Ista Weyr - Living Caverns

Large enough to house the entirety of the weyr's population at one time, the cavern set aside to house the very heart of the weyr's life is a grandiose, somewhat circular affair, filled with rows of long tables. Bustling and busy, it is a rare moment indeed when there is not someone at work or leisure in here; the long trestle table by the kitchens is perpetually filled with plates and trays of food, a pot of something always bubbling upon the mahogany hearth, ready to fill the belly of any hungry resident or rider. Although a high table is set aside for seating respected dignitaries on formal occasions, most of the tables here are not designated to any particular group— rather, all levels of Ista's population eat together, intermingled across the broad cavern.

Great tapestries have been flung down the walls, orange and black borders remarking upon Ista's heritage, the age-faded hangings depicting scenes of importance to the Weyr— the eruption of the volcano; the first clutch; the view from the star stones, over forest, dark beach, and glistening waves of blue. Propeller-like fans have been affixed to the ceiling in more modern times, cooling the cavern on the hottest of days. Passageways lead up the stairs to the kitchens, down a second flight of stairs to the lower caverns, and out into the expanse of the broad weyr bowl.

Siarief lifts her hands, ticking off fingers then seems to simply give up counting as she drops her hands back to her mug, "I have alot to spare, want some?" she asks with a cheeky grin that makes her dimples seem even deeper, "My mom even adopted three children for some reason or another."

Kaldrozen and Siarief sit at one of the tables near the entrance to the Cavern, a steaming mug of klah sits before Siarief, "Oh no thank you." Kaldrozen says and laughs, "I sorta ran away from the ones I have. Got me an adopted sister here. One that I choose and well that's enough for me."

Shirt tosses over one shoulder, Kairhys heads in from the direction of the bowl, sunshades rotated upwards to rest atop his head. Under his arm is tucked a large, thick, leather bound journal looking thing. He pauses only after having stepped aside from the the entryway, as not to block it before setting the journal down on the edge of an unoccupied table. So he can put his shirt back on. Once that is done, the leather bound thing is picked up, retucked, and the weaver apprentice is heading on over to the table of refreshments. As he passes by Siarief and Kaldrozen he smile and nods, "Afternoon!" he greets cheerfully, and then it's off to get some fruit juice from the looks of it.

Kaldrozen looks up a Kairhys arrives and smiles standing and says, "Hello." Motioning towards the tables he says, 'Can I get ya anything?" it appears Kaldrozen is one of the candidates about here and landed himself cavern duty today.

New faces seem to be popping up everywhere at Ista, and Ryeokie is one of them. Tall and lanky, the starcrafter from Xanadu makes his way into the living caverns without the teenage awkwardness most his age possess. A set of thin, wire-frame glasses rest upon his face and he wears a plain white tank top as well as loose khaki shorts. Under one arm and thrown over his other shoulder are several rolled charts. On his face, a rather blank expression. Rather than heading for the food tables, Ryeo looks around the caverns and choosing a seemingly random table, makes his way over to where Kaldrozen and Siarief are seated. "You guys wouldn't know where a good place to view the stars here is, would you?

Siarief waves a hand to Kairhys as she smiles over at Kal, "I ran away but not from them but from being a big sister but from being known as one of a certain goldriders kids and there are alot of us." with that said she kinda falls quiet, staring down into her mug.

There is a distinct pause as Kaldrozen asks his question, "Um…" he begins, considering a second before his eyes land on the guy's candidate knot. "Nope! I'm good." Wits back about him, the weaver goes about getting that juice and putting a few precious lumps of ice inside the glass before heading over to nearly drop into a seat across from the other two. There is another pause here, looking between Ryeokie and Kaldrozen before a brow very slowly arches, "Did that girl magically transform into a guy or did I miss something?" he asks, perhaps eying the two suspiciously before finally seating himself and leaning back.

Kaldrozen glances to Ryeokie and says, "up on the plateau is the bast place I have found around here, its a bit away from the lights down here." he nods to Kairhys and says, "Well if you need anything let me know. wouldn't want them to think Im doing doin my duty today.."

