Ista Weyr - Crafter's Area

This large hall seems to house all of the crafts. The central hall of the stone building is large enough to offer workspace for all the crafts, each individual craft area sectioned off by partitions, giving a sense of privacy without hindering ease of movement through the hall. The tall ceiling helps keep the noise levels in the hall from seeming overwhelming, the tall beams gleaming from turns of oiling, the golden color standing out against the stone of the hall. Banners hang from the ceiling, representing each one of the halls and windows along the top of the hall invite in plenty of light during the day, while electric lights suspended from candelabra style fixtures can be used for those late night work sessions, or individual glows can be used as well. The walls of the hall is lined with the doorways, each one leading into a room for each of the crafters that reside here, offering privacy as well as security for the crafters.

The midday sun has brought most Istans indoors, and just in time for lunch. The crafter's area however, has emptied of most of it's occupants. Crafter's trickle out of their workshops, heading to the caverns for their meals. One area however, doesn't seem as if it will be emptied any time soon. With doors and windows open, Ryeokie sits, hunched over a desk in one of the Starcraft's smaller rooms. Charts, pens, pencils, protractors, and books litter his desk, papers rustling every once in a while by a welcome breeze on the otherwise sweltering day. The young crafter busily scratches away at some drawing, which looks like nothing but numbers and dots. His shirt is ruffled and unbuttoned partway while half of his hair is tied up. Neither precaution seems to be helping much with the heat however.

"…and then the thread broke and the whole seam popped!" exclaimed a young female voice, her part of some conversation she was having drifting into the starcraft rooms from the hallway. "That must of been embarrassing." a deep tenor answers her with a chuckle, sounding just as amused as one might expect. This voice might sound familiar, as it belongs to Kairhys, the two not exactly quiet as they walk and talk. "So, did they…?" The girl laughs and the male weaver grunts, laughing. "Yes! They both exploded all over the place." she says, "All I could do was wrap my arms around them and run for the curtain." Kairhys and the girl laugh, now passing by the doorway, where the boy pauses upon spotting Ryeokie. "Kai?" asks the girl. "Uh, you go on ahead I'll catch up later." The girl, a pretty thing with long curly red hair and quite the set of breasts there straining against the neckline of her dress, peers inside with sparkling pale green eyes. "Okay." she says, sounding confused, but she does wander off. Kairhys leans then against the doorway, arms crossed over his chest and smirk in place on one half of his lips. "Hey, don't you eat?" he calls in, brows lifting.

The starcrafter's pencil stills as the voices float down the hall towards the room he is in, starting up again but at a slower pace. It isn't until the voices stop in front of the doorway that Ryeo lifts his head, pushing his glasses up with one hand and raising an eyebrow. "What time is it…?" The older boy furrows his brows a bit before leaning back in his chair. With perhaps more care than necessary, he begins folding a few of the charts up, neatly lining them up and putting the pencil in hand behind his ears. Even as he cleans, eyes follow the path which the girl had taken. "And who's that? She's cute." The tiniest of smirks spreads across the crafter's face, "Sounds like she was having some wardrobe problems, must have been pretty entertaining."

"Time for lunch," Kairhys says, leaning back and peeking down the hallway after the girl, perhaps to make sure she had actually left as he'd requested. "Hmm?" he asks, returning his attention to the starcrafter, chuckling soon there after. "Beala? Yeah she's pretty hot. Not very bright, but friendly enough." he informs and turns, resting his back against the door jam now, arms still crossed over his chest. "She's one of the craft models. She popped a seam and her boobs fell out during a show. I wasn't there, it was way before I joined up. She's actually working on ranking up. It's her fourth attempt." he says, shrugging before his head rolls upon his neck to peer over at Ryeokie. "Fell like grabbing a bite with me?" he asks, single brow arched.

