Ista Weyr - South Beach

Leading away from the main beach and bordered by the southern forest is a more secluded narrow strip of sand; so narrow, a green dragon could not even stretch out from tail tip to nose and fit along the black sands. Most dragons will find the tighter space uncomfortable, with the forests looming close by and the cooler waters too close. The waves here are almost nonexistent, stopped by the long stretch of rocks working as a wave breaker, the occasional roar of larger waves heard crashing against it. The calmer waters are a common place for people looking for a quiet swim, the beach perfect for a little bit more privacy, if it weren't for the stretch of docks where boats wait moored and ready to go.

It might be Ista, and it might be tropical, but even given those two factors it still rains. And it does it especially loud and hard in the summer time. Seems a certain weavercrafter has taken refuge beneath the trees on this small swatch of beach off the main strip. Kairhys is not idly standing there and staring off into space however, he's perched on a partially buried boulder sticking out of the obsidian sand. It's mostly smooth at the top, allowing the sixteen turn old to sit upon it, cross-legged, with a large leather bound book opening up on his lap. He's half bent over it, probably to prevent any stray drops from the thick canopy of foliage above from striking whatever it is he's working on there. A graphite stick in one hand, and a rubber eraser in the other.

"Damned, sharding rain, following me everywhere." Grumbling under his breathe Ryeokie, a new face at Ista runs up the beach, dressed in khaki shorts and a white tank. The starcrafter has a sort of blanket held over his head with one hand and several rolled up charts underneath the other. In his rush to the Weyr, Ryeokie almost passes up the trees completely. The boy sitting on the boulder is what catches his attention, and Ryeo stops, doubling back and ducking under the cover of the leaves. "Caught in the rain too?" A dry smile appears on his face as he brings the jacket down before taking off his glasses and hooking them on his shirt. "Amazed you can get any work done in all of this."

Kairhys wasn't exactly an old face, but then again with all the candidates trickling in from all over Pern it must seem like, it was probably hard to tell who was old and who was new anymore. At the sound of a voice, the pencil is extracted from paper and the book is closed. The drawing supplies are tucked away into one of the pockets of the thin khaki colored beach pants that the weaver wears and the journal looking thing there is quickly tied up to keep the rain out as the boy straightens. Brown eyes seek out the source of the grumblings, a smirk of sorts pulling up just one corner of his lips. "It's a living." he chirps, obviously not as put out about the downpour as Ryeokie is. He leans back then, palms down against the stone behind him for support and peers over at the starcrafter as he hurries out of the rain. "Wow, you're pretty soaked. Catch you by surprise did it?" he asks, smirking increasing. Sarcasm, he totally has it.

Kershaw comes wandering onto the beach, the rain seemingly not bothering him at all; as a matter of fact he seems to be enjoying the rain splashing off of him. He wanders to a pile of rocks and looks for one that is half on, half off the beach; sitting on the rock he removes his shoes and socks slipping his feet into the water to soak. Neither Ryeokie nor Kairhys are noticed at first as all his attention is on getting his feet to soaking, "Ahhhh's now that feels good after a day of chores, cool water on worn out feet an excellent combination." A chittering can be heard coming from his left shoulder as Sudz seems to be answering Kershaw's comment.

Ryeokie scowls a bit, looking up at the sky. "Well at least you can make a living without needing clear skies….do I get to share your rock or are you going to make me sit on the ground?" The starcrafter smirks right back for a few seconds before degenerating into a frown once more. "This is Ista right? Isn't it supposed to be warm and sunny? I moved from Xanadu to get /away/ from the rain." Eyes turn towards the beach again, scanning the skies and shoreline. An eyebrow raises at Kershaw, but the starcrafter doesn't call out to him. "Hey Kairhys. Guess what."

There is a glance in Kershaw's direction, and a bit of tipping of the head as the guy appears pretty intent on sticking his feet in the water in the middle of a downpour, but rather than shout over there he shrugs and returns his attention to Ryeokie. "You do seem to have some rotten luck, don't you?" he says back, and plucks up the journal thing, tucking it under his arm as he shifts over to make room for the older crafter. It wasn't going to be a tight squeeze or anything at least, considering the sheer size of that particular boulder. "Be my guest." Invitation for boulder sitage complete, the weaver yawns a bit covering his pie hole with the back of his hand. "It's summertime, so yeah it's sunny most of the time. There's bound to be weather anywhere you go, just be glad it's rain and not snow." There is pause there, and then a brow is raised at Ryeokie, "What?" he asks, eying the older boy almost suspiciously. "You gunna shake yourself out like a canine or something now?"