Ryeokie looks the weaver over as he sits down and the corners of his mouth twist up in a small smirk. "What, disappointed? I'm pretty entertaining though, so don't be too sad." Charts are put neatly on top of the table, with the amount of care a mother might give her child. Then the starcrafter's eyes turn to Kaldrozen, also giving the candidate a once over as he listens before grinning. "Plateau huh? That sounds a good a place as any. Which way is it? I'll have to check it out."

Kairhys shakes his head, lifting his glass from the table and sipping from it. "I didn't say that. Just wanted make sure that I hadn't baked in the sun too long." he says, placing the journal thing onto the empty chair beside him and just letting out a long sigh. "Man it's hot out there today. I don't know how you Ista people do it." he admires, though now he sees Ryeokie's starcrafter knot in Xanadu's colors and snaps his fingers. "But you're not from Ista. Gotcha." Looking to Kaldrozen, the younger kid tilts his head off to the side. "Candidate huh? How's that going for ya? Never been searched myself, so I'm curious."

Kaldrozen smiles and says, "Go north though the bowl then start climbing ya cant miss it.' he glances to the charts for a moment before looking back to Kairhys and say "Not my favorite activity, I don't mind the chores, I hate the waiting. this is my second time so…"

"No kidding. I seriously hope that it cools down by night. If not, I'm sort of done for…heh, if lived here I'd probably get heatstroke within a couple of days." There's another small smirk before Ryeokie sits back in his chair, hands coming up behind his head and smiles at Kaldrozen. "If I say that I'm bad at directions, will you show me how to get there? Candidates should help out lost visitors like me, right?" Ryeo brings one hand down then, pushing up his glasses and looking between the two. "I'm Ryeokie by the way. I'm assuming you two aren't nameless either."

As if only just now tuning in to the second half of the conversation going on, "It's a plateau. Kinda hard to miss." Kairhys murmurs somewhat laced with sarcasm into his drink, before flashing both present a grin. "It does get cooler yeah, and from what I heard it can even get chilly at night during the winter. Though, Ista. Tropical. Paradise really, but I guess some people can't take the heat." There was a note of challenge there, but as to what or why is unclear. The weaver could just be nuts. As for Kaldrozen, "Sorry to hear that. I mean, it's cool and all that you're a candidate. But your right I think the waiting would kill me too. Maybe that's part of the reason for the chores. Keep you occupied while compensating the weyr for the food and stuff they feed you while you're here." he chuckles, "Oh man, yeah. I always forget this part. Name's Kairhys, originally from Fort Hold. Nice to meetcha."

Kaldrozen smiles to Ryeokie and says, 'Nice to meet yat Ryeokie, Im Kaldrozen." he extends a hand and says, "Wouldn't mind at all, it'll give me an excuse to get out of here for a bit. I prefer to be outdoors really." having heard the bit about the heat, 'And you get use to the heat really." he smiles to Kairhys and nods, 'Just wish I could do my normal job by waitin, not like it isn't one the chores list they have for us anyways.."

Ryeokie snickers quietly, "Getting lost is a good excuse to get some company though…" He trails off then, listening to talk of the weather and raising an eyebrow at that challenging tone. "You're one of those guys that competes with their friends about who can stay in the hot tub longest, aren't you? Well met and all." Turning to Kaldrozen again, Ryeokie takes his hand, giving it a firm shake and perhaps letting his hand linger a bit longer than strictly necessary. "You really should come. The stars are going to be amazing unless some freak weather fouls it all up." There's a tiny scowl at this prospect before Ryeo is back to grinning. "Well, the chores aren't too bad once you get to know the other candidates. Make friends, have fun."