Ryeokie let's out a low whistle before snickering a bit, "Well isn't that something. I thought they'd have checked for loose seams and stuff before the show. Not that I know anything." The crafter shrugs, his knowledge about the weavercraft not exactly up to date. The question earns perhaps a second or two of consideration before Ryeo stands, stretching upwards and smiling his half moon smile. "Well that depends. If we're eating with her too, then no thanks. If you're sacrificing your precious time with her to eat with me, then of course." Not waiting to hear the reason though, Ryeo steps into the hall. "C'mon slowpoke."

Kairhys laughs and pushes off the door jam, proving for sure perhaps that the guy just couldn't sit still. "Or maybe someone did it on purpose so she'd flash everyone. It's possible she's that dense." he says, and simply waits at the entrance for the starcrafter to finish up his cleaning before moving out into the hallway again. "Cute, Ryeokie." he snerks, shaking his head at the older boy's quasi-acceptance of his offer to share a meal together. "It's nice out, no sign of rain. Could find some place outside to eat, if privacy is what your after. It's lunchtime, all the crafters and most of the residents will be in the living cavern." Which means of course that they wouldn't be eating alone, of course. He falls into step beside Ryeokie though, heading the direction of the serving table. Either way, they needed to get something to eat, where they ate it was apparently up to the starcrafter. He peers though, off to the side at him, "Huh. Looks like your…maybe an inch taller than me." he mutters, sounding more as if he were talking to himself than him. "Beh. I guess that works." Whatever THAT means.

Ryeokie snickers, "That bad huh? Meh, she'll get a life lesson one day, maybe it'll snap her out of it." With a rather indifferent shrug the starcrafer makes his way to the living caverns and stops at the serving table, piling a plate with a rather well balanced meal, except for a rather noticeably large helping of bubblies. "Thanks, always knew I was cute, people just have a hard time saying it. They're shy." Of course that's the reason. There's a nod and another grin for the outdoor suggestion though. "I kind of suck at being in big crowds, so I don't think I'd really mind the privacy." Ryeo sends a quick wink to the weaver before stopping near the end of the table and waiting for the younger boy. A curious glance is given to the comment of height before he smirks. "Yeah, and if you drink your milk you'll grow up all nice strong and tall like me."

Kairhys shrugs, "Who knows. Sort of feel sorry for her, people taking advantage of her being such an airhead." He's behind Ryeokie in line to grab a slab of meat with gravy, salad with a light dressing, a few roasted tuber wedges and a dinner roll. Some lemonade to drink and he's heading out towards the beach, right past the starcrafter standing at a table. "Somehow I doubt it. Not going to lie though, I wouldn't kick you out of bed." he mentions casually, as if he were talking about the weather, jerking his head out towards a copse of trees with a nice dense foliage, the space in the middle private enough. "Over here." After all, wouldn't do to get people asking to eat with them or what they were up to. Wedging himself in between the bamboo curtain there, he passes within, setting his food and drink down upon a flattened boulder within, which made a perfect table. Seems the weaver had scored in finding this spot. "I'm sixteen, I have plenty of time to get all big and full of hot air like you." he grins, obviously teasing the older boy before holding the bamboo apart to let him get inside.

"If you feel that sorry for her you can help her out? She's got to learn one day. Someone isn't going to be there forever." Ryeo slips in when the curtain is opened for him and settles down with his legs stretched out and his plate on the boulder. Sliding one hand back, he leans onto it before grinning. "Really now? I thought my playboyishly flirtatious ways had you marking me as a complete no go. Isn't this a pleasant surprise." There's a small look around the area then, just a quick scan before the crafter's attention is ack on the younger boy. "Hot air?" Ryeo lets out a soft chuckle before grabbing a bubbly and taking a quick bite. "Course I'm going to be full of hot air if smartasses like you go around calling me cute."