Kershaw is settling himself nicely on said boulder, feet comfortably submerged in the water as he turns at the sound of voices, "Oh sorry I didn't see you all there, I'm not interrupting anything am I? If you'd like I can find another boulder to soak my feet from?" He turns his attention momentarily to Sudz, "You know that nipping on my earlobe will not get you fed any faster and as a matter of fact it most likely result in slower service." No he's not insane, he does realize that the firelizard doesn't understand a word that he's saying but it makes him feel better. Reaching into his pocket he removes a small wax paper package that contains some cubed meat. Opening it up he removes a piece of the meat and offers it to Sudz who gobbles it up without hesitation. Kershaw removes a foot from the water and proceeds to massage it, sighing as knotted muscles are worked loose.

Ryeokie snorts, "You don't know the half of it. I'm like an omen for bad weather or something. I guess I'm thankful for that. There'd be something seriously wrong if it snowed in the middle of summer." Charts are carefully wrapped inside the blanket before the starcrafter climbs up onto the boulder. He bends his knees, leaning forward and resting his arms on them, hands hanging limply. "Shake myse….well, what a good idea." Ryeo grins widely, his eyes forming half-moons, and then he shakes his head, shoulder length black hair spraying droplets of water around him. When the starcrafter stops, there's a small smirk on his face. "Refreshing, wasn't that? I was just going to say our shorts match, isn't that pleasant?" The goofiness ceases at the sound of another voice, and the boy looks up with a small smile and shake of his head. "Not at all, just staying out of the rain….you and your flit are going to catch a cold or something if you keep that up."

"There would be something seriously wrong if it snowed in Ista, period." Kairhys tacks on there, brows lifting in unison. That said, he draws his long legs up to his chest and wraps his arms around them, journal thing put beneath his legs there between feet and his backside to prevent it from getting wet. Eyes widen though seconds before Ryeokie starts shaking his hair out, the weaver erupting in a fit of laughter at the sudden drops being sent his direction, holding his hands up to block them futility. When the starcrafter is done, he wipes a hand down his face, apparently amused by the whole thing. "Anyone ever called you a jerk before?" he teases, obviously not meaning it considering his ear to ear grin there, elbowing the older boy some before his attention is drawn away to Kershaw. "You're wearing short Ryeokie, I'm wearing pants. We're not all…matchy or anything." he quips to the side before raising his voice in order to be heard by the candidate. "Hey man, you’re going to catch a cold or something. Plenty of room on the rock here if you want it."

Kershaw shakes his head, "Thank you for the offer but I'm fine where I'm at, as for catching a cold that's not likely. This little drizzle is nowhere bad enough compared to some of the weather I've been in..and honestly this rock is quite comfortable and just in the right position for foot soaking. As for Sudz he'll head off to join the others when he's done with this meat." Kershaw gives said Sudz another piece of meat which is eaten in one quick bite before he takes off and disappears between

Ryeokie grins widely at the round of laughter he elicits. "Me? A jerk? Just a few times. It's a way of showing affection with guys like me, so feel free to call me one anytime." He elbows the younger boy right back before reaching up to brush a hand through his hair and giving a small head shake. "Uh-uh. We're both wearing khaki. That's plenty matchy." The nonchalance from the candidate earns a raised eyebrow. "Well suit yourself. But you're a candidate, right? Better safe than sorry. If you get sick…." The starcrafter shrugs, trailing off. "Oh well, like I said, suit yourself. I'm no healer or anything."

Kairhys stares over at Kershaw for a bit, and then laughs again. "Whatever you say Crazy McDrizzlepants. I wouldn't even want to risk it, especially being a candidate. It's you're life though man, you do what you want." That said, the weaver looks to Ryeokie again and grins, knees drawn tighter to his chest as his chin comes to rest between them on top there. "I think I'll pass. I'm picky about the guys I call jerk, or anything really that could be taken affectionately." He does eye the other boy dubiously before rolling his eyes some for the whole matchy, not matchy thing going on there. "Please don't make me get up and go change, it's quite a walk and I'm more than content to just sit here and wait for the rain to stop." A twitch then, though it's more amusement than annoyance following along the smooth yet angular features of his youthful face. Another nudge into the starcrafter's ribs, probably just for the hell of it.

"Thank you for your concern I appreciate it, I'm Kershaw former stablehand here at Ista now Candidate as evidenced by this lovely knot. But I really am fine, before I came to Ista I lived/worked on the Leaping Packtail rain or no rain so this little sprinkle is no bother at all; sides which it feels good after a morning of chores." Kershaw puts his foot down and takes out the other, massaging it as well working out the knots that were causing him some discomfort.

