Clutching, Search scenes, candidate scenes, excursions, egg touchings, hatching, weyrling lessons: all the scenes related to Kayeth's 2nd PC clutch.

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Title OOC Date Cast
Injury-Prone November 14, 2016 Doktah, Ibreily, Sygni
Whelps and Eggs (Egg-touching 1) November 13, 2016 Am'ry, Doktah, Jeltje, M'icha, Metan, Rulayn
Bets and Favors (Metan is Searched) November 7, 2016 Metan, Th'ero
McBendy (Xhanfyr is Searched!) November 7, 2016 Am'ry, Xhanfyr
Stumpy Needs to Stahp Now (Vossrik is Searched!) November 6, 2016 A'ster, Vossrik
The Wiring in My Weyr (Doktah is Searched!) November 6, 2016 Doktah, Thys
Anatomy Studies (Rulayn is Searched) November 6, 2016 Rulayn, Tiye
Sensible Price (Jeltje is Searched) November 6, 2016 Jeltje, Lin (NPC), Th'ero
Everything's... Perfect? (Kayeth Clutches) November 05, 2016 C'rus, Doktah, Ibreily, Inri, K'vir, Nyalle, Rulayn, Th'ero, Tiye, Zhirayr
Come With Me if You Want to Live (Sygni is Searched!) November 5, 2016 Am'ry, H'tal, Sygni
Beauty and the Feast (Ibreily is Searched) November 5, 2016 A'ster, Ibreily
Epic Desserts November 5, 2016 Doktah, Inri, Mirinda, Rulayn, Tiye, Zhirayr