Once Ryeokie is inside, he slides his hand free of the bamboo and lets it obscure their little hiding spot there, turning and heading over to plop down in front of his food, crossing his legs before him. "I've tried, but unless I glue myself to her hip there's not much I can do. As lovely as those hips are." Picking up his glass he takes a long cooling sip of lemonade. This place was fairly private, and enough off the well beaten path that it wasn't likely someone would think to look there without actually literally tripping over them. "I never said I didn't think you were attractive. Have to be blind not to see that. Well, blind and not into guys. That would probably help." he mutters off towards the end, digging into his food once he's set his glass down, cutting up his meat into bite-sized pieces as well as the tubers. He smirks and shakes his head, enjoying several bites of his meal before licking his lips, "What you said was cute, well not really as it was meant sarcastically, but…" he studies the starcrafter then, squinting his eyes and peering close over the boulder. "Nope. I wouldn't describe your physical appearance as cute."

Ryeokie laughs, "Guess they are, not that I really got a good look at her. Maybe I'll stop by the weavers to say hello." It only takes a few more moments for the starcrafter to finish off his bubblie, and then he's picking up a fingerroot and taking a small bite, chewing on it carefully before pointing what's left of it at the weaver and shaking his head. "No, even the completely straight guys aspire to be like me." There's a hint of sarcasm to his tone and a quick grin before pops the rest of the fingerroot into his mouth. When the weaver leans over, Ryeo sits up as well, leaning forward and giving the younger boy a small headbump. "Thanks. So what exactly would I be labeled as?"

Kairhys continues to quietly eat as Ryeokie speaks, a smirk across his lips when he mentions stopping by to say hello to Beala. He just chuckles and shakes his head, taking another sip of his drink before setting it back down on the table rock. Only once his mouth is cleared, does he speak again. "Have to get in line. Plenty of guys want to…say hello." he muses, blinking some when he's suddenly got a fork and half nibbled fingerroot pointed at him. There is another blink for what the starcrafter says and then laughter. Yeah, he thought that was pretty funny, his face practically split in two with a grin of his own. He is surprised though when the older boy leans over and bumps at him with his head, leaning back enough so that he can see the guy rather then have him all up in his face. "You're shardin' hot, but half the time I'm not even sure if I like you or not." he says, half seriously, and taking a bite out of his dinner roll.

Ryeokie rolls his eyes, "I'm not going to jump her. Besides, isn't going to see her a nice excuse to go see you instead?" The starcrafter winks before spearing another bubbly and taking a couple of small bites. After a few moments, he leans forward again, placing his elbow on the table and resting his chin in the palm of his hand. "Entertaining, aren't I?" Ryeo says this with a wide smile of his own, a small dimple visible on gis left cheek. Looking down, the starcrafter picks up the unfinished bubbly once more, breaking off a small piece and popping it into his mouth before licking a bit of filling off of his fingers. "Thanks, you're pretty sharding hot yourself. Here's what I think. I like you. You like me. But I'm annoyingly self confident so you find it annoying that you like me. This is all concluded by my amazing people reading skills." Says the boy who doesn't like being in crowds with lots of people.

"Uh huh." Kairhys murmurs, half distracted, half not bothering to pay attention. Apparently bored talking about his Weavercraft friend. He goes ahead and finishes off the food on his plate as Ryeokie noms his bubbly, not really watching as filling is licked off the guy's fingers. Nope, he didn't see it, alas. He's using the last of his bread to wipe the gravy and such from his plate, and popping it into his mouth. Chewing, he arches a brow for the elbow chinning and grinning going on over there, rolling his own eyes upwards before he picks up his glass and drinks down the rest of his lemonade in a few slow and careful swallows. "You're something all right." he grins anyway, setting the glass down with clinking of the ice cubes against the sides. Patting his stomach now that his hunger had been satisfied, the weaver leans back onto his hands, putting plenty of distance between himself and the starcrafter. "Cocky and egotistical comes to mind, but I'm still not sure if that's just for show or what." he says, appraising the older boy some before he shrugs and flops back onto the grass, folding his hands behind his head and stretching out his long legs. His torso was long too, and the combination of the two really might be responsible for the majority of his height.