There's a moment where the weaver's eyebrow pops up at the response from Ryeokie, but it's followed quickly after with a soft amused laugh. "Gotcha. Might want to wait till he's not a candidate though." Kairhys suggests, taking another sip of his drink before he sets the glass down. Condensation already beading on the sides. Idly he traces the tip of his finger along, like one might with a foggy mirror, even if he's not really paying much attention to what pattern emerges. "You caught me." he smirks, "Though at Fort it's more daring them to get out. It may not be as bad as High Reaches, but it's still cold." A smile and nod of his head then for the introductions, though his expression shifts at mention of stars, weather and company, "There's no stars in Xanadu? Not that I blame you at all for the change of scenery, certain little left to imagination here." He gives Kaldrozen a sympathetic look. "I get it, man. Though I guess you could chalk it up to life experience? You know, trying new things, meeting new people. Nothing like that is really going to happen to you if you're doing the same thing all the time."

Kaldrozen chuckles and nods, "At least this time I am at home." he nods to Ryeokie and smiles, "I wouldn't mind at all, I star gaze now and then, not that i know anything about them but.."

Ryeokie grins, "I could wait till then, but you got to start building a foundation early with these types. Especially since he seems like the dense type." The starcrafter continues on, talking about the candidate as if he wasn't sitting right next to them. "Heh. I'd imagine it's worse at cold places. Here you might just faint from getting hot, there you might get frostbite and lose some important bits." Ryeokie smirks at his own joke, watching for a few moments as Kairhys traces whatever pattern into his glass and then he lets out a laugh. "Course there are stars at Xanadu. I just wanted to see them fro ma different angle. Depending on where you are they look like they're in different positions. I may also be taking a bit of vacation, but that's besides the point." A smile is flashed at the candidate before a shrug, "You don't have to know anything about them. I could tell you some stuff if you're really that curious, but it's not exactly the most interesting of subjects for most people."

Kairhys laughs at that, "He seems like the completely straight type to me, but maybe you're seeing something I'm not." He straightens in his chair after stretching himself out and yawning, back of hand against his mouth before he sags over the table. Arms folded over it before him. "I don't know, at least when your cold you can do something about it. When your over heating, not much else you can do once your butt naked. Taking off your skin seems an unpleasant sort of solution." He goes quiet as Ryeokie goes on to explain his reasons for coming to Ista, chin drifting it the upturned palm of one hand, supported by an elbow. "I only just arrived myself a couple weeks ago. There's some creepy eggs and probably the biggest dragon I have ever seen on the sands, you should go take a look while you're here. Just, be careful and don't wake her up if she's sleeping. The Weyrwoman apparently has a shovel and knows how to use it."

"He does, doesn't he? Ah well, a guy can try, can't he? He doesn't exactly run along my tastes though." With a small shrug Ryeo pushes up his glasses once more, leaning back and idly tapping his fingers on the table. A wide, almost goofy grin spreads on his face at Kairhys' comment and the starcrafter shakes his head. "Ha! No I don't think skinning yourself would be to pleasant….a shovel?" Eyebrows definitely raise at that, and Ryeo tilts his head, perhaps attempting to picture these things before chuckling softly. "Well, that does sound interesting. I'll have to go check it out. Not too worried aobut the shovel though, I can take a beating pretty well."

Kairhys grins, and just sort of shakes his head, showing more interest in his drink again, by picking it up and taking a sip from the lip of the glass again. "I don't see the point in putting the effort in, if you're not really interested myself. But hey, that's just me." he says, downing the rest of the juice and pushing himself to his feet, stooping to collect that rather large journal thing from the chair there and tucking it up under his arm. "Anyway, it was nice to meet you but I have to get to my design lesson. See you around I guess, but if I don't have a safe journey back to Xanadu, hmm?" Another grin for Ryeokie there, and for Kaldrozen as well who seems to have wandered off mentally there, before the weaver drops his glass off into a bin and heads off for the lower caverns.

Ryeokie shrugs, "It's entertaining. Mmm, yeah, see you around, or maybe not. It was nice to meet you." There's a wave towards the departing weaver and then the starcrafter is looking at his charts again, gathering them up and also heading off somewhere. He really can get to the plateau without help!

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