pitched chirps. Reaching out, Kori plucks the meat from Kessa's plate; she hands the offending strip to Rocko, who inhales it without waiting a second. Chuckling, Korislle looks to Kessa with a coy smile — "Better?" she asks smartly, crossing her arms over her chest.

Kessa makes a distinguished grossed out expression, "Eew. Syrup, 'cakes and sausages?" A dubious glance is given to the meat sitting atop the pile of fruit and syrup and 'cake. "It's certainly never crossed my mind," she admits, regarding the other woman with an acknowleding tilt of her chin, "I didn't hear that. My mistake," she intones, trying to make amends to the other woman - not wishing to make enemies so soon. Eyeing S'dan as he pats her hand, her lips compress into a stiff smile, turning that upon Kori as she plucks free the meat. A stern nod is given, "Yes. Thank you. It looked at least tasty for that one-" her eyes on Kori's Rocko.

S'dan asks the girl with the firelizards, "So how old are they? Fairly young, I take it?" He finishes his breakfast with just one more bite. Doesn't take him long. Then he wipes his hands on a cloth and, being as casually as he can, checks the charts and notebooks to make sure there isn't any more syrup or grease on them, at least. He wipes up just a few spots, not bad. Then he gets a nice deep swallow of the cool citrus drink.

Rocko shows his appreciation of the meat from Kessa's plate with a climbing trill, his voice winding into the upper reaches of his voice's range. Kori chuckles, reaching up to scritch Rocko's jaw; the blue stretches his neck and hums with content. "I'm Korislle, and this is Rocko," she belatedly introduces herself and the 'lizard aroound her shoulders. "The menace from earlier is Derog," she adds, smiling impishly. Turning to S'dan, Korislle slides into a seat and rests her elbows on the table in front of her, chin resting on her hands. "Derog is only a few months, Rocko here is almost a turn, and my other blue is about three," she answers S'dan's question with an amiable smile.

S'dan says, "Ah, well, that explains why Derog is so excitable. He's young. He'll learn. "May I?" he asks, reaching partway out to offer scritches to the Blue.

"I'm Kessa," she interjects between S'dan and Kori's conversation, giving the blue on Kori's shoulder another thoughtful inspection, eyes lingering for moments at a time upon the creature.

Korislle nods knowingly; immaturity as the cause for Derog's frequent misbehavior is a logical conclusion, one that Korislle has come to many a time. Rocko answers S'dan's question for Korislle, hopping down on the table and scooting closer to S'dan; the little attention hog craving affection wherever he can get it. Kori can't do much other than chuckle at her blue, reaching out to scratch down his side as he lingers near the brownrider's hand. "Well met, Kessa," Korislle says with a friendly smile.

Kessa favours the friendly smile with one in return, "Pleasure," her recourse is taking her cup of juice in her hands, sipping on it quietly before she eyes the charts near S'dan. Though with her hunger saited, she quietly stands from her chair, snatching her spoiled 'cakes, excusing herself, "Sorry to be abrupt, it was a pleasure to meet you all. I'm off to test the waters of the Bay. I've been restless to go swim ever since I got here." The young woman smiles at them all, gracefully leaving their table.