"You….have no reactions. Shards, you're boring man." Ryeo scowls and grumps a little before picking up his last bubbly and finishing it off in a few bites. Most of the food on his plate still remains, but he doesn't seem inclined to eat, instead pushing it away since he's finished dessert. Other than that though, the crafter doesn't move, still leaning forward on the boulder and looking over as the weaver flops onto the grass. "For show? Hm, well I have been called two-faced plenty of times. It really just depends on the situation I think. Besides, it's the people that can deal with the cocky and egotistical version of me that I know will stick around. If they can't deal with it, I don't think they're much worth getting to know. Flakey."

Kairhys doesn't seem to mind, or maybe notice that Ryeokie isn't eating his main meal after polishing off desert, nor that the older boy was remaining where he was. "I react just fine, I just don't let the little things get me worked up. If you want someone to start throwing stuff at you or kicking you in the shin for being a jerk, you might want to look elsewhere." he replies friendly enough, stretching his arms up over his head and then just sorta relaxing on the spot, palms upturned there with fingers curling in against them. He even lets his eyes drift closed, listening to the sounds of people and places around him just going about their daily lives. "I can handle it just fine, but like I said, if you're looking to get a rise out of someone it's not going to be me."

Ryeokie smirks silently, "Well that's fun too, but if I don't want someone to start throwing stuff at me and kicking me in the shin, then does that mean I'm free to keep looking your way?" Rather than sitting there idly now, the starcraftart picks up his fork, tracing some sort of design into the mashed tubers on his plate. "It's more like testing people than wanting to get a rise out of them. If they stick around through all the nonsense crap then they're worth being friends or whatever with. Course, that means a lot of people walk away, but the ones that stay are the good ones, you know? Ok….maybe you don't, it's a rather odd way to go about living life. But it's entertaining too."

Kairhys opens one eye and slides it to the corner closest to where Ryeokie still sits, playing with his tubers. "If you like." he replies all rather noncommittally and simply enough before he watches the older boy for a time and then just closes the eye again and exhales a sigh. He's not saying no, but he's not saying yes either. Cryptic as he is blunt, this one. "I suppose it could be fun, but it messes with people too. Not sure I could handle the two-facedness for too long. Not that I wouldn't be interested, but I'd rather someone was honest and themselves with me without the facade. I guess you could call it my own personal insecurities. Playfulness has it's place, but if someone wants to be with me they have to be genuine and serious if they mean it."

"Tch, I've got no idea what to make of you or what you say. Now I'm the one getting worked up." The starcrafter clicks his tongue and gives his head a small shake, though his mashed tuber drawing continues. "Might be a problem there then. It takes me a while before I can get to that point. I guess we're a bit opposite really. You'll be with someone if they show they're genuine and serious, right? I'll be genuine and serious with someone if they stick through the cockiness and such." Apparently done with his tuber drawing, Ryeo lifts the fork, staring at it a few seconds before raking his fork across it and simply ruining the thing. After a few more moments of staring, he takes a bite of the food, chewing on the fork once's he's finished the mouthful.

Was Kairhys smirking? It might be difficult to tell with the angle now that he was laying out flat on his back some distance away and his eyes closed. "Already told you that it doesn't bother me, and I'm not going anywhere. Are you?" he asks, tipping his head back a little and breathing in deeply the scent on a passing breeze that ruffles his hair somewhat. "I couldn't be with someone who was nothing but cocky and egotistical, is what I was trying to say. Forgive me if I wasn't clear, hmm?" he asks, turning his head then towards Ryeokie and opening his eyes, not moving anything else at the moment. "And by being with someone, I mean in a relationship. If it's sex you're after, I could arrange that, but it's nicer to join with someone when you're connected on a deeper level than just physical compatibility." Eyebrows lift upwards, "That make sense?"