Ryeokie snickers, "Crazy McDrizzlepants? You sure got a way with words." The starcrafter unfolds his legs in contrast, reaching forward and stretching to touch his toes. As he moves, Ryeo tilts his sideways, looking up towards the weaver. "I don't make the cut yet, huh? Maybe I'll change that one day." Another nudge? Ryeo gives his goofy, half moon grin and gives the younger boy's legs a bit of a headbutt before sitting back up again and sliding his hands back to lean on. "Alright, alright. We don't match. Last thing anyone needs is for you to go off wandering in the rain and catching a cold too." His attention is taken away then, by Kershaw's introduction and the starcrafter smiles, giving a nod. "I'm Ryeokie, starcrafter. Well met….and honestly that sounds terrible. Rain is pretty much a nuisance to me, covers up the stars."

Kairhys helplessly shrugs at Ryeokie, though the grin remains when he's - complimented - for his creative wording. "Got to have skills if you're going to come out ahead of the crowd. I'm not really a blender. Though, I saw this guy the other day in the living caverns…man! Eyebrow and lip piercings, and this weird blue streak in his blond hair that really stuck out. Wish I had the guts for that kind of stuff. I did my ears and I already feel like everyone is staring at me." he muses, though is admittedly distracted by the starcrafter's show of flexibility there. He clears his throat after a couple of seconds, eyes rolling skywards and exhaling a sigh. "I wouldn't hold your breath on that one, Ryeokie." he murmurs, and then glances back over to Kershaw. "I'm Kairyhs. Well met, Kershaw former stablehand here at Ista now candidate with lovely knot." A pause there, and the youngest of those gathered chuckles. "I think I might stick with Crazy McDrizzlepants. It's shorter than all that."

Kershaw nearly falls off the rock with laughter, "You do that Kairhys, it makes no nevermind to me as I'll know who you're referring to though Kershaw is even shorter and I'd say quite memorable." He turns to Ryeokie and nods his head, "Yes that's true enough, we used the stars to navigate aboard the Leaping Packtail though the captain had a pretty good notion of where he was going and how to get there." He finishes massaging his foot and places it back into the water and watches the rain drops as they hit the surface of the water leaving dimples ever expanding on its surface.

Ryeokie freezes for a few seconds, "Eyebrow and lip….piercings?" A minute or so elapses, the starcrafter staring out across the waters, and then he shakes his head, a slow smile spreading across his face. "No. No, I don't think you should even try going as far as that. He can pull it off. You…not so much." The starcrafter smirks before bringing one leg up again and resting an arm on it, the other arm behind him and steadying himself as he leans back. "Don't worry, I'm not stupid. If I held my breath for that long I'd die." A meeting of the smartalecks? "Oh…you were on a ship huh?" There's the tiniest of frowns at that, but it soon disappears. "Well uh….Craz—Kershaw…" The physical effort to say the other boy's real name is rather apparent behind Ryeo's smirk, "Glad your captain could make do without the stars."

Kairhys nods to Ryeokie, perhaps even eying the older boy some, "Yeah." he confirms, eyebrows working themselves up to the line of his short kept hair. He just sort of watches the older boy for a time, nearly startling when he's speaking again all of a sudden. Brows shoot upwards, "You act like you know the guy. I thought you were from Xanadu? I guess of course you could of known him from a visit or something, but I could of sworn he had a bronzerider knot in Istan colors." A moment is spared to consider this perhaps before he maturely gives a light hearted punch to Ryeokie right in the arm. There's no force really behind it - playful in nature. "Thanks a lot. I'll have you know that I am incredibly hot and could pull off any style if I wanted to." he smirks, and of course his wiseassness was shinning through. The laughing of the former stablehand draws his eyes over to where Kershaw is soaking his feet in a heavy topical downpour. He misses the comment Ryeokie makes about him holding his breath and dying, alas. "I could shorten it to Crazy? That'd work right?" he asks, chuckling himself.

Kershaw pauses a moment to consider Kairhys's question on shortening his name, "Well now it is a little shorter and does describe me from time to time but on second thought I think I'll stick to Kershaw since that is the name my parents gave me, they seem quite attached to it for some reason. Can't understand it really, been called a lot of different things on my travels some kind, some not so kind so I'll answer to pretty much anything long as I know that its me they're looking for." Kershaw turns around on the boulder he's on, reaches down and takes his socks to use to dry his feet, slipping them into his shoes and tucking the socks into his pocket "Well I need to get back to the barracks and see if they've managed to find something else for me to do since I came down here, have a good day Kairhys and Ryeokie." With that he stands and heads off the beach.

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