Ryeokie runs a hand up through his hair and shakes his head. "No, no I'm not going anywhere." At the weaver's explanation the older boy raises an eyebrow and lets out another sigh. "I get it. Shards, why do I feel like I'm getting lectured?" When the weaver keeps talking, Ryeo simply stares at him for a few moments, dark eyes blinking every so often. "I told you before, I'm not a complete player or something. I was talking about a relationship too. If this was going to be just a physical thing I wouldn't have bothered explaining all this crap. And yes, that makes sense. I'm not five." At this point the starcrafter looks just a slightly bit disgruntled, though soon he's letting out a small sigh and falling back onto the grass as well instead.

Kairhys blinks a few times himself, "I don't know. Why do you feel like you're being lectured?" he asks, brows raised up still about half way up his forehead. "I'm probably younger than you are, seems a silly thing to be feeling." One more blink and he shrugs, one leg bending at the knee and his eyes closing again. "Ryeokie, you need to relax, man. The chase should be something to be enjoyed and savored not like beating your head against a cavern wall. Take a deep breath and let it out. No need to get all frustrated." Not a single feather of the weaver out of place, ruffled or otherwise. No, he was still as relaxed and friendly as ever. Wasn't so easy to get under this one's skin from the looks of it. He smiles softly as the older boy flops out onto the grass, nearing the slump of weight and the shift of soft grass. "Nice to know your interested though, thank you for considering me." Smirk.

"You ARE younger than I am. It's not probably, it's true." When what Ryeo deems is a lecture continues, he's soon to sit back up, staring over at the boy on the ground. "And I feel like you're lecturing me because you /are/ lecturing me. I know plenty enough about the chase and whatever….Maybe you should've tried your hand at being a mindhealer instead." It was proving far easier to get under Ryeo's skin with the kind of attitude the weaver was sporting. The starcrafter also doesn't take the deep breathe recommended to him, ignoring the advice rather intentionally to move onto other parts of the conversation. "Oh, you're so very welcome. Of course you should be greatful. It's me." The tone of the starcrafter's voice is a strange mix of sarcasm, teasing, and grumbling.

Kairhys might of fallen asleep for all the movement that occurs as Ryeokie gets up and starts telling him off, his chest gently rising and falling. His eyes are closed as well. Though only after the starcrafter has finished ranting, does the weaver's eyes open and he simply looks up at the canopy of lush green hung above them in the tiny copse. "I'm not lecturing you, I'm talking to you." he says, though it's hard to tell from his tone of he's teasing, serious or both. He should of been a harper as well as a healer. he doesn't pursue the rest of that at all, merely letting it drop as the starcrafter wishes, even yawning and needing to stifle it a bit with the back of one hand before it's returned to the ground again as if it never moved at all. He quiet for a long time after that, just looking up at the leaves and vines in their eternal tangle, letting Ryeokie over there sulk all he likes. Finally he turns his head and looks over at him again, eyes drifting upwards to find his even given their difference in position. "Come here."

Kairhys might of fallen asleep for all the movement that occurs as Ryeokie gets up and starts telling him off, his chest gently rising and falling. His eyes are closed as well. Though only after the starcrafter has finished ranting, does the weaver's eyes open and he simply looks up at the canopy of lush green hung above them in the tiny copse. "I'm not lecturing you, I'm talking to you." he says, though it's hard to tell from his tone of he's teasing, serious or both. He should of been a harper as well as a healer. he doesn't pursue the rest of that at all, merely letting it drop as the starcrafter wishes, even yawning and needing to stifle it a bit with the back of one hand before it's returned to the ground again as if it never moved at all. He quiet for a long time after that, just looking up at the leaves and vines in their eternal tangle, letting Ryeokie over there sulk all he likes. Finally he turns his head and looks over at him again, eyes drifting upwards to find his even given their difference in position. "Come here."<repose>

Ryeokie peers over at the younger boy for a few moments, perhaps honestly questioning whether he's fallen asleep or not. Any misconception is quickly done away with though when Kairhys begins speaking again. The boy's tone gets another raised eyebrow and sigh. "Right. And I'm a girl." Sarcasm. When the quiet resume the starcrafter's eyes wander towards the grass and he moves to pluck a few. "Come here?" Ryeo raises his eyes, meeting the weaver's before raising a brow and giving a slight shrug. In a rather fluid motion, the older boy stands, taking the few steps over to the other side of the table and looking down. "I'm here." As if that wasn't obvious.

Kairhys is patient, as always, and simply waits there, his eyes following the older boy as he gets up at last and wanders over. He did not reply to the comment about Ryeokie being a girl, not even a twitch of a smirk. Nothing. As the starcrafter looms over him, brown eyes lock to brown eyes. He just holds the other's gaze for several long moments before breaking it. He climbs to his feet, brushing his pants free from grass. He turns then towards Ryeokie, lifting his chin just as to try and even out their one inch height difference. "I don't think you're a girl either." he murmurs, his tone for once now serious. A hand comes up and brushes the back of it against the starcrafter's cheekbone before sinking long fingers into his hair, tightening at the back. Soft and gentle, and then firm as he tries to move closer.

Ryeokie watches as the younger boy stands up, eyes following his hands in particular as they brush off his pants and begin moving towards him. As the hand brushes against his cheek, there is perhaps a small flinch, or perhaps twitch of surprise. Ryeo is soon to relax however, his lips forming into a tiny smile and hands moving down, encircling the weaver's waist. "It really is like placating a chid, huh…" The slight poke at himself trails off however as he his head lowers easily with the pressure, lips moving to lightly press against the younger boy's.

Kairhys murmurs softly, "A little, but I'm not complaining." That's all he gets out before Ryeokie touches his lips to his, and the weaver draws a sharp sort of breath through his nose, letting it out again slowly as his other hand comes up, this one to cup the opposing cheek he had briefly touched as he cants his head to the side and returns that gentle pressure. It lingers between taste and touch before very slowly the younger boy's lips part and his tongue comes forth, just fleetingly applied to the starcrafter's mouth before disappearing again within his own. Barely there and gone. Fingers tighten still in Ryeokie's hair, clenching and unclenching, sliding through and deeper into the thicker parts. Again his lips part, tongue sliding out as it has before, but this time with the intent to actually penetrate the older boy's mouth, seeking out his tongue with his own.

Ryeokie's lips part easily under the pressure, his mouth opening just enough for his tongue slip and out and gently lick the weaver's lips. One hand tightens around the younger boy's waist, the other moving up and underneath the younger boy's chin, tilting it up and adding pressure to the kiss. For a moment he pulls back, breathing against Kairhys' lips for a few seconds before his mouth turns up in a smile. For a few seconds the starcrafter remains that way, but the second probe of the younger boy's tongue has Ryeo opening his mouth again, lips pressed harder against the weaver and tongue slipping easily into his mouth.

The kiss is searching, probing, tasting, and most definitely exploring. As if mapping out every last bit to commit to memory, but there isn't anything forceful or demanding it about it. It's simply gentle and soft, pliable. Kairhys seems more than happy to continue it for a while like this, even as his breath involuntarily catches and deepens to something slightly uneven. It's about then that the grip he has, however sight, loosens and he leans back, lightly bronzed cheeks kissed with a hint of rose. "Hmm…" he mutters, licking his lips and taking a second there to just catch his breath and process things before lashes lift and he smirks up the inch or so difference between them. "That'll work." There is nothing but absolute approval in his tone. He isn't moving away from the starcrafter either.

Ryeokie pulls back with a bit of reluctance, his breathe stilted. The hand underneath the weavers chin drops down to rest on the younger boys chest and a smile plays itself across the crafter's lips. "Not too shabby am I?" There's a smirk in his tone as well, coupled with a bit of teasing.

Kairhys just laughs at the ego returning in full glorious force, and lets go of Ryeokie all together now, shaking his head as he steps back and collects his plate and glass. "You'll do." he says, teasing right back before he makes a move to depart. "Thanks for having lunch with me," He smirks full over his shoulder at the older guy, "It was tasty. Heh." And off goes, through the bamboo and back towards the weyr.

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